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Lies and more Lies
As Brenda has ask, Karine come down to help her with dinner, Karine pealed some onions and potatoes , Karine ask what was she making for dinner, Brenda told her Chicken and Dumplings, this was one of Danny's favorite, and one of his comfort foods, so when you tell him you skip school he will be not to mad, oh but he will be mad, he told me of the deal he mad with you so if you want to keep it, then come clean, or he will walk you to class each day and will pick you up out side you las class, if you Don't want to be treated like a third grader then tell Him,

said Brenda out loud she didn't see Danny come into the kitchen

         "Tell me What?" asked Danny and sat up on the counter and period into the pot Brenda had on the stove, " MMM chicken and dumplings my favorite, Danny put the lid on the pot and look at the girls from brenda to karine then back to Brenda, "Ok, come on out with, what did you buy and how much did you spend" said Danny looking at them more puzzled

         "Ok, Uncle Danny, hear goes, I didn't go to school like you ask, But i did drive by the school with John and James then  I told them I wanted to be dropped out a few block away.  I did as you ask me to do, I was almost to the door, but the girls started to call me a Nork, because I was with the cops, I told them that James was my Dad and they were on their way to a big case and well they didn't believe it, so got to the door of the school and the hold school stared to call me a NORK , so I ran back hear and spent the day on the deck and saw it was almost 3,  so I ran all the way back to school to meet the guys but saw you, and well her we are. " Said Karine out of breath

         Karine Looked at Danny and held her ground waiting for him to yell at her, but Danny just sat on the counter now sipping on some water, he jumped down and walked over to Karine and hugged her,

         "I know all of that, James and John told me, when they dropped you off and they, tagged  you back to the house and called me, so Im glad you told me and not try to hid it, so like I said you are going to be home schooled, so its all set up, so come with me, Danny said and tock Karine into the den, he sat down at the desk and reached down and pulled a laptop out, He looked at Karine and notes a small shadow under her left eye, Danny wanted to ask her about it but stopped himself, he didn't want to push it. so he handed the laptop to Karine, 

         "This my dear is your own laptop, and it will be your classroom too. after dinner I will saw you how to get the wifi on and where to long into you classroom. Danny pulled Karine close to him, when i here what had happen, I called the school and told them you will be in the online classrooms, i explain you will be with me until Steve come back for you, and you can still attend the classes when your with him, I was hurt by the kids reaction to you,

         "but you must be online for me to keep my deal with you ok, each time you sign in, it will send me a email letting me and the school know you are their, and do not try to fake it, because you will have to answered questions thru out the class, the teacher will post the work and you will do it and email them the work after you have 2-hours after each class to turn in the work, and the best part of this is, the computer has a camera so your will be live each day, so you cant tap your self and try to post the fake feed, it is set up to know if you are their or not. three days a week you will be in my office and in school. so thats the deal, and that the way its going to be until steve comes back" said Danny still holding onto Karine,

         "OK, as long as i Don't have to see those people again, I will do the online classes. So when do I start? asked Karine.

         " Tomorrow morning, your first day will be in my office to start, and for the rest of the week. the school ask me to make sure you are understanding  the work, Ok then, said Danny before Karine gave her answer Brenda call them for Dinner, Danny smiled and hugged her aging they both walked to dinner.

         As Karine was thinking, this could be good, maybe i can get a few sick days into this deal and then hit the pool halls, she starting to run low on cash, she only won 1,000 in the pool game today. So let just play it by ear. night fell on the beach house, the team said their goodnight and light out fell in the house, but all but on light went out. Karine tip toe down the stairs and headed into the office, she saw Danny's bag and looked over her shoulder the room was dark and no sound come. she looked through the bag and found the file Steve wanted, she opened it up and found the trust found paper work, she was to get 2,8 mill on her eightieth birthday, Danny had the right to keep the funds in his account until then,

         Karine found the account number and tucked the paper into her pocket. she closed the file and put it under her shirt. Karine made her way to the back door and opened it. she slipped out and headed to the shed, Danny put a pad lock on the door, she was able to pick the lock one of Steve's tricks she learned. she pulled the bike out and rolled it to the curb, the motor started and she headed down to the tigers eye to meet Steve.

         Karine drove up to the back of the club, she park the bike and saw the stage door was open. she looked around and tip toe into the club. The hall was to dark to see, but she was able to make out a small light at the end of the hall. Karine walk to the end and found a wooden door and pushed it open. in a small lit room she found Steve and his gan sitting around a table playing cards, she heard the sound of the balls cracking on the table, she looked to her left and saw a few of the guys plying pool. Steven left up his head and saw Karine in the door way and motion her to come in.

