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Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Beethoven, and Brahms.
The chatter slowly morphs,
In unspoken compliance,
Filling the expansive hall,
With a vast sea of silence.

Then a note light and clear,
Becomes two, three and four,
Like softly pattering rain,
It builds more and more.

The rhythm and the melody,
Powered by notes of brass,
Can't bear the musical strain,
Snaps like the crack of glass.

The drums roll like thunder,
Woodwinds shred the soul,
The plaintive cry of the strings,
Reach their emotional goal.

Gliding from such heights,
At ease, we're brought down,
From screams to a whisper,
Left prone upon fresh ground.

Mozart, Bach, Schubert,
Beethoven, and Brahms,
Masters of music that,
Both vivifies and calms.

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