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Neil finds a mystery woman and falls for her.

Word Count: 2,189

Passion Runs Wild

"Today is going to be a scorcher, Neil."

Neil squints, looks up at the high noon sun and responds, "Yep, and the it looks like the vultures found some food. Surprised they are even out in this heat."

"Maybe we should go check it out. I saw them there yesterday. Looks like they are waiting for something to die."

Neil takes his handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes the sweat off his tanned brow. "I reckon you are right, Sam. Get the horses and we can go see what it is. These cattle will be grazing for quite a while."

Sam returns riding his horse and leads the other one behind him. He tosses the reins to Neil and says, "Let's go!"

Both men ride their horses toward the place where the vultures have been circling. It was not far, about thirty minutes and they saw a lump of something in the middle of a clearing and they cautiously approached. The closer they got, Sam suggested, "Neil, that looks like a human out there."

"Sam, how can you tell?"

Sam, tipped his white cowboy hat on his blond head and responded, "The shape looks human, is all."

"Well I hope you are wrong because those vultures think that human will be their dinner soon."

Both men stop and get off their horses and approach a lump of hair and flesh. The sight stopped Neil's heart for a moment, it is the most gruesome thing he has ever seen. Copper-red wavy hair in every direction, the eyes swollen so much they are shut with the lips swollen as well. The skin is red, raw, and burnt on all the parts of the body that are not covered. Neil approaches and says, "Sam, get the water skin from the horse, now!"

Attending to what looks like a woman, he gently asks her, "Mam, my name is Neil, and my friend Sam, is going to bring you some water. You are very dehydrated." She is unresponsive so he touches her shoulder and gently tells her, "I am not sure if you can hear me. Just want you to know help is here."

In a raspy voice, she says, "Wa..t...er. Wa..t..eer."

"Save your strength. Here is the water." Sam passes Neil the water skin which he puts it to her lips and tells her, "Be gentle. If you drink too much too fast..."

The woman ripped the skin out of Neil's hands put the skin to her lips and started gulping down water. She turned her head to throw up and when she was finished she attempted to say, "So..rrr."

"No need to be sorry Mam. Take some water, swish it in your mouth and spit it out. Drink small amounts this time."

She listened to his advice and was able to keep the water down. Neil took the skin from her and said, "Enough water for now. I am going to pick you up and put you on my horse so we can take you somewhere to get some medical attention. You see those vultures above your head circling over and over again? Those guys are waiting for you to croak so they can have a meal and at the same time those guys saved your life. We wouldn't have known you were out here if it wasn't for them. You are one lucky lady."

Neil picked up the woman and was surprised about how light she was, being burnt to a crisp may not be the only problem she has. She winced in pain as he touched her body and he was as gentle as he could, she is coming with them because she needs to get out of this heat. He placed her on his black Stallion in front of him so he could protect her from falling off. Neil turned to Sam and said, "Can you finish with the cattle, I need to get this lady to my mother for medical attention?"

"Of course, Neil. I will cya later." Sam tipped his hat in farewell and rode off the opposite direction they came.

Neil continued on in the opposite direction towards his home. When he arrived his father, Ted was tending to the horses in their outside corral, he yelled, "Father, come help me!"

His Father rushed over to see his son and said, "What happened to her? Is she dead?"

"I am not sure what happened to her and she is not dead. We need to get her to mother, she can help her. Can I pass her to you? She passed out on the way over here."

Ted holds out his hands and responds, "Yes of course. You know there are better ways of finding a girl then this."

"Father, this is not the time for one of your jokes."

"I am sorry, Neil. I saw the worry crease lines on your forehead and I just wanted to cheer you up."

"I know. Let's go get mother."

The men walk with the injured woman towards the house, Neil walks into the house first and yells, "Mother! Mother! Where are you? We need your help!"

Martha emerges from the kitchen with black hair fuzzing around her head in this heat and flour on her right cheek. Wiping her hands on her apron, she looks at the two men and melts when she sees the bundle in her husband's arms. "What is going on?"

Neil responds, "I found this woman in the middle of nowhere on our property. The vultures were getting ready to make her their next meal. From what I can gather, she is dehydrated, burnt to a crisp, probably starving, and that is all I could detemine."

"Ted, please put her on the kitchen table for now." She walks to the stairs and yells, "Sally! Can you please come down here for a moment?"

Footsteps can heard above walking toward the stairs, when she could be seen at the top she responded, "Yes, Mrs Macaffrey."

"Dear, can you please do up the guest room upstairs we have a vistor who will be staying for a little while."

"Yes, Mrs Macaffrey."