         "Well, My little Cheery Blossom, do you have a present for Daddy?" said Steve and got up to meet Karine.  Karine didn't show it but she was scared to death. But she gave him lip, Karine tock out the file and flip it in the air at Steve. "Hears Your Dame file, now do me a favor Daddy and get lost, I don't need you, and I never did." said Karine and turned to walk out, but Steve grab her by the arame and pushed her into the wall holding her tight.

         "That lip of yours is going to get you in trouble one of these days, if you want to see your 15th birthdays your learn your place. said Steve and with his free hand, he back handed her hard. The slap was hard and it hurt Karine did her best but the Tears started to well up, but she fought to keep them back. Steve saw he got to her and pleased with himself self he let her go. She ran out of the club and jumped on the bike and race back to the beach house, her face hurt so badly.

         "This was the last time, I don't ever wont to see him again, I know Quinn and Danny will make sure of that " she said to herself.

         Karine notes that  Steve had on one of his ring and Karine could fell a stream of blood or was it a tear running down her face, she hope it was a tear. She made it back to the house and parked the bike, she wiped her face and it was only tears and not blood. she put the bike back into the shed. karine looked at the house all the lights were still out, She found the back door and slip back in, only to get hit with a bright light Danny was standing in the mild of the kitchen, looking very upset and ready to strike,

         Before Danny could open his mouth Karine ran pass him and upstarts to her room she closed the door with load snap.

         Danny walk upstairs and nocked on her door, he heard her crying, he opened the door and walk to the side of the bed Karine was on her side sobbing into the pillow. Danny tap her on the shoulder to get her to look at him. she rolled over sat up and wiped her face and looked at him. Danny sat down next her and wiped the tears off her face

         "Where is Steve Karine, and don't lie me ok." said Danny

         " He's at the Tiger Eye, Oh Danny he wanted the file you have but I did not give to him, I gave him one of your staff files on some new form of bathroom cleaner. sob Karine

         Danny couldn't hold it back, he burst out laughing and hugged Karine tight still laughing  he pulled her back,  " How did you find him," he ask

         "he called me on the burner phone I have, when i got back to the house it was ringing, Only Steve has that number. she said

         "what did you do."

         "He told me to come to the tigers eye, and I went I tock the bus to the club. he was their and he said you had a file on him, and he wanted it, he said you have money that was his and he needed it. he slapped me around until I agreed to say yes. I saw you put the file in your bag and went after it when you and brenda went to bed.  Are you going to punish me Danny, because Im really sorry I should have told you about it sooner. said Karine  looking at him wondering what his going to do.

         "No, you seem to have ben punished enough today. but you don't have to worry about steve I will get Quinn on it. he will take care of him ok" said Danny downhearted.

         "its very late now, you need to get some sleep, you still have school in the morning even if its on the computer. you will be in my office not just for the first week but for the full school year until Quinn get steve in jail, I want you safe and right now the beach house is not a safe place for you. said Danny

         "Ok, do make sure all the doors and windows are locked. said karine, Karine walk to her door to make sure it was locked. she looked at the time, it was 10:45 she had to take a bus to cost line and walk the rest of the way to the airport so she can meet Jake.



         The next morning as Danny called Quinn to let him know where Steve is, He was unable to reach him, but he left him a voicemail on the phone, letting him know that Karine will be at the hospital and he could reach him there.

         He looked at the clock and saw it was eight, Karine wasn't up yet, Danny walked upstairs her door was open and he nock on the door. Karine came to the Door.

         "Morning Danny, What up" ask Karine

         "I called Quinn and let him know were he can find Steve, and he can reach me at the hospital latter. So its getting late, we should get going so you can start your classes Ok."

         "Ok, give me one more minute i will be down soon, she transfer and ran back to her bathroom, Danny didn't know she was on the burner phone. Karine looked around Danny had gone back downstairs.

         "Ok, Im back now, sorry about that baby yah like I said Steve will be gone soon, my uncle will make sure of that. and yes I have the money, I can use my laptop to send the funs to the account and we can be living it large. Oh don't worry about my uncle. Karine here Danny call her

         "Hey, Karine LETS GO. yelled Danny

         "hey man got to go, I meat you soon love you. Karine hung up the phone and picked up her bags and headed downstairs to Danny tapping his foot. he waved her off and out the door.

