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She is threatened by fears of being alone (Breakthrough)
“Well that's it. Everything is packed and in the truck. Are you ready?” Grace wasn't ready at all. The memories flood her mind like flash cards. Her wedding day, and the day they moved into this house. Laughter and love making in every room during renovations.

Where did it all go? How could it possible be over? She took a deep breath while holding one last box. The one that nobody has ever seen. Her own trinkets of her lost marriage.

“Hey! Common! If we don't leave now it will be dark before we get there. Mom and dad are going to be so excited to see you. I can't even imagine what mom has cooked up for dinner.”

“Right. I can only imagine.” Grace climbed into the truck and kept her eyes on the rear view mirror watching her home slowly disappear behind her.

“Listen kiddo, I know this is going to be hard for you, and I want you to know I am here every step of the way. You were brave in doing this and Greg would of wanted you to move on.”

Lance looked over at Grace due to her silence and could see the tears welling up in her eyes. He really didn't know what to say. The woman lost her husband. He wasn't coming back. Lance put his hand on her leg and gave it a squeeze. Letting her know that he was there.

Towards the evening Grace and Lance drove up to the winding drive way that lead to their parents cape cod home. Little path lights leading to the main entrance, and sitting on the swing was her parents waiting for their daughter.

“Oh honey we are so glad you are here. You must be hungry. Would you like some lasagna and salad? I already have it warming up.”

“Thanks mom. I think maybe I will take my things into the guest house and settle in first if you don't mind.”

Grace's father took over knowing his wife would be persistent. “You don't have to stay in the guest house. You are family, and you belong with your family in the house.”
“Really dad, I want to be in the guest house. I need to have my privacy right now, but knowing you are only a few yards away will make it easier for me. Don't worry about me so much. I will be okay.”

Once her brother helped her into her new space he hugged her and let himself out. Leaving Grace to her own thoughts.

Everything that she had to sell, and everything she threw away didn't matter. What mattered were the things in the one box she kept. She poured herself a glass of wine, and took the box placing it on the coffee table. She stared at it for a long time before she lifted the lid. Love letters from Greg, their wedding invitations, his ring and a portrait of the two of them on their honey moon. It took her well into the middle of the night before she stopped crying and allowed herself to fall asleep.

Early the next morning Grace woke up feeling different. Maybe it was because she wasn't in her own house. She felt a little lighter, and she looked at her box of trinkets and tucked them in a chest. Looking the full length mirror she saw a different person. A woman who looked tired and weighed down.

Fresh air! That is what you need.

Grace brushed out her hair and tied it up. She grabbed her running shoes, a sweater and shorts. The air was damp, it was early, but she didn't care. Before her parents could wake up and smother her with love she took off down into the park and ran.
Panting and sweating Grace needed a breather and found the old coffee shop where she used to hang out. Being new owners now, nobody had a clue as to who she was. Nobody but Graham. He was an old college friend. A friend that Grace almost ended up marrying, but decided she couldn't. She thought she was too young and they were different people. Back then anyway. Grace didn't see him right away, not until he walked right up to her.

“Gracie? Is that you?”

She knew his voice right away except that it was deeper and grown up. Of course she looked like hell but how was she to know that at 7 a.m. she would run into her old boyfriend.

“Graham? Do you still live here in town?”

“No. Do you mind if I sit?” He didn't wait for an answer, he shuffled into the booth on his own.

What could Grace do, but smile.

“Actually I am here cleaning up mom and dad's house. Mom passed away, and Dad is going to live with my sister. Times change don't they?”

“They most certainly do.” Grace's emotions were showing.

“Well hey, how are things your way. You and the hubby visiting your parents?”

“Well I am. My husband passed away. It's been about a year now but it feels like yesterday. I am coming around, I just sold our house. Mom and dad were kind enough to let me stay in the guest house until I find my own two feet again.” She chuckled with barely a smile.

“Listen I am here for a couple of weeks, so let me take you to dinner. My treat and we can catch up.”

“What about your family? Wife?” Grace wasn't sure which direction Grahams life went once she left, but she not going to be anyone's side kick.

“I didn't get married. It was always you Grace, and I couldn't get past it. So listen let's consider this a pity dinner for the both of us?”

“Really I don't need any pity, but I will take you up on a dinner date. I could use to place my attention on something of a lighter note.  So no talk about my husband and no talk about what you wished would have happened. Deal?”

