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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2033452
Sandra is getting ready for her date with a mystery man.

Word count: 567

First Date

Sandra is so nervous. The mystery man Ryan said he is sending the limo at 6pm and it is almost 4:30pm. Not much time to get ready and find something to wear. Looking, in her walk in closet at all the clothes she owns and says out loud, “This is awful. I do not have anything to wear.”

Sandra hears the doorbell ring. Racing down the stairs she twists the doorknob and pulls open the front door. A delivery man is standing there with a bouquet of a dozen roses and quite a large box. He asks, “Are you Sandra Browne?”

Yes, I am.”

These are for you,” says the delivery man with a sparkle in his eye. As he is handing the items over to Sandra, he says, “Have a nice day.” Tips his hat and walks away at a brisk pace.

Sandra is lost in the tight muscles on the man’s tanned body. She mutters to herself, “Snap out of it. You have a date tonight with what seems like a rich man.”

She walks over to her red couch. Sitting down she smells the roses and sighs, “These are beautiful.” Feeling like it is Christmas morning, Sandra opens the box. She is shocked at what she sees. The classy silver dress is phenomenal. Looking for a card, Sandra finds it at the bottom of the box. It reads, “To my beauty. I am sorry for the lack of notice for our date. Please take this gift as a token of my gratitude. Ryan.”

As she takes the dress out of the box, she notices that there are also matching silver sparkling shoes. This is something you read about in books or see in movies like Pretty Woman. Racing upstairs to try on the new outfit; she is amazed that he knew her size perfectly. Admiring herself in front of her door size mirror she feels like a princess going off to the ball. The three quarter length left sleeve and the right sleeve is taken off the shoulder for a chic look. The dress reaches down to the floor with a thigh high slit up the right side. Sandra says to herself, as she is putting on her shoes, “This man knows fashion. I have hit the jackpot with this one. Please do not screw this up.”

Sandra looks at the time and it is 5:45pm and he will be here in fifteen minutes. She says to herself, “I still have to do my hair.” She decides to sweep her ginger hair up in a twist with some hair pinned up with the rest cascading the frame of her heart shaped face. She literally, just finished getting ready and the doorbell rings. All she can think is; he is here.

Gracefully, going down the stairs Sandra anticipates her mystery man Ryan is behind that door; all she knows is his name. Grabbing the door knob of the front door she twists it and pulls the door open.

The face meeting hers with short blond hair and sapphire-blue eyes. She can feel electricity flowing through her veins at the sight of him. Holding out a single red rose to her, the gorgeous man says, “Are you ready to go?”

In a trance like state she can just barely get out the word, “Yes.” He takes her hand and leads her to his sleek black limo.

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