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How many laws can you break ?
      "I've gathered you here to reveal the real heir to the Leather and Lace fortune."
      Farley Flanders declared as he strode out before the plush gardens of the Helms'
      estate. The Helms family empire was founded in 1897 with the successful venture
      into hedonist hideaways for wealthy clients. During the Civil War Dal Helms had
      acquired properties and sex slaves captured by the notorious Union Col. Peppers.
      The properties were kept hidden with the aid of Col. Peppers and his friends in the
      local constabulary as well as in the United States Congress and Senate.
      An elaborate web of black magic and extortion had made the Leather and Lace brand
      infamous. .Dal Helms was almost 200 years old. He sat with his great grandson

      "The corporation is owned by a 51% share by Mr. Laurence Helms, however
      the trade mark is solely under the control of Hillary Clinton. Leather and Lace
      is Hillary Clinton's property and she alone owns all of its earnings." Farley stated
      as he sat at a glass lawn table, sipping lemonade. "That is thievery! The Clintons
      are only clients. We have enough video to put them in prison for life." the old
      southern gentleman coughed and beat his fist on the arm rest of his wheel chair.
      "Nevertheless, they have control of the trade mark and may I add they have
      means to terminate you. Accidents can be arranged."
      Farley smirked and closed his paper work.

      A young migrant girl had been pleasuring Mr. Flanders under the glass table.
      Many undocumented migrant workers had been selected for the Leather and Lace
      stables some slaves were bred for Satanic ritual sacrifices.
      Mr. Flanders adjusted his yellow hooped dress and walked off with the nude
      Columbian prostitute. He held her collar leash loosely. Dal was ashent.
      "I have dvds for Christ sake of Bill with under aged boys. They are not the master
      of me!" he coughed. His pet Constance bowed to his gaze, "Master, in Lucifer's
      name you cannot challenge the Illuminati .. The Clintons are protected by the
      Anunnaki." Dal's hands trembled as he remembered the face of Lucifer.
      He gasped and used his inhaler. . "God damn them!"

      The Helms reign had ended with a copyright.  His great grandson Laurence
      patted the pillow behind Dal. .. "You have had a long exquisite life." he said
      and snapped Dal's neck. Laurence looked into Constance teared filled eyes
      "Do you wish to join your master in Hell?" She stepped back and shook her head no.
      "Oh? Then, you are an unfaithful slave." Laurence gestured to the guards and
      Constance was quickly removed. " I believe I have the answer to Hillary."
      He eyed a shapeshifter ..  "Yes, Jedediah you will purify the world with fire."
      Laurence was a Master Magnus. He would burn the world to bring Paradise .+

                                                      Chapter Two
                                                Constance of Babylon

      Laurence knew he could not kill Constance without Lucifer's permission.
      He had her nailed by her hands and feet to a sycamore tree in the west gardens.
      It was left to the fates whether she lived or died .. Constance was a slender pale
      Anglo woman, who had been sold to the Golden Temple of Set by a small coven
      of Druids in Lamester. She had never been baptized and was bred to be a White Witch.
      She hung off the tree naked suspended between Heaven and Earth.

      The sky darkened with thunder clouds. . Constance could feel her heart bursting
      as she struggled for her breath. A hard rain poured down her .
      " Apollo!" she cried out. Constance tried to shake her matted red hair off her face.
      A group of Russian nudists came across her crucifixion and immediately pulled
      her down. They were not sadists , merely hedonist. "We must call for help." a
      tall blond Russian women said. Constance held her head low and answered in
      Russian, "No one will help us here." She clasped her hands and slowly removed
      the iron nails from them.

      The Russian nudists were amazed to see her hands heal as the rain washed her
      blood away. Constance knelt in the mud and looked up to Heaven, "Mother fucker!"
      Lightening cracked the tree and scattered the Russians. She stood with her hands
      raised up as the lightening struck her. Each strike made her stronger.
      It would be foolish to challenge Laurence. Constance fell on her hands and knees
      and transformed herself into an anaconda and slipped into the wetlands.

      "Master! Constance has freed herself!" One of Laurence servants had been sent to
      see if Constance was dead. Laurence had a wicked smile as he ate some rib eye.
      "Yes? You may go." he answered as he cut another slice. "Will she interfere?"
      Jedediah asked. Laurence filled the young man's glass with red wine.
      "She knows better than to shit where she eats." Laurence chortled . Jedediah laughed
      and then queried, "Are the temps all in line?" Laurence nodded and toasted his
      candidate, "What is the law in Babylon?"

