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The softer side of Scrooge.
A man named Ebenezer Scrooge
was very old and very tight;
he had a long and wizened face
that saw the day but not the light.

Upon the undulating hills
of England’s quaint old countryside,
the way he acted all his life
soon found there was no place to hide.

This Scrooge was such a sordid man,
beset with selfish, mean intent;
and even during Christmas time
he would not part with one red cent.

There was no give in Mister Scrooge,
his dearth of decency prevailed;
and even with the social norms
his simple ship had up and sailed.

For Ebenezer was so lax
in the social amenities;
he just would not requite a nod
or utter out a humble please.

So Ebenezer Scrooge was like
the veil of night that has no part;
but he would go to sleep one night
and wake up with a change of heart.

Three Christmas spirits came to him--
past and present and yet to come;
with visions did they relegate
for him to view a wide spectrum.

Those visions were a wake-up call
as they cut sharply like a knife;
for once he took a pensive look
into his heart and at his life.

Thus Scrooge became a different man
and kept his feelings in plain sight;
he wore emotion on his sleeve,
where even maudlin was all right.

His core revealed, the one that’s soft,
a revelation of his soul.
A tenderness he sought to show--
a noble and unselfish goal.

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