"In the meantime I need to examine the girl." Martha walks over to the kitchen table and the sight of her devestates her heart. "This girl looks like she has beaten except she is burt to a crisp and swollen from sun exposure. Neil, you said you found her in the middle of nowhere with no shelter from the sun?"

"Yes, Mother."

"In the middle of the hottest month of summer too, poor thing." Looking more closely at her body, she pulled the hair off her face to expose the swollen shut eyes and swollen lips. She picks up her wrist to listen to her pulse and it is weak. "This girl is skin and bones, she is definitely starving and dehydrated as well. Neil, she is lucky you found her. Another day or two and those vultures you spoke of would have gotten to her."

Sally comes down the stairs and says, "Mrs Macaffrey, the guest room is ready." She curtsied and left the room.

"Ted, can you please take this girl upstairs for me. She needs to go to bed."

"Yes, of course dear."

Ted picks up the girl and takes her through the dinning room towards the stairs with his wife and son following behind him. Walking through the doorway to the guest room he places her on the bed and turns to his wife asking, "Do you need anything else?"

"Not right now. Both of you out of here now this is women's business right now."

Both men looked dejected at being thrown out and they are used to this treatment so they go to the library and have a ritul glass of brandy to wait for what comes next.

2 weeks later

The woman has finally wakes up, his mother says her name is Annabelle and she cannot remember anything about herself or where she is from or even what happened to her, everything is still a mystery. Neil knocks on the door of the guest room and enters when he hears a voice calling out in a crystal clear voice, "Come in."

Neil walks in and the difference of appearance is very different. Her face is not as swollen, he can see her sky-blue eyes and full red lips. Her skin has a tanned colour to it and her copper-red hair flows in ringlets around her heart-shaped face. His heart felt like it stopped for a moment and the blood feels like it is running through his veins. He says, "Yes, hi ah. I wanted to introduce myself to you, my name is Neil, and I found you with my friend, Sam."

"Yes, your mother told me all about that. Thank you for saving my life. Although I am not sure what you saved me for since I cannot remember anything about myself of my life, even the events leading up to me being in the middle of no where is a mystery."

Neil walks toward Annabelle's bed and asks her, "If you can't remember anything then how does my mother know your name is Annabelle?"

Looking away from Neil for a moment she sighs with a reply, "I cannot rememeber anything at all. I made the name up because I wanted something that is mine."

He sits down on the bed and takes her hand in his. "That is understandable. I have a confession to make." He sees a stray hair on her face and moves it with his hand, chills go through his body like electriciy flowing through him. "Can I have a kiss?"

"What kind of a confession is that? You are asking me a question."

"Yes because the rest I will have to show you."

In a slight irritation Annabelle's nose crinkles up as she says, "You think I should just allow you to do whatever you want because you saved my life?"
"No. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. Now, what about my kiss?"

"Ok. Just a kiss."

Neil moves in toward Annabelle's face and touches her starting on the forehead and trailing down to her nose across her cheek to her lips. He touches them lightly then his lips find her and the want for her increases so much. He pulls away and looks at her for a moment and then says, "Did you feel my intention?"

Annabelle was surprised at how her body responded to his and replied in a breathless voice, "Yes. I do."

"Do you want more or do you want me to leave?"


The invitation has been accepted and there is no going back now. Neil takes the blanket off the bed and looks at her body, he did not realize she was already naked underneath the blanket. Taking off his shirt his tanned chest is all muscle, unbuckling his belt, sliding his pants off to release his cock in anticipation between the couple ramps up to the point of exploding. He climbs in bed with her using his finger trailing down from her neck to her full breasts making her quiver in pleasure. His mouth finds its way to her mouth then down her neck he kisses her a trail to her firm, soft breast. At the same time he explores her with his hand toward her most delicate wet pleasure place.


Neil stops and says, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Take me now."

"In a minute. We should take our time"

Neil proceeded to put his lips on her moist, pink flesh which made her arch her back and groan in pleasure. He sucked the waters of her body taking it in as a need to have her in him. Afterwards he looked at her and said, "Now, are you sure?"

She could barely get out the word, "Yes."

He climbed top of here looking into her sky-blue eyes and said, "You are so beautiful. I have felt the way the moment I laid my eyes on you." He proceeded to tease her with his hard manhood touching flesh upon flesh.

She grabbed him in anticipation and directed him to her opening showing him her want for him and he plowed into her. Both of them locked on each other's eyes watching the pleasure in each other. Each thrust brought raw emotions of satisfaction and need to be in each other so much that they could not get enough. Neil and Annabella reached the climax together in a state of ecstacy and bliss. They both exploded together as one in a place that they did not even knew existed until that moment.

Out of breath and energy Neil collasped beside Annabelle with her in his arms with electricity flowing through his body he has never felt so much for another human being. "Anabelle, I want you to stay with me forever."

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