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Draft of my first chapter.Snape right before Lily Potter dies as a teacher. New student.XD

Third Person:

"There's a half-blood girl, Severus." The newly appointed Headmaster told the gloomy teacher. Severus Snape glared at Headmaster Dumbledore, "What of it? There are plenty of half-blood witches in attendance of Hogwarts." Dumbledore smiled, this would be the one to save or destroy Severus Snape for good. "Her magical parent is gone she left her with her father, a muggle. Her father doesn't want her to come to Hogwarts this year. I need you to help this girl get supplies and get to school." Snape grimaced, to do this would lead the girl to believe that he would favor her. "But Headmaster-" Snape began to say, Dumbledore smiled "Oh one last thing Snape, she's an accidental animagus." Snape glared once more but resigned himself to the task, "When must I leave?" He asked, "30 minutes, here's her file." Snape grabbed the file and stormed to his living chambers. Lilian Fae-Heart, number 15 Memory Lane, Canterbury England. Snape gripped the table, the girl lived merely one street over from the house he had grown up in, she lived but three houses from the house that the Evans still resided even after their daughters Petunia and Lily had moved out. He read about her for the rest of the time he had before he had to disapparate. She had been registered as a cat animagus. Her form was still a small one as a cat with yellow eyes and black fur. In real life she had something that was a rare occurrence even for pure blood wizards, Dragon eyes. Her normal eyes would change as her mood did like an untrained metomorphogus's hair. She had dark brown hair that bordered on black and a slim build that showed how young age was. At the very bottom was a blacked out section, something Dumbledore didn't want Snape to know no doubt. Snape looked at the time he had 5 minutes to get to her house. He rushed to the gates and past the wards that prevented disapparating on Hogwarts grounds. The instant he felt the pressure of the wards release he disapparated in an alleyway next to the Evans household. He rushed at of the brush and walked over to Lilian's home. Knocking thrice on the door. 

Lilian's POV:
         I was curled up in my room I had gotten a letter yesterday, it was my Hogwarts supplies list. I don't know how they found me, I had moved since last year, but I'm glad they did, the only problem is that my father saw which resulted in a beating. I was bruised and I think my left wrist had been sprained as it hurt when I walked. I'm sure my rib would have re-broken if I hadn't transformed sooner, I learned when I was very young age that the smaller I was the harder it was for my father to catch me. So I eventually was able to turn into this small runt of the litter black cat. There was three knocks on the door, I leapt to my feet transforming back into a human form. I unlocked my door and ran downstairs cautiously, checking and making sure I wasn't showing anything inappropriate. I unlocked the door and smiled at the man outside of it, he was dressed oddly with a large black cloak and black clothes under that too. "Are you Lilian Fae-Heart?" He asked, I nodded. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place why. "Grab anything you will want to bring to school here and come back down. I looked down ashamed "This is all I have." I said quietly, his stone faced expression softened and before he said "Do you have your letter?" I shook my head once again ashamed "My father tore it up saying I didn't deserve an opportunity." The man glared inside of the house to where my father lay passed out drunk. He handed me another letter before tugging me outside and closing the door. "My name is Severus Snape, I will be one of your teachers at Hogwarts, hold on tight to my arm and don't let go, we're leaving." I grabbed the arm he offered and I held tight, sparks flew when we touched and I softened my grip before remembering his warning. I tightened my grip and closed my eyes as I felt myself being sucked up into a tube.
         The sensation stopped and I opened my eyes still clutching onto his arm. We were in an alley way behind what looked like a pub, a rickety sign said The Leaky Cauldron. She released Snape's arm and looked around he was smiling at her for a moment before his face went blank again. He stepped forward and tapped a brick wall five times in five places.  The wall seemed to shudder then peel away from the center to form an archway. "Welcome to Diagon Alley." Snape said gesturing to the area. He brought her all the way down to a giant marble building labeled Gringotts. Drawing her inside she saw hundreds of things that looked vaguely human working a hurrying around with wizards and witches trailing behind. He brought her to the one with the tallest desk, "Miss Fae-Heart wishes to withdraw some money." He told the humanoid, it stuck its hand out and in it Snape placed a key. It inspected it before calling "Bane! Take them to number 943." We were escorted into a mine cart which we rode down a track for several long minutes before we came to a halt. "Stand back." Bane told us, he inserted the key and then drew a small pattern onto the door, multiple clicks sounded many locks. The door opened slowly revealing tons of Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. Even Snape looked surprised. I pulled out my letter as Snape brought me over to the bookshop, we left with many more than the required. Next the Apothecary and we left with all of the equipment needed, along with some things Snape was running out of. We passed Ollivanders and I stared, I remember when I first got my wand.

