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by Ashle1
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Under the black sky, will begin the summoning...
The legend says, that once, in a dark and stormy night, 5 mage gathered to make something they waited long ago for.
The leader has drew already the clock of death on the ritual area.
He stand in the middle of the clock, and his disciples accompanied him:
The one stand on the hour 3, the other at 6, the third at 9, and the last one stayed on the hour 12.
Then, while the disciples were accompanying their leader singing at dark flutes, the archmage begun the incantation,
whispering and letting the dark magic flow through the land:
"Sith had'ra e morhno,
chæromunde est trahim esht,
kes ton theines ton thainæs, than teines,
do nottus do nottes, ho etes, thon thaines dha hettes,
ton ti teinhes, ken krasen to, den la mrotss,
hos then teines kenæghraæ,
don haimes, sinthaærønahemundos,
sen to da don fa ham!"
Then, the one staying on the midnight's hour, has given the skull to the leader.
He placed it in the middle of the clock.
they did a few steps back...

Then, what they were waiting for came:the summoning was done...
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