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by brom21
Rated: E · Other · Other · #2034532
A child is teased for not blending in at school.
Word count: 562

Splat! Another spoonful of scrambled eggs went all over the face of little Edward. The children in the cafeteria laughed, pointing at him.

        “What’s the matter orange egg face kid?” said a fat child bigger than the other students at the tables. “You’re supposed to wear green on St. Patricks’ day not orange.”

The bully slugged Edward in the arm. “Ouch! It’s not my fault! My mom and dad make me dress like this.”

        The mean kid took Edward’s lunch tray and held to over the head ready to dump it on him. The third grade teacher walked in and the bully placed it back on the table.

        Mrs. Ward gasped at Edward’s face and knew it was Reggie, the school bully who did it to him. “Reggie Smith! Go to the principal’s office at once! Everyone, settle down!” The lunchroom gradually quieted. “Edward, come with me.”

        The embarrassed third grader went after the teacher to the main hall way and she knelt down and put her arms on his shoulders. “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure no other children make fun of you.”

        My mom says it’s because of our religion. I hate my religion,” said Edward with an upturned lip.

        “Don’t ever think that. They’re just mean kids. Be proud of who you are.”


        “Run along to class.”

        Poor Edward trudged to his classroom as his best friend Nick came alongside him. “They’re just a bunch of meanies. It’s cool that you wear orange.”

        “But you don’t have to wear it.”

        “Then let me wear it.”

        “But they’ll make fun of you?”

        “So what?” said Nick with a big smile.

        Edward took off his sweater and Nick put it on. Immediately all eyes were on Nick after he entered the class room. Class mates were snickering and Mrs. Ward hushed them.  “Shhh!” she said.

        The teacher faced the white board and started writing. A paper airplane bounced  off  Nick’s head and landed on his desk. A stick figure with “Nick the orange dork” was on it. Nick got a piece of paper and wrote “Jealous” on it in scribbly green crayon. Then he crumbled it up and threw back at the other child who turned fuming mad after reading it. Then Nick did something brave and fearless.

        “Hey everyone, I’m the coolest cause I wear orange,” he said when he stood up.

        The students skulked. Then the teacher matched his action. “Why are you laughing class? He is the coolest.”

        They murmured and looked at each other. “Yep, orange is the coolest color. It’s too bad none of you are in orange.” Mrs. Ward smiled at the turn of events from her and Nick’s words.

        “I want to be cool. Can I wear orange tomorrow Mrs. Ward?” a girl named Lisa asked.

        “Of course, you all may.”

        Nick smiled at Edward before giving him back his sweater.  The class bustled over the new cool look and cheered Edward on.  Even cruel Reggie was clapping. When things had toned down, the teaching resumed.

        The next day, all were in orange. Mrs. Ward took Nick and Edward aside then congratulated both for their courage. “Edward, Nick is a real friend. What he did took guts.”         

        “He’s my best friend.”

        “I always will,” Nick said.

        With that they both entered the room to join the rest of the people in the new fad.
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