          I walked in cautiously before saying "Excuse me?" A man popped up from behind a lane of shelves. "Ah! Ms. Fae-Heart, this is interesting. I never expected a Fae to be in need of a wand." I showed him my letter and he gave a delighted laugh, "Well Dumbledore chose you so I guess it's true!" He ran to the ladder and pushed himself around the shop pulling out bunches of wands, before running back to me. He gave me the first one and indicated that I should wave it around. I began to wave and a vase exploded. I set it down quickly, this continued with all of the wands he had initially picked out. "Hmm, to fit a Fae." He walked to the back of the store into a small room that was barely lit, he looked for a minute and found one wand, one final wand for me to try. He gave it to me saying "Dark Oak with a very unique core." I gave it a small wave and everything I had destroyed righted itself. He smiled at me before turning and pacing "Interesting, very interesting." I gave him a questioning look, "That wand has a unique core, the core is Fae tears. This Fae had been crying from not finding her soulmate. Her mate had cried from not having his soul mate and they both gave me the tears and then turned and realized they were mates. The woman's tears are in yours and the man's are in another's wand i have sold. They said the two to get those wands would be soul mates." I look at him still confused, "It will come to you eventually, but for now that wand is seven Galleons and two Sickles." I handed him the money (Snape had explained it already) and walked out of the shop.
         Snape tugged my arm pulling me along, until we reached the Leaky Cauldron. I smiled up at Snape and he smiled back. But the he sighed, "It's time for you to go back to your home until school starts." My expression turned scared and I whimpered, "Please don't take me back there!" I begged him, his expression was sad, "Unless your father isn't fit to be your guardian I have to." He told me sadly, "He isn't! He beats me and starves me." I pull up my hair which has covers my neck this entire time and take a deep breath, "This is from when I was about 5 years old my Father got mad and tried to kill me he only failed because I transformed and this wasn't the only time." I take a shuddering breath trying not to break down sobbing. I look at Snape and he look horrified, I look down in shame expecting some form of disgust, but to my surprise I feel his arms wrap around me and I hear him whispering to me "You are not alone." Over and over again, then he stiffens up and I feel us being squeezed into a tube again. We're in a completely different place altogether.
Snape's POV:

         She didn't realize it but when she showed me the scar she directly opened her mind up for me I was able to see her being beaten, stabbed, bullied, abused and the last memory she showed me was her being raped, by her own father. I felt horrible and her memories brought back memories of my childhood of being bullied and abused. I was sure that Dumbledore would let her stay at Hogwarts based on her situation. He hadn't let me because mine was only from my father and some kids at school, also I had Lily at home. Lilian had no one. Emphasis on had I won't let her continue to be hurt. I apperated is to the edge of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts so that we could ask Dumbledore. I stopped hugging her before saying, "You'll never go back to him. I promise." I grabbed her hand and levitated her supplies behind us guiding her up to the castle. We arrived at the front gates of the castle which were open enough to not move I sent her supplies flying to my chambers for temporary storage. Before pulling her over to Dumbledore's office entrance, "Lemon Drop." I told the griffon that blocked the doorway. It bowed and slid to the side allowing us to pass through the archway. Lilian gasped in surprise unused to the magic. I pulled her up the stairs to a giant set of doors before I knocked twice, "Come in." He said and I pushed open the door guiding her in. "Miss Fae-Heart, I wasn't expecting you here again until next month. Why did you bring her here Severus?" Luckily Dumbledore didn't sound mad just curios. I decided to say it flat out, "She was abused Dumbledore, she can't stay at that place anymore." Dumbledore nodded "I see, so you wish for her to stay here?" He asks me, I hesitate before nodding, "It seems like the most logical option." He smiles as if he knows something I don't. "Severus, I'd like to have a word with Miss Lilian Fae-Heart alone I will call you back when we are done," I open my mouth to protest "it won't be long." I close my mouth and walk out of the room before turning to see Lilian looking at me. I wave as the door slams closed and I sit down to wait summoning a book.