Karine and Danny head down to the hospital, as they were puling into the parking lot, a cop car come up next to him, Danny looks over and its Quinn, Karine saw the man and almost jumped out the car, in fact she did. Karine jumped out and turned to Danny, " Im going to be sick, and she ran off into the hospital, Danny was a little worried at Quinn,  Quinn pointed to the girl

         "is that Karine, son" ask Quinn pointing in the winds direction,

         "Yah, that my girl Im not able to get her to commit to me yet, I fell she wants out form under steve, but I don't know if she will stay or run. at times I just want to shake her until all the truth come out. I beat her once, and Im holding my ground not to beat her again, unless its for a good reason." said Danny and ran his hand throw his hair.

         So What brings you hear,,

         "The tigers eye was brunt down last night, we recover ten bodies, we ran all the dental repots to match up with the bodies, None were Steve's. said

          Danny was on rounds and in staff meetings Karine sat on the couch with her laptop and hocked up to the high school, She had to have Danny sign her in and give a reasons for missing her first class, Danny told them she was throwing up, but she was better now. Karine was now listing to her second class and do all the work she missed form her Math class this morning. said Right now she was learning chemistry, for a fun project, she was to make a water ballon full of any color she likes and have it go off in a timer. she was to set it to music and have a web came record it to show the class.

         She wort back to the teacher, she ask if she can pick the person and not tell them, it will be more fun that way and not tell Danny too. he will be the target. the teacher wort back telling her that she had to let the person know she was doing the stunt and she didn't have to tell them they were the victim. karine was ask to set the bomb to go off in the mid afternoon after all the staff was resting to get off of work. her date was to be on the 20 of Step, letting them know a mouth before hand will give them time to forget it about it. as Doctors each day fells like a mouth has gone by.

         Karine's on line classes ended with math at 3:30 p.m. she had until 8 p.m. classes to turn in all the work from her classes if she didn't get it done before the next class started, she was happy about that, As she was gathering all the work that needed to be done, Danny come into the office, he sat down next to karine and hugged her,

         "Hey, sweets how was your first day online? did they give you lots of homework? asked Danny looking over the pills of paper karine had on her little desk he set up for her next to the couch.

         "Well, it was different and i did enjoy it more then i thought I was going to, And they give you until 8 p.m. each night to get all the work done and fax in or scanned in and email  so I think Im going to fax it in, can I use your fax Danny?' asked Karine

         "well, that good, and yes you can, what was you favorite class today if you have one at the moment ?"

         "Um, well, we have to do a cem project with a water ballon and some dye, so we need to let the person know that we are going to hit them with it, the dye will be a very bright color and it might not come out, thats why they need to know so they wont be mad or in my case ground me for a year" said karine looking at Danny with big bright eyes and with praying hands under her chin,

         Danny laughing, jumped up and said " No way, missy not me. you can hit anyone you like but no me and you will not hit Brenda as well, understand me? said laughing  Karine sat back in her seat, arms cross "Ok OK, I just though you might like to help me with a school project, steve ever did and thats ok, I can get someone else then. Said Karine in a sad voice she know if she played to dead beat dad card he might just cave, and he did

         "Ok, don't look so sad, I will be you target, so when will this bomb go off? he asked

         " that the thing, I know but you cant know, the project is a moment of surprise and it will be on a web came so the hole cem lab can see the hit. so just relax and don't worry it wont hurt it only hot pink dye." said Karine and ran to hug him in tanks. " Wow what a sap," I can use the dead beat angel and get what I needed out of him.  She know that angel will not work on Brenda so she will have to get her in a other way. 

         Danny and Karine stayed at the office until about 7:45 Karine had finished all the homework and Danny wort a note to the cem teacher give her permission to use him in the project. he was still unsure about it, he know Karine was leaving someone out, but the was the name of the project, the moment of surprise, Danny was able to get his work done and they both head home, Danny and Karine drove home in a quite but light mod, Karine was resting her head on Danny's shoulder.

         He pulled into the drive way, Danny got out and walked up the walk and stopped, he saw the door was open he yelled back to Karine to say in the car and to call the cops, slow he walk into the house to find the house was broken into, all the windows were smashed, the chairs and tables were slash opened and all the stuffing was pulled out. Danny didn't go in any more, he walk back out. He went back to the car Karine was looking at him puzzled

         "Sorry karine, we have been rob i think, said Danny and sat back in his car waited for the cops to come.

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