                                                            Chapter Three
                                                  The Divine Ronald Reagan

      "Ronald Reagan legalized seasonal agricultural immigrants, who entered the
        United States before January 1, 1982. The Immigration and Control Act was
        signed into law on November 6, 1986. Today Barack Obama will legalize 11
        million illegal immigrants, under this same law." Bob Rupert explained to his
        class as they walked through the Ronald Reagan Library. A student screamed.
        Bob ran around the corner of the souvenir shop. Constance lay naked on  the
        marble floor. There was snake skin shed on her.

        "My God." Bob held her , cradling her in his arms as he knelt. Security arrived
        quickly and called for an ambulance . "Water." Constance whispered.
        A girl in the field trip offered her bottled water. Constance took it and thank her.
        Bob used a towel to wipe her face. "Too cold for anaconda." Constance shivered.
        Security wrapped her in a blanket, as she rose to her feet. Bob looked at the line of
        slime leading to where she lay. "Have you been assaulted?" a security guard queried.
        Constance smiled and sipped her water, "I was ... kidnaped by Mexicans."
        The guard nodded and called the police.

        "Jesus, when I saw you .. You were half snake." Sarah said. She was a petite girl
        and part of the tour. Constance widened her eyes and gulped the rest of her water.
        "Sarah. Your not making any sense ." Bob looked sternly at her and then handed
        another bottled water to Constance. Constance thanked Bob and drank the water
        quickly. "Sometime shock can make us see things that aren't there." Bob continued
        as he gently helped Constance sit on a bench. "She was a snake! She had a snake
        body with, ah .. hands." Sarah insisted. "That's enough." Bob's assistant Miss Cutts
        took Sarah by her elbow away from the pale red hair woman. Bob was startled to
        see Constance eyes narrow , like snake eyes at the girl. Constance gaze returned
        to her normal green iris as she looked at Bob.

        The ambulance arrived with the police. Constance refused medical attention, but
        because of her public nudity she was remanded for psychological examination.
        "Bob will you visit me?" Constance pleaded. "I have a class to attend to. I'll come
        see you tomorrow." Bob gave a toothy smile and held her hand as she was strapped
        down on a gurney and rolled into the ambulance. He was reluctant to get involved.
        But, as a Mormon, it was his obligation.+

                                                      Chapter Four

        The Coca-Cola company had generously donated money to a "Fun Camp."
        for mentally disturb people. Constance sat in an encounter group.
        She was being evaluated for treatment. "Constance we are your therapists :
        Vera , Chuck and Dave. We'd like to know about your background.
        Where do you reside?" Vera queried. Constance sat in a metal chair and
        was handcuffed , a chain ran from her handcuffs to a shackle in the floor.
        She yawned and stretched , immediately shattering the chain and popping
        the handcuffs. The guards lunged forward and fell unconscious on the floor.
        The therapist knew any escape would be futile from a Fun Camp and pressed
        an alarm, but the alarm failed.

        "That is very impressive." Chuck said calmly , "Are you from Earth?"
        Constance winked her eyes and they appeared to be like a snake's eyes.
        The therapist fell to their knees and begged forgiveness.
        Constance was given an international passport and an executive Coca-Cola
        expense account with company debit card. She asked for a vehicle and
        the address of the teacher Bob Burgan , that had helped her.
        Constance rented a suite in a villa in the Alps.

        She began her invocation, "006 69 3537" 
        strokes of a broom within the magic circle and a wisp of insense opened
        the portal between the living and the dead.
        "My dear. It is lovely to see you." Dal spoke . He was a young man.
        "Oh, this is a beautiful a body." Dal admired himself in a mirror.
        "My Master. Why did your grandson murder you?" Constance asked
        bowing respectfully .. Dal took a long breath and ran his hands over
        his nude athletic form; "I was an old man and he was tired of waiting.
        This is Kabbalah Necromancy?" Constance bowed.
        "You are precious. If Laurence knew that you were a changeling ~
        Annunaki. He'd hang himself. You have a powerful clan."
        Dal gave a wicked smile, "Will they eat him?" Constance bowed,
        "I am only a slave. My people do not act rashly. What is thy bidding?"
        Dal sat at a red maple table.
        He had some pumpernickel toast and black coffee.
        There was view of the green cut lawn and the snow peaks beyond.
        "We will speak with Lucifer . But, first let's fuck." Dal slapped his hands.
        They were lovers again.


