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Rainpelt and Robintail' s patrol don't get along very well
Robintail padded throught the Cool jungle in wich he lived in,dew stuck on the leaves and the ground was muddy from the rain last night,"Here they are."Mewed the grey medicine cat behind him,Rainpelt,His brother.Rainpelts pale eyes gleamed as Northwind almost stepped on the Watermint in wich he was about to grab,"Pay attention to were your going,Fluffbrain!"The blind medicine cat hissed,"H-how am I supposed to know that it's there?"Northwood Mewed ignorantly,"Try using your nose."Rainpelt hissed as he carefully plucked the herbs.
"Why do we need to bring it to Mountain clan anyway?They were practically braying about how high thier stock was."The annoying Lakepaw mewed She was ahead of them despite her complaint,"Because,We arnt Foxhearts,and plus,I'm not sure if you haven't noticed but that's our job."Robintail Mewed annoyed,his black paws iched to run ahead to the mountains and to start climbing early,Why was this taking so long anyways?His red tail swished impatiently
As the sun caught the corner of his red eyes,"Guys we should get going,If we arrive at night It will look like an attack."He reasoned carefully
"No worries,Midna left to talk to them about it."Northwind mewed
Rainpelt finished plucking the herbs,"Northwind and Lakepaw,You two should go back to camp
You have practically been on all the patrols,It you overwork yourselves,you won't be able to make it to the gathering tonight."Rainpelt reasoned
Lakepaw scoffed her silver tail swished behind her as she hissed somthing under her breath,"Fine!"she growled storming off
Northwind dipped his head,"Thank you Rainpelt."He Mewed leaving the forest clearing
Rainpelt and Robintail claimed up a jungle tree as they reached a good heights they kept acriss branch by branch swiftly edging towards the Mountain....
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