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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2033806
Rosie continues to work on Ellis's mind.
Chapter 28

Gordy put his hand up to his face and walked towards me grinning. "What was all that about?" he said.

         "You tell me?" I said, but Gordy avoided the question. I noticed the scratches on his hand. "What's happened to your hand?"

         "I fell off my bike into some brambles." He looked at Rosie. "And who's this sexy looking saucepot?"

         "I'm Rosie," she said, clearly showing her interest in him. "It's your lucky night, one of the virgins has been stood up."

         "That'll do for now," he said, but he was not looking at the girls; his eyes were blatantly focusing on Rosie's cleavage. " I used to know a girl named Rosie, but she died."

         That's interesting," the girl said and gave a yawn as if uninterested.

         An hour passed and we were all becoming friendly. Even I was becoming more relaxed with the company.

         "Right," Rosie said. "Who fancies a swim down at Carver's?"

         "I'm all for that," Gordy said.

         "The swimming pool's closed," I said. "They've drained the water."

         "No, that's been sorted out, they filled it up again," Rosie said.

         I was not sure they had, but I agreed we should go and check.

         We were soon at the pool and we hid the three motorcycles behind some bushes. We helped the giggling girls climb over the gates, but Rosie was over before we even got there. I almost vaulted over, showing off a little and then made my way to the poolside, pleased to see that the swimming pool was full of water.

         There was hardly any of the moon visible and the darkness brought out the full brightness of the stars. Millions of bright specks filled the sky from horizon to horizon. The densely wooded area around the pool looked eerie and none of us would have stayed very long had they been on their own.

         We were lazing on the grass, exchanging tales about the ghosts that were supposed to haunt the place. I noticed Rosie was very detailed in her stories and I could see the other two young girls were becoming frightened. I stood up thinking it was time to change the subject in case the girls decided they wanted to leave. "Come on then, who's coming in for a dip?"

         "Sod that," Gordy replied. "It'll be freezing in there."

         I went across to the pool, knelt down, and put a hand into the water. "No, it's quite warm." I looked at my friends, but they were not keen and I began to wonder why they were there. I remembered being there with Gloria and thought that perhaps it would have been better if we had kept it private, just me and Rosie. I started to unbutton my shirt and smiled at the sudden interest being shown by the girls as I stripped down to my pants.

         Rosie stood up and gathered back her long black hair, tying it behind her neck. I smiled at her as she pulled off her top exposing her breasts for all to see. I was shocked and excited by the sight of her bare breasts, but I didn't want to appear to be staring and I turned and looked into the pool for a few seconds before diving in. When I surfaced I heard a splash as Rosie entered the pool. She swam across to me and laughed as she rested her hands on my shoulders.

         "Bloody Hell," she said. "Because your mates were looking I thought I'd best leave my knickers on, but when I dived into the water they slipped down my legs and the water took them away." As she spoke her body was gently rubbing against mine in the water and I was further excited by her revelation that she was naked.

         "I know how you feel; my underpants went as well," I said, feeling my revelation didn't sound nearly as erotic as hers.

         It was a large pool and we only briefly searched for our underwear, thinking it would be easier to spot the items later when the water had settled. We swam and fooled about for a while, splashing about like children. We got to the shallow end and as I rested against the side wall Rosie began to kiss me and we were soon engaged in an amorous heavy petting session, but as suddenly as she had started the embrace, she stopped and moved away, calling across to the others, trying to coax them to join us. Although the others were showing interest in our nudity, they had no inclination to strip off themselves.

         The two young girls began giggling again as we climbed out of the pool and walked back over to the grass, Rosie looking totally at ease with her nudity, but I was using my hands as a fig leaf. Rosie laid herself down on my leather jacket soaking it in the process and I sat beside her. She put her arm around the back of my neck, pulled me on top of her then began kissing me with a lustful passion. I responded with ardour and urgency and we were almost smothering each other with kisses as we locked our arms around each other, rolling writhing and rocking naked on the grass.

         "Well blow me," Gordy shouted. "Are you two shagging?"

         "Not yet," Rosie called back.

         I pulled away trembling, my heart belting at my ribcage, all my veins pumping and swelling. Rosie had influenced my mind and body, and I had an overwhelming desire to make love with her.

         "Let's do it," she said, "give your friends the show they all want to see."

         I was suddenly back in full control of my mind and I had an immediate attack of nerves, this would be my first time. I was totally inexperienced and was expected to perform in front of an audience. Something caught my eye and I looked towards the gate. Twin beams of light were coming up the approach road. "Shit, someone's coming," I shouted, pretending panic, but in great relief. Our friends rushed over to the bushes leaving me and Rosie to gather up our clothes, hastily dressing as we made our way over to join the others.

