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TAH is set in the fantasy world of Emrald. The story follow Axcell Blanche before he...
The Tale of the Accursed Hero

Chapter 1: Rebirth of the Chosen One

"Yud Hay Vuv Hay.....hear me...Chosen One"

I felt like someone was invading my space. I had never had such a heavy headache and as if it that wasn't enough, it seemed like the space around me was beginning to warp in strange directions. Confusing my mind and disorientating myself... Oy oy, was that lunchbox that my classmate shared with me full of hallucinogenic mushrooms? He was a science freak after all, there wasn't a single day without him making me try one of his experiments. Yet, it wasn't that simple, my surroundings shattered into tiny pieces of cards. Surrounding me was a golden circling ring. A moment after, a woman wearing a gold laced dress, similar to those that were worn in the medieval times stood before me.

There was a pattern similar to a magic circle all across the room. Exhausted, tired people could be seen collapsed on a red vine carpet, it felt like a game....and not any game, this setting...I had seen this in all too many light novels.

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