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Rated: XGC · Other · Erotica · #2033598
Two established couples celebrate their tenth anniversary together.
Double Date

Craig and Lynn arrived at Mike and Jill’s shortly before five. The two couples shared an anniversary so they celebrated it together each year. For their tenth anniversary they decided to do something special. After a dinner of filets and scallops they lounged in Mike’s hot tub, and sipped wine. Lynn and Jill sat between Craig and Mike.

“We should do something fun,” Jill suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Lynn asked.

Jill answered by pressing her soft parted lips to Lynn’s. Lynn made a soft sound of surprise, which was stifled by Jill’s soft wet tongue. Lynn moaned as Jill circled her stiffened nipples with her thumbs. Jill straddled Lynn and slipped the straps of her bra down to expose her large engorged breasts. Lynn cupped her newly exposed breasts and offered them to Jill. She leaned down and sucked one of the stiffened nipples and pinched the other with her thumb and index finger. While she stimulated Lynn’s nipples she ground her pelvis against her. Lynn gasped and moaned as her sex clench around a building orgasm. Mike and Craig stroked their cotton swathed cocks as they watched Jill pleasure Lynn.

“Don’t forget about us ladies,” Mike warned.

Jill released Lynn’s nipples and offered Mike a reassuring smile. “I would never forget about you baby.”

Craig slid his free arm behind Lynn and skillfully unhooked her bra. He caught the sodden under garment before it sunk beneath the hot frothy water, and set it on the pavement behind them. Jill switched positions with Lynn so she was the one being straddled. Lynn mimicked Jill by removing her bra and suckling one nipple while pinching the other. Jill moaned loudly and cupped Lynn’s ass to grind their pelvises together.

“You’re a quick study Lynn,” Mike observed. He cupped one of her breasts and caressed the nipple with his thumb.

Craig merely continued to watch and stroke himself. He did not mind letting another man touch Lynn. In fact he found it hot to watch someone else pleasure her. He cupped her other breasts and mimicked Mike. The two women turned so Jill’s back was to Craig and Lynn’s back was to Mike. Craig removed Jill’s bra and placed it on to pavement with Lynn’s. Both men hooked their thumbs into the waist band of the panties of the woman in front of them. Lynn lifted her head and looked back over her should at Mike.
“May I?” Mike asked.

Lynn looked passed Jill to Craig who nodded. “Alright.”

Mike slid Lynn’s panties from her hips, and slipped under the warm water to retrieve them. He added the sodden panties to the collection of under garments on the pavement. Craig emerged from the water dangling Jill’s panties from his fingers.

“We’re over dress,” Craig observed.

“Let me help you with that,” Jill offered. She separated from Lynn and slid her fingers into Craig’s waistband. She pulled them forward to free his hardened cock from the soaked cotton prison. He lifted his ass so she could slid them off, and his cock slipped between her slick tits. Jill slipped under the water trailing her breasts down his legs as she removed his boxers. She surfaced, straddled him and deposited his boxers on the pavement.

Lynn felt her inner muscles clench as she watched Jill strip Craig of his boxers, and straddle him. She started and giggled as Mike’s arms slid around her, and he brushed his lips over her ear.

“Could I have your assistance with these?” He rubbed his imprisoned erection against her ass.

Lynn turned in Mike’s arms and allowed him to pull her onto his lap. She stripped off his boxers in the same manner Jill did for Craig. When she surfaced she watched as Craig lifted Jill and slid her onto his cock. She watched as Jill slid all over Craig and his head fell back as he moaned in ecstasy. She deposited Mike’s boxers, and stroked herself as she watched Jill ride Craig. Miked cupped her breasts from behind and pinched her nipples.

“Hot isn’t it?” Mike whispered in her ear. “I love to watch Jill do other guys.”

“It doesn’t make you jealous?” Lynn whispered. She moaned as Mike slid a wet hand down her slick belly and slid two fingers inside her.

“Do I seem jealous?” Mike whispered.

“No,” Lynn gasped as he fingered her. She ground against his hand as she watched Jill grind Craig to an orgasm.

“Our turn,” Mike whispered. He replaced his fingers with his cock and sat so Lynn was seated on his lap facing away from him. He held her and thrust up into her.

Craig and Jill watched as Mike fucked Lynn from behind. Her breasts bounced with each thrust of his hips. He gave one last hard thrust and they both moaned out their orgasm.

“Bravo!” Jill applauded. “Encore.”

“You two first,” Mike laughed.

“Give me about thirty minutes,” Craig laughed.

Mike scooted closer to Craig still holding Lynn in his lap. “Perhaps we should give the ladies a show?”

“In thirty minutes I’ll be game,” Craig agreed.

After thirty minutes Craig and Mike pleasured each other while the ladies watched.

Word Count: 868
© Copyright 2015 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2033598