                                              Chapter Five
                                          What is impossible?

        "The collective ethereal plain is not a dating game." Lucifer remarked
        as she buttered her bagel with cream cheese. Dal and Constance lay face
        down prostrate before the ruler of the underworld. Lucifer nudged Dal with
        the tip of her left toe, "Sit and have something to eat." The two rose and
        sat opposite her. "Your not eating." Lucifer offered two bagels on separate
        plates. "Now and again as always you surface dwellers come to me.
                  And it's never for a simple conversation. Oh, you'll grab what you
                  can, but do you think about how I feel? I'm not human, but I have
                  feelings." Lucifer adjusted her red dress.

                  "These costumes and customs .. I told you they were pointless.
                  Do you listen to me?" the Princess of Darkness gaze froze on
                  Constance; "Your wasting your time with this human."
      Constance bowed deeply, "Forgive me I love him."
      Lucifer laughed and had some salmon on a cracker.
                  "I am sure you believe he loves you, but he cannot ever understand
                  you. We are Anunnaki. We bred humans to serve us.
                  They are pets and they need to be culled. .. What a mess these apes
                  have made."
      "What is thy bidding?" Dal Helms trembled as Lucifer ran her fingers through
      his hair. "Did you ever wonder why you don't have fur?
                    The reptilian smile was fierce.
      Dal shook his head nervously.
                    "Because your half Anunnaki." she rolled her eyes and looked at
                    Constance with disappointment.
                    "This is the plan. I and my demons wait in the under world, until
                    all your governments collapse. Then, we take back the world.
                    You two can go fuck off."
      "Thank you." Dal answered timidly. Lucifer rose from her chair and put
      on some lip gloss; "I have instructed Laurence to leave you alone.
                                    Hopefully, the United States will have another Civil War
                                    when his pet is elected."
      She left the suite with four Wraiths.
      The television came on as Lady Ga Ga sang The Sound of Music.
      Dal slapped his hands and kissed Constance.

      ^ ^

                                                  Chapter Six
                                          Wings Over the World

      Of course, Lucifer got her way. The Arab nations annihilated each other in a
      Holy War. The United Wings Over the World nuked what remained.
      Iran became a nation of bell hops and eager shop keepers.
      Dal and Constance vacationed there, for a taste of Iranian cuisine and their
      beautiful women. Dal bathed in a bubble bath with several adorable Iranian
      vestal virgin girls. "Can you join us soon Constance? I don't know how much longer
      I can keep it up." Dal shouted from the bath.

      Constance had already entered the bath and was coiled in the corner as an
      anaconda. The steam had concealed her long pale skin. She slid under the water
      unnoticed and gulped a vestal virgin by the head. It would take hours to digest,
      as the other vestal virgins ran about screaming. The sauna was locked.
      "Isn't Islam wonderful? We bought these girls from their mother.
      The Iranian women are so agreeable. They expect to be eaten." Dal chortled
      as he humped a girl in his bubble bath. Constance was stretched across the tile
      floor with a large bulge in the center of her anaconda belly. Her head and face
      reformed, "This is the natural order. 2/3 of the Moslem population are extremist.
      They are surplus meat." Constance belched and drank some water.

      As the prayer tower called out to believers , Barack Obama kissed his prayer rug.
      He was a devout atheist, but his father had taught him the importance of traditions.
      After his prayers, Obama stepped into the Oval Office to speak with Lucifer.
      "You know I could have you impeached for practicing terrorism." Lucifer remarked.
      Obama gave a wink, "What is truth? Is it the changing law?"
      The discussion ran into the night dividing up resources and culling human infestation.
      Lucifer removed her clothes. She hated costumes. "What did Jesus say?
      Oh, yes render onto to Ceasar what is Ceasar's " Lucifer remarked.
      Obama said nothing. He had coiled his black anaconda body around her and
      they kissed passionately.

      Reflections: Can we mere mortals judge the Gods?





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