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Some flights of fancy.
"The Wranglers."

"From the stars, we descend
Light is nothing; space we bend
Borne upon atomic fires, hurtling from hell
Reactors thundering like Doom's bell
Out of deepest Hyperspace, we emerge
The Federation's endless scourge
On this fateful day, in the deeps so black
We prepare for another attack.'

'Our ship screams down, plasma flares like suns
Nothing can withstand our guns!
The Sound Barrier cracks, the hull moans
And the hammer falls upon their thrones
Through the mesosphere we hurtle,
At the sound, their blood will curdle
We are the heralds of Heaven's ven'geance
Hear the roaring of our en'gines!
Thrusters trembling, at last we land
To bring this planet under our Master's hand.'

'And now it's time to go to work
Our duty we will never shirk
Nets fly, the foul beasts cry
The strong enslaved; the weak will die
By Emperor's bidding, we are here
To take what they have held most dear
So cities crumble under our fists
And like nightmare we ascend into the mists.'

'With our fleshy cargo in tow
Back to the stars, we once more shall go
With a world burning in our wake
At our name shall others quake
We are warriors of divine will
For humanity's sake, we shall kill'

'We are the Wranglers, and this is Humanity's Galaxy!"

"The Space Rangers."

"On distant Darkseid, armies march and fires burn
For ever-more slaves, the bleak pits yearn
The Emperor thunders from atop his throne
"Bring me flesh and hide and bone!"
Out from Hell the Wranglers go
Riding onwards as solar winds blow
Who shall meet this deadly scourge?
They must be stopped, or on the Galaxy they'll gorge'

'Space Rangers rise, they heed the call
Screaming "Never will our galaxy fall!"
Dark angles soar a 'twixt the stars
Hunting ships, breaking open steel bars
C-Platinum gauntlet, iron greave
Rangers enter, Wranglers leave'

'Don't get caught with slaves on board
Dealing in flesh to enrich your horde
For good reason are Rangers feared far and wide
This universe is not big enough for you to hide
As plasma sizzles across the skies
Another raid, the gunship denies
Turned back again, the Wranglers flee
Nothing out in space is this scary!'

'Whatever the cost
Whatever is lost
Whatever the danger
Remember the Ranger'

'We are the Space Rangers, and we will see slavery vanquished!'

"The Fellowship Herd."

‘A Space Knight with an ancient sword
A single marine loyal to the last word
A budding mage destined for power
A turncoat pirate who makes Wranglers cower
An alien prince from distant space
A psychic catfish, best of his race
A Russian mustelid with a shotgun
A trans-dimensional wolf who can’t make a pun
A wise space-captain to keep it sane
And a doctor by the name of Crane.’


He’s got guns and attitude and testosterone
Came from another world to find a new home.
A butterfly with wings -on caffeine
He’ll never be the same after what he’s seen.
Him and a buddy by the name of D. Eagle
Cleaning the galaxy; refuge for a seagull.

Does he miss those he left behind?
So long ago, do they still remember his kind?
Twisted into a form not his own
The crazed doctor wanted a new weapon to hone.
A rebellion, a break-out, a run for escape
In these evil labs so bleak and desper-ate.

Tumble into an alien portal
A feat seldom performed by a mere mortal.
Brand new world, of pain and injustice
Deciding I must stop this.
Revolution -rise with a slave so proud
Who knew so many together could never be cowed?

And now what drives him on?
This isn’t his war; he could’ve gone.
Should’ve retired, looked for a way home
Could’ve upped and vanished in sub-atomic gloam
Yet here he stays, till the last victory
And in the meantime threatens to dominate the entire story!

"A Day in the Life of the Commissar."

"I have got my gatling gun
just in case the deserters run
Command calls in; has someone won?
No, but it's 'Good new everyone' when the call is done
Ah, a whole new mission! This should be fun!
Hopefully it'll go better than the last one...

