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The Writer's Cramp Winner 03/04/2015
Started fasting Ash Wednesday,
Forty days before Easter,
When we got to Good Friday,
We were flat on our keister,
Reflecting back upon Jesus,
He suffered much more,
Be thankful He's lead us,
To heaven's front door,
Want some warm apple pie?
Want a scoop of Ice Cream?
Want a burger and fries?
Go ahead and scream!
Giving It Up for Lent!

We repent our weakness,
Turn our backs on all sin,
Exalting Christ Jesus,
The Beginning and End,
No sexy young women,
Going to turn our head,
We're going to heaven,
Sharing juice and bread,
No alcoholic cocktail,
No other legalized drug,
How long 'til Palm Sunday?
I'm going to need a hug!
Giving It Up for Lent!

We don't want to be shallow,
Want to turn to the Lord,
His guiding light, we follow,
Be of one holy accord,
Huge was the cross He bore,
Is that steak from New York?
Deep into His flesh they tore,
We'd kill for some pork,
Upon Him, they spat and swore,
Don't you dare pop that cork!
Is fasting that much of a chore?
Can we smell your fork?
Giving It Up for Lent!

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