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by Ashle1
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The light beats always the darkness...
In a dark and stormy night, vampires rise under the black sky.
Ghosts haunt the graves,
Werewolves eating their preys.
Bloody corpses will lie on the ground, once the black magic will surround the land.
Ghouls came out to eat the flesh of those corpses.
Witches making their wicked potions, and overwhelm the beings with their black magic.
The clouds still dark and blacks, threw their thunder, burning the trees.

But the light of the dawn came, and with it's holy touch, it turned the vampires into dust.
With the arriving of the day, and leaving of the moon, the werewolves turned back to humans.
The radiance beams scared away the ghosts and ghouls...
The golden, peaceful light recovered the life back to the dead ones...
A cooling rain came as well, and turned off the blazes...
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