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by Bren
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Separating from a special person


Letting go of someone special is very difficult. Words cannot express the heart-wrenching pain that envelopes the body, mind and soul of a person that has to let go of a loved one. " Letting go" involves your total being. We are created to love and to be loved, so to give it up is painstakingly difficult, to say the least.

There are reasons to let go of others and regardless of the reasons we will have to come to the end of ourselves and let go. We get all kinds of signs in relationships that warn us of impending separation. Red flags and bells go off subtly or noticeably; but your awareness may not recognize that the station has changed. A separation of thought has entered the picture and the bond is severing or changing. Love is blind. It sees nothing but what it entails. It is emotional, fickle and certainly not a gage for building solid relationships, alone. It is wonderful to have; after all it is gift from God, but there is so much more to love than this. As a matter of fact, letting go is a part of love; like dying is a part of life. The two are inseparable.

Nothing stays the same. All things and people change. The perpetual bliss that you have been living under is shifting and new light is appearing. Little did you know the new light had been seeping in for a while, now. It is so easy to get sidetracked when living blindly under the influence or control of "love". It's beautiful in its own light, but reality is inevitable and must be reckoned with. When we realize that sometimes difference does matter and what the differences are, we have to step back, reassess the relationship and decide if that is the direction that we want to pursue. Looking at reality can be hard on the eyes, but must be dealt with because that's what we have, our lot in life at the time.

Severing the tie of that special someone can be costly if we don't have the tools to handle the breakup. It is evident that the heart and mind speak different languages, particularly when love is involved. Therefore, it makes us uncomfortable when letting go of that person. The relationship must be addressed with mercy and loving-kindness; not with emotional love, but with the God kind of love. Shifting gears in life means one of two things, progression or regression; and upon seeing a new light that opens our eyes to better or improvements is called progression.

Once the matter has been addressed and the situation dissolved or placed on another level, then we must go on living. We have no choice but to see the situation for what it is and move on to the next chapter in our lives. Once the light shines through the darkness, determination sets in ordering a new course for the relationship. Although love is still present and strong; it takes a backseat to the new light. The will to live and time is a precursor to healing the wounds and the brokenhearted.

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