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Gordy causes trouble.
Chapter 23

. ҉

The hostess, a pleasant but rather overweight young girl, had been a bit worried about the probable mess in her parents' house, but although everybody was dancing and having a good time they all seemed to be well behaved. It was not to last though and the boisterous ones were starting to get a bit high spirited, Gordy amongst them. The hostess smiled at Gordy as she went up the stairs to the bathroom. She looked pleased when Gordy politely smiled back and gave her a friendly wave, but when the girl had gone out of sight, Gordy hurried to the kitchen and filled a washing-up bowl with cold water. He carried the bowl up the stairs, followed by his friends, and stood by the bathroom door beckoning one of them to kick the door open.

         "What's going on?" the girl shouted, alarmed by the crowd talking outside the door. The lad kicked the door with an excess of force as if he were a policeman raiding a criminal's flat. The girl was sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles and she stared in panic as the lock broke off and the door flew open. She was embarrassed and shocked at the sight of the crowd looking in at her and laughing. She sat forward putting her arms on her knees, trying to cover herself. The gang erupted in laughter as she screamed out when Gordy threw the cold water at her, drenching both her and the bathroom.

         The crowd was still laughing when they came back into the living room. Brenda had been with the crowd and she laughed with them and pretended that she thought it funny, but she was not really happy at the way Gordy had humiliated the girl.

         A slow love song was playing and Gordy began to dance with Brenda. All her thoughts for the hostess disappeared as she blissfully fell into his arms. He pulled himself close to her and their cheeks were close together as he whispered. "Let's go upstairs."

         "No," she said, almost as a reflex. Regretting the word in case he lost interest in her but frightened to be alone in one of the bedrooms with him.

         "Why not?"

         "Because I don't want to."

         "You don't want to. I thought I meant more to you, Brenda. We've known each other all these years and you must know that I fancy you. I wouldn't have brought you here otherwise, would I?" He moved away from her but held onto her hand while gently trying to coax her towards the stairs.

         "Gordy, I don't want to."

         "Well you'd better piss off home then. I haven't got time for teasers. I want a girl who shows she cares for me as much as I care for her. I think there's always been something between us, pulling us together, and I think you know that as well as I do." He gave a large exaggerated sigh. "Bloody hell, I'm not going to force you to go all the way, am I? If you thought enough of me you wouldn't mind giving me some attention, some relief."

         "If that's all you want, Gordy, I'll do it for you, but if you start getting too carried away I'm coming back down." She allowed him to guide her up the stairs to the main bedroom. When she was in the bedroom and he had closed the door behind them, she felt if she did this for him they could indeed become very close without going all the way. He pulled her gently, but firmly, down onto the bed and began kissing her while groping roughly at her breasts. She responded to his kisses, but she was still a bit unsure and nervous. He undid his trousers and moved her hand onto him, but almost immediately he moved his own hand up under her skirt. She stopped him and pulled his hand away. "No, Gordy, stop it. I told you I don't want to do nothing like that. You said I only had to play with it." He forced his hand up under her skirt again and she struggled against him as she held her legs tightly together. He pulled away from her.

         "Well at least I know now. I had to find out how much you cared about me before I asked you and before we made the announcement."

         "What are you talking about? What announcement?"

         "I was thinking that it was about time I settled down. Like I said, I think we both know there's something kinda special between us. That's why I finished with Joyce, so I could ask you to be my girl, so we could be together like a proper courting couple. I was thinking we could even have got engaged tonight. Still, I suppose it's a good job I found out you're not prepared to commit yourself to me."

         "But, Gordy…"

         Gordy continued, not letting her answer just yet. "If you're gonna deny me a sex life I might as well go back with Joyce; she has never denied me sex. You've just been playing games with me, stringing me along, teasing me. You're not interested in my feelings at all, are you?"

         "I am, Gordy, of course, I am. I just don't know how you really feel about me. I thought you might have been trying to use me, just to have your way with me. I want to be yours Gordy, but are you sure it's what you really really want?"

         "Just think back, Brenda, all the time you've known me, all the girls I've been out with and I admit there's been more than a few, but do you ever remember me being engaged before? No, you don't, because none of them have been special to me. You're special. I've had my fun with the girls. I've sowed my wild oats as they say, but now I feel it's time to settle down and to make a bond with someone. You're the one I want to settle down with and maybe we don't need to make a bond because, I don't know about you but, I feel the bond has always been between us even if we've never fully realised it before."

         "But I've always known it, Gordy. I've always felt that we were meant to be together."

         "Brenda, if you're willing, I want us to get engaged tonight. All I want out of life now is to spend the rest of it with you."

         "You really mean, it don't you? Oh, Gordy, I've waited so long for this day and I always knew it would happen one day, I knew." She put her arms out to him as teardrops trickled down her face. Gordy responded and began to kiss her again. This time she gave no hindrance to his wandering hands, though she was still nervous and worried. "I don't want a baby. You won't give me a baby, will you?"

         "Of course not, what sort of bloke do you think I am?"

* * * * *

         Brenda stood looking into the mirror, trying to see if she looked any different.

         "We'd better get back downstairs," Gordy said. He walked over and put his arms around her. She pulled tightly against him and burst into tears. "What's up now?" he said.

         "I'm so happy, Gordy."

         He looked at the tears streaming down her cheeks. "Funny things you women."

         "Can I tell my mum and dad when I get home?"

         "Of course you can, and when you're ready you can take me round to meet them. You might as well break the good news to all the gang downstairs."

         "Will you buy a ring for me, only a cheap one if you like, just so I can show off a bit?"

         He gave an affectionate laugh. "If that's what you want, but it won't be cheap, it'll be the best ring that I can afford. Come on do your face and we'll go down and spread the good news."

         Brenda hastily re-did her make-up and they walked to the bedroom door. She stopped and looked at Gordy. "Oh, Gordy, I'm so happy." She put her hands on his shoulders and stared into his eyes. "It was good, wasn't it? Was I all right, did I do it right?"

         Gordy grinned before answering her. "Terrific, you were bloody terrific."

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