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by Smee
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Prompt : A world where money doesn't exist and people pay with social contact.
Sneaky Gifty Thing

"Cheers, Barry" I said as I scooped up my coffee and a newspaper. A smile and a handshake were our long agreed price but I threw in a half wink too, feeling particularly good this morning.

"Easy there matey, I'm happily married y'know," he replied with a soft chuckle.

Mock disappointment slid over my face for a calculated second and then I headed out the door with a grin. "Give my best to Gina," I yelled back at him, but he just waved a dismissing hand in my direction, already busy enjoying a hug from his next customer.

The street outside was busy, filling up with the hustle and bustle of early morning business traffic. Directly ahead I admired the fine posterior of a young woman backing out of a taxi. Her front half was embroiled in a lengthy kiss with the driver. Must be an out-of-towner from the airport I guessed judging by the amount of tongue the journey cost her. With a quick skip and a step I was next to her holding the door.

"Mind the kerb, Madam." I warned, employing a number seven smile for the appropriate mix of concern with charm.

Untangling herself from the driver she finished backing out and stood up, somehow making it seem one smooth movement.

"You worried about little ol' me?"

The lilt of her voice was keyed just right to answer my smile despite having not even seen it yet. As she turned to face me a gloved hand seemed to float from nowhere and caress my cheek seemingly just in passing. Her accent was strong, and unfamiliar.

Instinctively I caught the hand as it traveled downwards, shifting my fingers to the end and lifting it back up to my lips. Her gloves were soft velvet and smelt of delicate flowers as I gave a gentle kiss.

"I'm more worried for myself right now, Madam. You appear to be stealing all my attention."

Her giggle floated out like doves taking flight. An unconscious part of me evaluated her clothing, seeing only the best of materials in the finest of cuts. Very wealthy.

Sharp beeping from my wristwatch broke through the moment and I remembered my upcoming meeting. "Forgive me though, I have important business to attend to." I gestured toward the taxi. "May I?"

"Don't let me keep you." The perfect quantity of disappointment mixed with promise mingled through her voice. She was very good! With a reluctant bow I turned from her and collapsed in the recently vacated front seat.

"Ah, Mr D'yer, where to?"

"Market street please Drew, fast as you can. Quote?"

"Don't you worry, Sir. After my last fare and that little show, it's on me. Fast as I can, coming up."

"You're too kind. Boy she was something else 'eh?"
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