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The good side hears, but the bad side often answers...
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“The good side hears, but the bad side often answers…” – Catherine Girard-Veilleux

‘’Lord, please hear me,’’ prayed a young man down on his knees in church. He had dirty blond hair and was hoping with all his being that his wish would come true. Lost in this prayer, his eyes were tightly closed. ‘’I need to be more confident. I don’t have any job; I can’t get past the interview process and it’s stressing me terribly. All my life I’ve been timid and anxious. Please, do something. Help me. Send someone. Thank you. Amen.’’

Tim stood up, nodded at the Jesus statue in front of him, and walked out of the church. Right as he opened the big doors and exited, a man all neatly dressed and leaning against the rock wall spoke to him.

“I have heard you and I think I can help you.”

Tim startled and screamed, staring at the other with wide blue eyes. His heart beating fast in his chest, the young man tried to calm down, and straightened up. He gulped and observed the one who had spoken; he had black sleek hair, green eyes, and sparkling white teeth, and he was wearing a clean suit. He had to admit the man was handsome.

“How could you hear me? I was far from the door and you were standing right here…” Tim remarked, frowning and pointing at the man’s feet.

“I’m Jon Smith. And I know because I’ve been sent to help you.”

“Wow, that’s quite the original name…” he joked with a smile before becoming serious again at seeing how Jon disliked it. “…Really?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you, Tim.”

Tim gasped and staggered backwards, not believing his ears. “Who are you?! I—I never saw you and yet you know my name! Have you been stalking me?”

“No,” Jon answered with a deep but calm voice. “You have worked hard enough in your life, wonderful Tim; let me help you achieve your goal. Let’s go to your home.”

Tim was doubtful, but he did ask God to send him someone. Had he listened to his request?

And so, he gulped, nodding to the man. “O-okay. Let’s go home.”

On their way, they discussed about tips to improve his confidence and how to impress his interviewers during a job interview. Also, how much Tim was good-looking and precious. The latter couldn’t help blushing; he had always had a weakness for handsome men. After a while, he decided to ask him the question that didn’t stop bouncing on his mind.

“Are you an angel?”

Jon stiffened as though someone had pulled invisible strings up and turned his face to Tim. His expression was both sad and soft. He smiled at him with his sparkling white teeth. How gorgeous was he! Tim was now as red as one could get and stared right before him; he couldn’t bear looking at him any longer.

“Of course I am.”

*                                                                  *                                                              *

Finally at Tim’s house, they went to sit down on the couch. Tim was agitated, nervous. How was one supposed to act with an angel around?! As for Jon, he was as silent and serious as ever, although quite curious as he observed his surroundings.

“I’m sorry, I can’t afford better,” squeaked Tim.

The angel looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “I do not care about that. Here, let me help you.”

He stretched his arm to touch Tim, who eyed him with fear. “What will you do?”

“You have another interview tomorrow; you shall be more than prepared. Now, trust me.”

Gently, he grabbed his left shoulder and squeezed, sending in a wave of energy. Tim’s eyes rolled over and his whole body shook until Jon took away his hand. The angel softly told him to wake up from his trance.

“What was this?!” asked Tim, alarmed.

But he only received a small smile from the other.

Tim jumped onto his feet and noticed how full of energy he felt. He could own the world! He was proud, strong, and confident. There was no way someone would dislike him. Grinning and his eyes gleaming with joy, he clenched his fist. He felt the best he had ever felt in all his life!

“This is so GREAT! You’re one Hell of an angel. Sorry – I want to kiss you now.”

“Well, that was quick.”

Jon took a deep breath he obviously didn’t need and stood up, staring intently, almost seductively, at him. Tim gazed up at his companion and smiled, barely blushing this time around. He could look at him in the eye! Slowly, Jon cocked his head to the side and opened his mouth, kissing Tim with passion. Tim revelled in his wonderful situation, although a nagging doubt was on his mind. But now wasn’t the time to be bothered with it. He caressed the angel’s back, feeling his own erection hardening. The angel was well-built. Jon broke the kiss and passed a hand over the other’s crotch, smirking.

