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by Jay
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Sometimes you just gotta blow on it.
My mouth is so dry camels couldn't walk around in it. "It's not that hard Janice!" Greg said. But he doesn't understand, he's not in my situation, because it is hard, its so hard Jesus couldn't even fix this.

"Be quiet Greg it's not so easy for me as it was for Phyllis okay?!"

Greg looked off and started smiling. "Yeah she was pretty great." I could tell he was enjoying seeing me struggle. He's so useless. I thought to myself. I was already nervous as it was. I had to hurry before everyone came home because if they found out about this I would never be able to live this down. What will they say? Who will they tell? This is just too much and Greg is really just making it worst.

"Janice, it's just me you. It's natural everyone does this, just open your mouth and-"
I cut him off.

"Greg shut up! I can't just put my mouth on it! It makes me feel so useless and dirty!" I exclaimed.

"Maybe your just not blow material Janice." Greg said. "Not everyone can do it."

"Well I'm gonna do it you just watch me". I said.

"Well Janice! What are we waiting for? Greg asked.

This is it, I'm gonna do it. I thought. So I place both of my hands on it and breathed in and I blew it and it actually felt good after 13 years I finally learned how to blow whistle. Ah the satisfaction.
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