         The car pulled up at the gates. A man got out, unlocked the gates, and walked towards the swimming pool shining a high-powered torch. The wet footprints on the paved area around the pool were obviously fresh and he shone the torch all around the bushes and the wooden huts, convincing himself the intruders had fled. He stood by the edge of the pool and saw Rosie's pants floating by the side. He bent down to retrieve them and shone the torch around once more before making his way back to the car.

         We remained hidden in the bushes until we were sure the patrol had gone.

         "Did you see that?" I said. "He's taken your knickers, the bloody creep."

         Rosie laughed. "That's all right," she said. "It'll save you the job of taking them off for me later." I laughed with her as if sex were a normal occurrence in my life, but although this could be what most young men would often daydream about, indeed what I had sometimes dreamt of myself, I felt nervous thinking that it was obviously Rosie's intention to seduce me.

         We climbed back over the gate and the girls stood waiting while we disappeared behind the bushes where we had hidden our motorcycles. Gordy was the first to emerge on his Triumph Tiger Cub, an Aerial Arrow followed and then I pulled out on my James Superswift. Rosie got on the pillion and we sped off down the road. My friends headed into town, but Rosie shouted directions to me and I left my friends as I turned into a road leading to the terraced houses. We soon arrived at the house where Rosie had lived with her mother. Rosie quietly opened the door and we crept out into the kitchen. She put the kettle on the gas and began to brush her still slightly damp hair as she waited for the water to boil, but her hair was badly tangled and she soon gave up.

         "That was a bit of a surprise," I said. "I didn't think you would peel off in front of that lot."

         "Well I thought I'd better show those two bitches what the competition looked like, they couldn't keep their eyes off you. Anyone would think they hadn't seen a lad's body before. And when we..." She stopped talking as she poured the boiling water into the teapot. "When we got out of the pool I thought their bloody eyes were going to pop out. If they weren't your friends' girlfriends I would have smacked them in the gob."

         "Do I detect a hint of jealousy there?" I asked.

         "No, I'm not jealous of those two flat-chested virgins." She walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. I followed her in laughing. "What are you bloody laughing at?" she said jokingly. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto her lap before kissing me in a simulated frenzy of passion. We both began to laugh as she pulled wildly at my clothing like an excited child trying to undo a Christmas parcel.

         The living room door flew open. "What the hell's going on?"

         Rosie pulled away from me and I quickly stood up looking guilty. Rosie's mother was quite a sight. She was huge. Her bare feet were protruding from the bottom of her long nightdress, her toes lying like rows of new potatoes. Her arms, as wide as my thighs, hanging at her side. The rollers on her head zigzagged across as if she had put them in during a state of advanced drunkenness. I smiled at her, but she looked back at me like a heavyweight boxer trying to psyche out the opponent.

         "Isn't it about time you went home?" she said.

         "Yeah, I think you might be right," I replied.

         "The tea will be brewed," Rosie said. "Don't you want a drink before you go?"

         "Er." I looked at her mother. "No, I'm on an early shift tomorrow, better get home and get some sleep." I got up and walked to the door. Rosie followed me into the street and pulled the door closed behind her.

         "What's up with her?" I said. "It looked like she wanted to kill me."

         "Take no notice. She came down one night and caught me at it with a lad. She's been a bit funny with my boyfriends ever since."

         "Oh yeah. Was he in hospital long?"

         Rosie gave a laugh and then clasped her hands behind my neck. She reached over to kiss me.

         The street door opened. "Rosemary, I've poured you out a cup of tea."

         I looked at the woman as she stood at the door. It was obvious she had no intention of going back inside without her daughter. I walked across the pavement to my motorcycle, turned on the ignition, and kick-started the engine. "I'll call for you tomorrow night." I smiled, waved, and rode off.

         It was late when I got home and the house was in darkness. As I dismounted I noticed a strong smell of burnt wood and thought that my dad must have been burning rubbish in the garden. I went in and crept up the stairs trying not to disturb my parents. I got undressed and got into bed thinking it strange that I could still smell burnt wood even though my window was closed. I was very tired and thought no more about it.

. ҉

         Rosie stood watching him as he rode away. The house returned to darkness and her mother was no longer there; Rosie had no further use for the illusion. She had been guilty of major teasing and knew he would be feeling frustrated and eager for the next meeting with her. Her next move was to get Ellis alone at the pool, then she would have her partner.

         She left the house and walked a fair distance towards the town centre before abandoning the black-haired girl and leaving her with her hair in a mess and her hands and clothing soiled with damp black ash, confused, disorientated, knickerless, and very frightened.

 Carvers Hollow Ch 29  (18+)
Ellis comes off his motorbike.
#2033893 by Bruce.

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