“Not a problem. By the way, you still look like you did over ten years ago.”
“Thank you Graham. So let's say Saturday evening? Your choice as to where you want to go.”

“Perfect! See you then. I will text you as to where we will go.”

So much left to think about now and Grace wasn't sure about anything. Stop over thinking everything! For once in your life just go with the flow.

After a few days of visiting neighbors and hanging out with the family, Grace was now ready to do something other than what everyone else wanted her to do. Grahams company was sounding better by the minute.

Once she received a text from Graham, Grace now knew it would a be great relaxed night. Slacks and a sweater was just the perfect outfit. She didn't want to wear a dress or heels. Once she tied her hair up in a messy bun, she applied a little makeup. Just enough to give her some color. A perfect periwinkle blue sweater with a camisole underneath. Her jeans with an added sparkling belt.

Once she arrived at the bar and grill she spotted Graham right away. As she looked at him before he saw her, she noticed he aged rather well. His jeans, plaid button up, made him look like he was back in college.

“Hey beautiful. Look at you. Quite a difference from the sweaty runner I sat with the other day.”

“Well I guess I can still clean up rather well. Thanks Graham, and you look really good yourself.”

“So what is the drink for the evening.”

“You know what I think I would love a cold beer. I had my share of wine with my parents.”

After a few drinks the laughter started and the tension was gone. It was as if ten years turned back and they were sitting at Campus. The old stories were brought up and the stupid things they did as crazy young adults. Neither one realized the time and before they knew it, it was last call.

Both were in no condition to drive, so Graham called a cab.

“You know Graham, let's get dropped off at the lake. I know i am not ready to go home. How about you?”

“You are reading my mind.”

Walking along the shore of the lake placed a different mood between the two old found friends. Graham was afraid to push too far but Grace was not saying no. If anything he was hoping the reconnection would help Grace to face her fears of moving on. His heart was in the right place.

The night was leading to a tense situation, but Grace wanted it. She needed to be held by a man and it couldn't have been more perfect than her first love. If it were for the wrong reasons she would deal with it in the morning but for now her body yearned for the touch of the opposite sex.

Their walk led them to a path that was very close to Grace's guest house.
“You know Grace, tonight was amazing. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it.”
“Well i am not about to send you off on your own to get home. So come in for a night cap and then we will get you a cab. Sound good?'

Graham turned Grace to face him. “Grace, are you sure this is what you want. I have no problem leaving right now. Don't do anything you will be sorry for.”

Grace grazed his face, feeling the stubble and letting her thumb linger to his lips. “Graham this is just what I want. Whatever happens after tomorrow, we can deal with it. We are two adults, right? I am not a child. I'm a grown woman, who is inviting you into my place.”

With barely a night cap gone, both were eager to get to the heart of the matter. Graham eased Grace's sweater off her shoulder, kissing it as he did, sending shivers in places Grace forgot she had. Her hands going up his back and through his hair. It wasn't long before their lips connected and both were exploring the inside of their mouths.

There were no words, only the understanding of the great need to grope and feel each other's bodies. Grace's nipples growing erect with the very whisper of Grahams breath. His hands wondering down between her thighs teasing the outside of her swollen lips.

Grace pushed Graham onto his back and took full control. She started at his neck and trailed down his chest as she felt his erection. She stroked him gently as her tongue rolled around the head of his dick. Stroking and licking, loving the idea that she was going to bring him to an orgasm. Graham wouldn't allow it, he stopped her and pulled back up to his mouth. Rolling her over on her stomach and placing his hands on her butt, squeezing and rubbing while his tongue rolled around the center of her very damp pussy. His thumb grinding her clitoris in rhythm with his tongue leaving Grace with no choice but to push into him. She couldn't help it, she wanted it all. Graham was slick, he knew when to stop. She wasn't going to get to cum so quickly.

He turned back around and their eyes locked as he entered her fully. Grace moved with a grind meeting with his shaft every inch of the way. Both were in ecstasy and wanted more. Grahams body was in heated sweat while Grace was arching pushing into him. Her mouth open and gasping with delight, Grahams thumb in her mouth allowing her to suck on it allowing her to reach her climax. It was perfect, as they both came at the same time.

It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning before both were finally exhausted. Sleeping well into the noon hour and nestled in each others arms.

Once Graham left Grace took out the box of trinkets and said her good byes, for now. She tucked away like a sweet memory. Her future felt brighter and if anything else she felt alive again. No matter what happens with Graham, she knows she doesn't have to live alone.

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