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A brief look at a random character
At first glance you might think 'classic geek'. The rake-like physique, the thick rimmed glasses. But taking a closer look reveals some discrepancies. Not one, not two, but three black rings pierce his left ear. A carefully shaped goatee garnishes a face with a crystal clear complexion and his blonde hair is artfully quiffed.

He stands in the lunch queue awaiting his turn with seeming infinite patience. Despite a relaxed office dress code he is still smart in a lavender shirt with dark grey tie, and his ID badge hanging from his neck is neatly tucked under the collar. Contrastly, his standard black office shoes are clean but a little dull. Probably haven't seen any polish in a few weeks.

When asked for his order he double-takes, as if blinking out of thoughts ocean deep and far beyond the comprehension of the common man.

"Jacket potato with chilli please."

His voice is deep and tonal, befitting a larger man, and yet somehow still suits him. I might have expected a West Country accent, all 'oooh aarh' farmer talk, but in a city with two universities the mix of accents is broad. His seems to be denser, something more northern. Perhaps close to Yorkshire, although there's nothing conclusive in the short sentence.

After paying he stalks past the rest of the tables, electing a quiet corner seat alone. Pushing his glasses up his nose in a unconscious gesture he thumbs open a thick book and loses himself in the pages, absently lifting forkfuls of his lunch into his mouth.
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