“Excited, I see.”

“Well, you’re difficult to resist.”

Now was the time.

“Tell me, aren’t angels forbidden to go with humans? Isn’t this why there were Nephilim…?” Tim boldly asked, having taken a deep breath. Desire was still running in his veins, but he had to get an answer first. It was incredible how a shoot of confidence could change your life! He had kissed an angel! The interview would be a breeze.

Jon blinked and appeared momentarily lost until he found his pride back and smiled.

“We were, but now we have greater freedom, thanks to our Lord. In some cases, our interest may even save lives…”

Tim relaxed and laughed at his own stupidity. Of course! They were angels, they could do almost whatever they wanted. He shook his head then grinned at Jon.

“How about… more?” he whispered.

Slowly, Jon smiled. “I do not mind, but I must tell you I like it rough.”

“Have it however you like it. I just want you.”

Jon’s eyes glinted. Soon, they both jumped onto each other, and Jon made a spiked collar and cuffs appear. It was going to be a rocky and steamy night.

*                                                                  *                                                              *

When Tim woke up, the angel had disappeared. He hoped to see him in the kitchen or living room, but he was nowhere to be seen. He felt heavily sad and disappointed; however, his night had been golden. Okay, BDSM wasn’t in his cords, but it was interesting… and God did the other fuck well.

Decadence was bliss.

That day, his interview went like a charm. The boss wanted him as an employee right away, telling him how passionate and confident he sounded. Of course, he wasn’t aware of the secret blessing Tim held…

Unfortunately, as the hours went by, Tim felt more and more nauseous and unstable. He would see strange things, demonic and twisted faces instead of normal people’s, rotting corpses, and horrifying and unknown creatures. Voices came in late in the evening. They would not stop! They would whisper, rage, growl, scream, threaten, and humiliate. The voices would even incite him to commit suicide. As he wandered through his house, faces would appear on the walls and weird, deep and terrifying noises would reach his ears. As time passed by, Tim was shaking uncontrollably, screaming at everything to SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave him alone! He even grabbed a plate and threw it against a face; the plate shattered into pieces, but he didn’t care.

Crying, he called Heaven. “Please, Jon! Do something! Help me; what is this?! Where are you?! I need you!”

After much calling, Jon finally answered. He appeared in his kitchen in an instant, looking dead serious and quite unhappy. Jon, however, was relieved to see him – his savior! He rushed to him.

“I-I can’t stop seeing horrible things and hearing them! Make it stop, please.”

“Did your interview go well?”

“W-wait, what?”

“Did your interview go well?” Jon asked again, pronouncing each syllable distinctly.

Jon frowned, but decided, no matter how strange it sounded, that it was best to answer.

“Yes, it went perfectly well! I’ve been hired; they loved me!” he claimed proudly despite the pounding in his head intensifying.

Jon pursed his lips and took out of his suit pocket a parchment. Opening it, he put it down onto the kitchen table and made a quill appear. Offering it to Tim, he said:

“You need to sign this before I can do anything. It is a proof that I have helped you and done what you requested.”

Jon, shaken, agreed to do as such. He just wanted to get rid of these frightening sights and sounds! And to be frank, this was the least he could do for the angel who had given him what he greatly lacked: confidence. Without reading the parchment, he wrote his name at the bottom of it.

“Now, please, remove those.”



“I won’t,” said Jon with a malevolent grin.

Angry, Tim clenched his teeth and got closer to Jon. “What do you mean you won’t?! I just signed your freakin’ paper!”

“You’ve just sold your soul, idiot.”

“I don’t---“

“I’m the fallen angel Moraël.”

On these words, Moraël extended his arm and tore out Tim’s heart with one swift move. The body slumped to the floor as blood flooded the room. Moraël looked evilly at the bleeding heart in his hands and threw it onto the ground next to stupid Tim, then disappeared.

They’re all the same.
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