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Why hassle us?
Every day for a month I watched it coming nearer,
I reminded myself to spring forward early Saturday morn.
I marked on my calendar pad to make it much clearer,
Telling myself it's the day before the day I was born.

Saturday I awoke with no alarm to tell me, "Get up now,"
Snoozing in a way that would make any emperor proud.
Barely able to set up, I was wearing my typical sleep scowl,
Thankful today I didn't have to face that working crowd.

In my usual way, I automatically moved numb and hazy,
Fixing my coffee, making sure I've taken all of my meds.
The sun shining down on my country town was amazing,
A table with a monitor and keyboard pulled next to my bed.

All day long I wrote poetry and songs, taking it easy,
Once in a while I would sing an old bluegrass tune.
Later that day I searched the net for something sleazy,
Didn't occur at all that an hour had already been hewn.

It got late, I checked the clocks that hadn't been set yet,
Not until the next day did I recall Daylight Savings Time.
The computer's clock told me what I happened to forget,
I felt as if I were judged guilty and the victim of a crime.

I meekly reported to work an hour behind that Sunday,
Should've been there at one o'clock but it was 2 pm.
Other's were late, even my supervisor had gone astray,
I felt like a fool but the chance of losing my job was slim.

There's an hour of pay I'll not receive on next payday,
I feel like I was duped and don't think it's very fair.
Leave us alone, leave time where it is, I humbly pray,
Why hassle us to free up bucks for some billionaire?

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