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by Audrey
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Love is supposed to a sweet thing but when it goes unrecognized it becomes bitter.
It was of Nicholas Paul she thought for hours on end
Trying to devise ways with which to him befriend
It was crystal clear though that she wanted to be more than his friend
Nicholas was the only person she tried never to offend
She was by nature rough, rude and lazy but when Nicholas was near you should have seen how polite she’d pretend
See her to her best of behaviors ascend

When she was alone she’d dream of how Nicholas would to her flowers send
Flowers and diamonds, diamonds and cash for her he’d spend
Why Nicholas didn’t notice her she couldn’t comprehend
It was at these moments that to her sadness she’d descend
Wondering why Nicholas would not to her attend
Yet about her arresting beauty no one could contend
So she’d stare into the sky and wonder why the Creator above
Had to create a feeling and emotion such as love
If He knew that its pleasures not all could have.
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