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by Jen
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The way society has changed and what we need to change as a society.
Becoming Aware
  My name is Jennifer Enfield. I am a sixteen year young female with a lot of thoughts in my head. Maybe I am just a naïve teenager who has an overactive imagination, or, maybe my thoughts will change the world. You never know.
  Everyday, I wake up, get dressed, and ride with my mom to school. I flip through the stations in her '98 Honda Accord, because my mother does not have an aux outlet. I settled on one song that seemed to be popular, "No Type" by Rae Sremmurd. This very popular song implies that, he "ain't got no type" and that, "bad bitches" are the only thing he likes. I guess no one sees the problem that being a "bad bitch" is a compliment for a girl. Being a girl myself no way do I take being a "bad bitch" as a compliment. Most "popular" songs now a days are discriminating against girls. Talking about the things that they do to they sexually, the shape that our bodies are or what they want it to be, songs about absolutely NOTHING (7/11-Beyonce-not bashing the song or Beyonce) and talking about killing people. By killing people, I don't mean just implying that they are going to kill them, they go in full detail about how they will smash someone's face on a curb, or putting a gun to someone's head. I'm not saying that they government is brainwashing us through mass communication, I'm just saying Usher's song, "Confessions" and "I Don't Mind" are definitely different.
  I have just recently got out of a six month relationship with my boyfriend. My boyfriend would not let me go out with my guy friends unless he was there. This is a problem because I am a lot more friends with guys then girls, always have and always will. I asked him what the problem was and he told me that although he trusted me he knows what other boys intentions are because he is a boy himself. There is a couple things wrong with what he had told me. The first problem is that he had lied to me saying he trusted me because I wouldn't have done anything with those boys because they are my friends, and I already had a boyfriend. Trust is a very important part in a relationship but now a days who's boyfriend or girlfriend will actually let them hangout with other guy friends or other girl friends. If you trust and respect the person who you are committing your time to, correct me if I'm wrong, then you would let them go out with the people they desire. The second problem, the fact that MY boyfriend told me what is always on a guys mind, even though they know you are in a relationship. Girls constantly get put-down or they get in fights because they try to get the other girls boyfriend. Guys constantly try to get other guys girlfriends and when and if they do they "score." Maybe this is why high school relationships are becoming more complicated because the person you are dating or you always wants to know if they are cheating on you or if you are getting cheated on. Living in a constant state of anxiety.
  When did romance die? Because I know for a damn straight fact these high school students don't know anything about it. This being said, I don't know what romance is. I was taught that romance is sex and cute sappy text messages. I don't consider getting a text saying anything is romance because they don't have the guts to show their love and affection towards you face-to-face. I was also taught you should be grateful for getting sex. Anyone can have sex, with another person or with yourself. Intimacy and the desire to be with one another seems to be dying down bit by bit. I know we are just high school students and maybe we'll learn what romance is. But, what if we don't? I would hate to be the generation that killed romance.
    Social media seems to be really popular in the generation. A lot of people like this idea because they can hide behind a screen to talk. They can say how much they hate you or how you are ugly or they can do the above and try to be romantic or tell you how attractive you are. Which can be good for people who are shy or have social anxiety. But I have noticed when I go to a social gathering of some of my girl "friends" sometimes all they would do is sit there and play on there phones-not even talking to each other, or if they are talking then they are talking about someone else and putting them to shame. Why don't people actually go out and have adventures instead of dreaming about it through a computer screen or phone. I have wondered why things have evolved and why so many people are now talking trash about literally everyone. (on even their friends!) I scroll through my twitter and most of the "popular" accounts are just pictures and words bashing other people. Since more and more people are getting on social media it seems like more and more people start to hate on one another. People have especially put an emphasis on the not as "attractive" people. This has always blown my mind that people would actually HATE other people for the way they looked? That's definitely not right. Social media has most certainly impacted the people in America, not in a good way either.
    Isn't is weird, for instance, that down syndrome people could actually be just normal human beings, but society has made it so they are different than us. Two eyes, a nose, two ears, nothing seems different to me, but yet they are different because they have a third copy of the chromosome 21. But I'm "normal" because I only have two. Why don't people get picked on for having green eyes? It's the exact same thing.
  I'm sorry I have put this upon you but I have tried to share my thoughts with others but no one seems to be concerned with the way people are acting these days, when it messes with my head every single day of my life. I have yet to find more people like me. Who are genuine, nice people who actually like to hear what you have to say instead of waiting for their turn to speak. I think it's time for a change, I guess it just depends on you. Or maybe I am a naïve sixteen year old girl who has an overactive imagination. I guess time will tell.
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