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A short rhythmic poem about dealing with some of life's issues.
Bridle Your Tongue

"Don't sweat the small stuff, I heard Daddy say.
The little life issues that get in your way.
Troubles for some that can make them quite mad.
Things that cause arguments, make people sad.

A scratch on the counter, a stain on your shirt.
Some dust on the dog who just rolled in the dirt.
The cap's off the bottle ... this dish has a spot.
That squeak in the hinge where the pin hits the slot.

The painting is crooked it's driving me nuts!
You've scratched the CD, you clumsy old klutz.
Son, these are the small things that make people sweat,
Small issues that make us point fingers and fret.

Insignificant problems turn friends into foes,
So bridle your tongue when revealing your woes.
As I always say, if you're stressed with an issue,
That makes little sense, here's the box, grab a tissue!"
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