But ah, to best the Wranglers once again!
To screw with the Duchess, do you ken?
So now up we pull, to the palace with the foot-men
Disguises are perfect; they think I'm Sir Ben
We're here to steal a secret or ten
And afterwards we can practice zen

But as the ball drags on, complications arise
Albatair trips into the curly fries
A noble helps him, slips, dies
Luckily as to our diversion, they are not yet wise
I don't like the looks of some of these guys
Those Sin Girls have arms thicker than my thighs

I can only hope Mercer is doing well
He and Cooper'll usually give them hell
The vault is emptied; Plan goes swell
When suddenly I gag at a nasty smell
The Duchess herself, chortling like Doom's Knell
I adjust the monocle; else my eyes will tell

She then walks right on up to me
Just as my timer beeps; we should be free
Yet I can not leave -the ruse she'll see
Her smile is ever so spark-ely
But somewhere else I must urgently be
So I heft a shiny tureen and set those teeth free

Through the halls I race to and fro
The mob'll catch me if I slow!
Tentacles flying in the wind's blow
Wow; the Duchess is a cranky ho'
'Round a bend I hurriedly go
And here comes my pickup -yo ho!

And here I sit like a flopping bas
The geteway car is out of gas
Melody's giving me total sass
And half the Wrangler fleet is on my ass
Our rocket flees above the grass
Knocking the hair from one pretty lass

Running on fumes or no, we're going up
Just enough fuel to fill a cup
I want to get home so I can sup
But the Wranglers are saying that that's just not up
We'll need to find another space-worthy pup
Boarding action? Let's go! Hup!

We leap into the enemies' halls
Combat boots bouncing off the walls
Into the reactor Jango falls
Now who'll answer all my calls?
The ship casually onwards crawls
Heedless of the passenger's brawls

It's a right awkward little smash
I break my arm when a marine's nose I bash
But eventually we got the cash
Now we must flee, quick as a flash
Another nick upon my sash
This mission... Technically wasn't a hash

Oh well; no plan ever goes right
When you're a Commissar, your schedule's tight
Which is why I'm in mid-flight
In a ship reduced to a metal kite
I may not be prepared for this new fight
But in the end, everything is alright."

Bonus: "1986"; a fanfic of George Orwell's 1984.

“The Revolution came, the Revolution left
To the core, society’s soul was cleft
Flames, pillaging, war all around
Discontent could only abound
Machine guns in London, war-planes in the skies
We never foresaw Oceania’s rise
Bombs fell, Great Britain burned
For stability again –oh, how we yearned!
Ingsoc had the final solution
Its ideology; our great ablution
Ministries to rule us all
Never again shall the mighty fall
Our Brother rules us mind and soul
His pleasure is our only goal
We work forever, without fail
Heedless of the iron hail’

‘Mindless cogs within the machine
Yet when rocket-bombs fall, how we scream
Hiding in our rotting holes
Like animals, we are the Proles.’

‘Watched hawkishly, every day,
For an aberrant thought, we dearly pay
We are the Members, in our dank shelters of ‘Victory’
Not sunk like Proles, yet even less free.’

‘A world to rule, a war to win
To do it we would commit any sin
We are the Upper, oligarchs all
And never shall our party fall!’

‘But deep down, we know it’s for show
There will only be one final blow
Not a fist, a bullet, or even a rocket
But a mere worker choosing to ignore his socket.
From below, will the pyramids fall,
Rubble crashing to the Proletarian’s call.
The world cannot go on this way
Soon shall come a brand-new day.”


"Deep beneath the ocean swells
Repose in wait, Promethean hells
Slime-ridden, murky, covered in silt
Wrapped in crustacean carbuncles snug as a quilt
In the lightless depths so far
Kept in company by the bravest carr
Embalmed in sea-weed, an ancient trove
Endless basalt column, the thunder-cloven grove.'

'In this realm of endless night
Dreams the god; the source of fright
While the stars shuffle overhead
The dead god sleeps on cyclopean bed
Where columns twist, so non-Euclidean
Secrets are etched, strange and Druidean
Squid flit by; they know their master
The terrible unspeakable brother of Hastur.'

'But up above this dank empire
Hominid thralls would this word burn in pyre
To wake the god; that is their goal
Bring terror rising from the deepest shoal
Cavorting with Deep Ones in sick play
To serve Earth to Old Ones on a silver tray
Madly dancing around black idols
To affix to humanity alien bridles'

Cthulhu Wakes!

'And when the stars are right, It will come
Heralded by the flayed-hide drum
From grottoes so deep
Where nameless spawn creep
The Great Old One shall rise amidst madness
While trembling Gaia can but look on in sadness
Like ticking clockwork, it will come to be
There exists nowhere microbial humanity can flee."
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