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This poem is about the ignorant perception of homosexual love in the society nowadays.
Son Nguyen- Oh, Thy Majesty.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
Let my bleeding heart stop dripping
Its agonizing blood of love
For thou, who are thou to judge?
Thy echelon is nothing but a word.

For a knight of thine, I seek to fancy
Of his valor, chivalry, and glory.
As a widow, who engraveth her husband's name
My love for him will surmount thy fame.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
The dreariest of all, the raven of death
Foreshadowed our sin on the path ahead.
For the love of two men, thou think is immoral?
And thy verdict is no more than mortal.

I am a shepherd, the name is Leofrick.
Astuteness I sustain, and no vows shall I break.
A herd of sheep declares I am poor
No river of treasures, only love I endure.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
One of thy knights, the most courageous of them all
The name is Sir Montford, I am honored to call.
Glimmered in his lustrous armor, he walketh
His words of gallant will ensure thee.

Chivalrous and gracious as we
To overcome thy spiteful judgements.
For we fell in love in the meadow of harmony
And stood on the grass of discernment.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
Thy inconsiderate questions of our sin
Are what broken glasses are meant for.
Carved scars of shame upon our tender skin
Art thou satisfied for our false misdemeanor?

Daunting life, we all have to face
Poisoned words, the serpents of life taunt
And we are perceived to be jesters of disgrace
Who weep in the dark at the arrival of dawn.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
We yearn to exist in an utopia.
The Queen of Equilibrium can declare
"Ye are God's creations, not his stigma
For a ceaseless love, ye shall spare."

The condemned thieves thou hast belittled
Are now detached in agony and despair.
The black widow weaves its web, our love is idled
As your condemnation wounded us like a snare.

Oh, Thy Majesty,
No light of dignity, only a coat of darkness
Conceals our ached and blood-drained bodies.
Stop thy filthy words; let us lay on this sorrowful mattress
For an everlasting sleep of tainted beauties.
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