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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2034750
Using Violets power to Skip school isn't going as Dash had planned
Warning: Will contain some content that people may find offensive

An Incredible Misfortune

It's been a week since the Parr's encounter with Syndrome,
life was returning to normal, like before they became the Incredible family.
the family had been moved into a new house, not far from where they previously lived
while unpacking in their new house, Violet stumbled across a strange purple crystal in her room
"What's this?" she asked examining it closely
Dash entered the room, planning on annoying her a little
"Hey Violet, Guess wha... What's that?" Dash asked
Violet shook her head "I don't know, i just found it, it's beautiful" she said
"Let me see it" Dash said, Violet handed the Crystal to Dash
the moment, both their hands touched it, a bright blinding purple light flashed from the Crystal
"What happened?" Violet asked "I don't know" Dash replied
Violet began to look around "Where are you?" she asked
"I'm right in front of you" Said Dash, appearing out of thin air
"How did you do that? That's my power!" Violet said
Dash looked at his hands "I don't know, Maybe you have my power?"
Violet began to run around the room, like Dash could
"I think this Crystal switched our powers, Change back!" Violet said
Dash stopped her "Wait a minute, why don't we use each others powers for a day?" Dash suggested
Violet raised an Eyebrow "fine then, tomorrow evening we switch back" she said

The next morning, Dash and Violet made their way into the kitchen
trying not to alert their parents of the power switch
"You kids got all your homework ready for school?" Helen asked
Dash and Violet both nodded while eating their breakfast
the doorbell rang, Helen answered the door to Kari, the Babysitter
who was here to take Jack Jack for a walk
"Okay kids, get ready, leave in five minutes" Helen said
Exactly five minutes later, Helen, Dash and Violet left the house and got into the car
"Okay Dash, try not to use your speed today to torture Mr Kropp" said Helen
Dash smiled "I promise" Violet also gave a little smile
Once at the school Dash and Violet jumped out the Car
"Have a great day kids" Helen said before driving off home
Violet looked around, Dash was no where to be seen
arriving back at home, Helen got out the car, little did she know
Dash was following behind her unseen
he snuck into the house behind her and made his way to his bedroom
"Yes! Day off school" he said jumping onto his bed
Dash sat on his bed, watching his TV with the sound right down for a while
"This isn't as fun as i thought" he thought to himself
He heard footsteps coming down the hall and knew his mom was coming
Dash quickly switched the TV off then turned invisible, so his Mom wouldn't see him
Helen entered the room carrying a washing basket under her arm, humming a little tune
She walked over to Dash's bed to pick up his dirty clothes and threw them in the basket
Dash stood completely still, trying not to breathe to loud
Helen's stomach began making a growling noise that even Dash heard from the other end of the room
she placed the washing basket on Dash's bed, then placed a hand on her stomach
bending over slightly, Helen let rip one of the loudest farts Dash had ever heard
"That feels much better, Been holding that in all morning" she said leaving Dash's room with the washing
Dash was shocked, and a little sickened that his Mom had just stank out his room
the smell was so strong that Dash had to leave his room.
"What am i going to do now?" Dash asked himself "First thing's first, i need to use the loo"
Dash made his way into the toilet to relieve himself, He'd been needing to pee for a while but held it in
"I guess i could read some of my comic's" Dash thought to himself
after he had washed his hands and was about to leave the bathroom
the door hand began to wobble "Uh oh" Dash said quietly, before turning invisible again
Helen stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind her, locking it
Dash began to panic, there was no way of unlocking the door and getting out without her noticing
he stood by the sink and kept very quiet so his Mom wouldn't hear him
Helen stood in front of the sink, right next to Dash, looking at herself in the mirror
"What am i gonna do!?" Dash thought
Helen began unbuttoning her trousers as she made her way over to the toilet
Dash knew exactly what she was about to do, so he turned his back on her
"Ugh, Violet really needs to learn to flush?" Dash heard Helen say
It went quiet for a brief moment until a faint tinkling sound came from the toilet
"Hurry up and get out" Dash kept thinking
the tinkling sound stopped, and Dash hoped that was it
suddenly Helen grunted and there was a loud fart, tho not as loud as the one in Dash's room
the fart was followed by two loud splashes, Dash blocked his ears so he couldn't hear Helen taking a dump
unfortunately he had to put up with the smell that now filled the whole room
Dash just wanted this over with quickly, so he could get out of bathroom, away from his Mom
The toilet flushed "Finally" Dash thought to himself
as he turned around, hoping to see his Mom come and wash her hands and leave
he froze at the sight of her completely naked from behind, turning the shower on
His eye's slowly made their way down her back to her large round bottom "Whoa" he said quietly
Helen stepped into the bathtub and pulled the shower curtain
Dash was thankful that he only saw her from behind, but still slightly disturbed
he slowly made his way to the bathroom door and began to examine it
"How can i get out without her noticing, if i unlock it and step out, i can't lock it again, and she'll realize something isn't right"
Dash looked around and saw lots of steam coming up from behind the shower curtain
"What am i gonna do?" Dash said starting to panic some more
This day of school wasn't going as Dash had planned
Moment's later, the running water in the shower stopped
Dash's looked around and his stomach began to fill with butterflies
the shower curtain was pulled to the side, and Helen was stood in the bathtub, wet and naked
Dash was shocked as he looked his mother up and down from head to toe
this was the first woman Dash had ever seen a completely naked
he couldn't believe how hairy Helen's genitals were
Helen grabbed a towel and began to dry her hair and body
Dash watched in horror, unable to look away
Helen threw the Towel aside and made her way to the bathroom door to leave
Dash stood petrified, his mother was stood inches from him, completely naked
he couldn't believe that she's just walked out the bathroom and into the house like that
Dash quickly left the bathroom, and decided to head back to school
the walk back, Dash couldn't get the sight of his mom out of his head
once he arrived back at school, the bell had ran and the other kids were all leaving
Helen pulled up in her car "Dash sweety, over here, Violet!" she called out
Dash climbed into the car and Violet had got into the back
Dash was trying to avoid looking at Helen
"Are you alright, Dash?" Helen asked
Dash nodded and took a deep breathe "Yeah, I'm fine"
Helen looked down at her son, a little concerned "You sure?" she asked
Dash put on a fake smile "Yeah"
Arriving back home, Dash and Violet followed Helen into the house
Dash couldn't help but watch as Helen's hips and butt swayed with every step she took
"Whats wrong with you? you're acting very strange, and why didn't i see you at school today?" Violet asked
"Lets switch our powers back now" Dash said heading to Violets room
Violet and Dash both grabbed the Crystal, the light flashed, and all was back to normal
"Are you gonna tell me what happened?" Violet asked
Dash kept quiet and shook his head before making his way back to his room
the room still smelt a little, but not as strong as earlier
he was able to tolerate the smell of his mothers fart now
Dash decided to have a very early night, so he dressed into he Pajama's
and climbed into bed, hoping to put this day behind him forever.
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