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Rosie makes her move and gets her partner.
Chapter 31

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Rosie was pleased when she learned Ellis and Gloria had got back together, even though it was her who caused their break-up. She could now take him and make Gloria's life even more miserable by the tragic loss of her boyfriend. It would be so easy tonight, but it had to be tonight or it would become difficult again; tonight she would be sure of success. She searched for Gordy and found him motorcycling out of town. She put a foot in the road and held up a hand as if she were hailing a taxi. She smiled when Gordy spotted her and he pulled alongside of her. "Hi, Gordy," she said, in a very friendly manner.

         "Hello, Glor," he said, returning her smile and thinking Gloria had perhaps forgiven him for abandoning her in the woods. He was completely taken in by the illusion and had no idea he was talking to Rosie's ghost.

         "Look I'm supposed to meet Ellis at King's tonight, but I think he's a bit embarrassed about being seen with no front teeth so I thought he might like to spend the evening with me up at the swimming pool. Do you think you could pop up to his house for me on your motorbike and tell him to meet me there instead? Only I'm on my break, but I've got to get back to the surgery soon and I won't finish till late."

         "Of course I can, but how are you gonna get to the pool? Do you want me to pick you up? Might even join the two of you for a swim."

         "It's okay. I'll have no problem getting there. There's a woman at the surgery who's finishing the same time as me and she lives near there, so she can drop me off on the way home. You will give him the message though won't you, tell him I'll be there at seven?"

         "Course I will, I was going to call up to see him anyway. I can tell him to pick you up from work if you want?"

         "No, no don't do that. Just tell him I'll be at the pool waiting."

         "If there's a problem and he can't make it, I'll call in at the surgery and let you know."

         "No, if he can't make it, you'd do me a big favour if you just come up to the pool later to pick me up." But you may not be doing yourself one, she thought.

         "Okay, that's no hardship. Look, I don't want to keep going on, but about the other night."

         "Oh don't worry about it, it's forgotten. We've known each other too long to fall out over a bit of silliness. Anyway, I got a lift home in a police car."

         "Do you want to call for a quick coffee or something before you go back to work? If you get on the back I'll run you into town." Gordy reached for her hand.

         Rosie stepped back just in time and his hand missed hers instead of passing right through it. "I've got to go, maybe another time. I'll see you love." She smiled and walked off.

         Gordy watched her walking off and laughed to himself. Ellis's bike was still wrecked and it was clear it was her that was embarrassed by the big gap in his teeth. He thought on how she called him "love". All the time he had known her, she had never called him that before and he thought she might be taking a fancy to him. Maybe the incident in the woods made her think a bit. Maybe Ellis's time with her had at last run out. Maybe it was time to have another try with Gloria, even if he did have to suffer a few scratches. He decided that at seven o'clock, he would be at the pool himself.

         Gordy rode through the woods and hid his motorcycle before climbing over the gates. He saw someone swimming in the deep end of the pool and walked towards her fully expecting to see Gloria.

         "Hi, Gordy, who's been a naughty boy then?" Rosie called. "The water's lovely come on in."

         Gordy stood at the side of the pool slightly puzzled. He knew that the girl in the water was not Gloria, but she was young, naked, and seemed to know him. She looked a bit like Rosie, but he had heard about the tragedy at her house and thought it could not be her. He hastily stripped off his clothes and dived in, but plummeted straight to the bottom. He looked up and saw Rosie floating above. He swam up to her and took hold of the bar at the side of the pool. "Rosie! It is you, what's going on? I heard that..."

         "Never mind about that, I'll explain it all a bit later. We have plenty of time because, like I said, you've been a bit naughty, haven't you? I was expecting Ellis, but I suppose you'll have to do. Come on; let's have some wild passionate sex. After all, you are going to be with me for a while, aren't you?"

         He reached over and kissed her, his free hand groping at her breasts. "This is great," he said. "I feel as if I could stay with you all night."

         Rosie looked at him and began laughing.

         Eight o'clock the next morning the maintenance men arrived for their second attempt at stopping the seepage from the pool. They unlocked the gates and walked towards the pool. One of the men saw Gordy's clothing and ran to the poolside. He climbed down the ladder to the bottom of the pool. His friend looked over the side. "Shall I call an ambulance?"

         "Yeah you'd better. He's dead though. Looks like he's broken his neck. We only drained the water yesterday. He must have been drunk or something. The poor sod's dived into an empty pool.

         Gordy and Rosie stood looking at all the commotion that followed. An ambulance took Gordy's body away and then a wreck truck arrived with a police car.

         "Look," Gordy said. "Look they're taking my bike away."

         "You don't need it anymore. You can will yourself any bike you want."

         "It won't be real though, will it?"

         "Are you real?"

         Gordy stared at her. "I'll never forgive you for what you did to me."

         "Oh, shut up. I'm not here by choice either you know and if you had done what you were asked you wouldn't be here, would you? It would have been Ellis, not you."

         "How could he get here? His bike was bloody wrecked?"

         "Well you were his mate, you should have lent him yours?"

         "Oh yeah, so you and your squirrel mate could wreck my bike as well."

         "Anyway, I'm feeling a bit drained, let's relax and drift amongst the treetops for a while. We'll come back down at midnight and have a whiz through the woods. If it's a nice night there's bound to be someone we can have a bit of fun with."

         "I'm going to the funeral you know."

         "What for?"

         "I want to see what they've all got to say."

         "Please yourself, but I'm not going, I don't like funerals. I didn't go to my own so I'm certainly not going to yours." Rosie's drifted up into the trees to rest and build up her strength.

         Gordy watched the departure of his Tiger Cub motorcycle before turning to look into the empty swimming pool. "I don't feel drained, I think I'll swim a few lengths."

 Carver's Hollow Chapter 32  (18+)
Gordy's funeral.
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