Lilian's POV:

         The door closed as I saw Snape wave, I turned back to Dumbledore, "May I call you Lilian?" He asked politely, I nod and gesture for him to continue. He smiles and begins to talk,"Lilian you are aware of the truth behind your wand?" I nod once again, "Alright then I must tell you that your soul mate is one of my staff members." I gasp and sit up straighter, he chuckles. "There is one problem with this and that is your age compared to theirs, they are 4 years your senior and are going to be teaching you." I look down, that would definitely be a problem. "But before I continue on that, would you like to stay at Hogwarts full time? You would have separate room, you stay in a separate room all the time or you could stay in your dorms." I thought about it for a moment, it would allow me to be with my soul mate and never have to see my father again. "I'd like that a lot, I'm fine with staying in a separate room all the time." He smiled at me, "Well then, that's settled. But back onto the topic of your soulmate, when you have even the smallest amount of contact with them you will feel sparks or fireworks. They will feel them too but not as much as you because you are a Fae." I hold up my hand and he nods at me to ask my question. "What is a Fae? Ollivander called me one when I got my wand last year and told me the story about the tears but I never understood what Fae are." He frowns looking for a way to describe Fae, "The Fae are a race of humanoid people that have an increased capacity for magic. They usually aren't invited into wizarding schools because they usually only succeed in fields such as herbology and care of magical creatures. But then there are the half Fae like you who has a strong magical ability from your mother but the muggle side from your father allows you to expand your magical capability to cover other fields. But for your soulmate, well it's Snape. He has the other wand." I look at him in shock, Severus Snape my savior, my teacher and my soulmate? "So no matter what he says or doesn't say, whatever he tells you whenever he tells you. Always trust him he will never try to hurt you for no reason." He says seriously, "On another note, would you like me to bring him in?" I nod still in shock. Dumbledore pulls out a wand and creates a Phoenix in silvery wisps whispering come in to it before sending it off it flies through the door and disappears from sight. Not even a full minute later Snape comes in holding a book. He looks over at me while taking a seat. We smile at each other, he doesn't know though. He must know the lore of his wand. Dumbledore looks at me then nods, "Well first off Lilian has decided to stay here permanently," Snape smiles at me once again, "Also there is a little business about your wand we need to take care of Severus." He looks shocked like he didn't expect anything of the sort. Well he has no reason to.

Snape's POV:

         "You remember the lore Ollivander told you?" I nod, who wouldn't! No normal wizard or muggle gets a soulmate I was very lucky. "Well then, I have found your mate." I stare at him as he opens his mind partially to me. I see his conversation with Lilian and her surprise. I look at her, she's biting her lip staring at me pleadingly, hoping that I don't reject her. I think back to when she grabbed my arm, when I hugged her and when she held my hand, the Sparks I felt weren't nothing. This girl would be my everything. I ran over to her and hugged her spinning her in circles, her giggles filled the air. I set her down and we took a seat to see Dumbledore smiling knowingly. He had gotten the sorting hat while we had celebrated briefly. He hands it to me and I turn to Lilian, "Lilian,

Lilian's POV

         "Lilian please call me by my first name until the school year starts." He says and I nod and say "Alright Severus, you can call me Lilian, Lil' or Lily, or any variation on my name." I tell him, he freezes as I talk, and then says "That's what he meant by don't crush this flower." I look at him questioningly and he nods "Once we get to know each other more." I nod and make that my number one priority. We arrive at a painting and Severus stops, and points "This one with the cat is yours, the one with the scholar is mine and the one with the snake charmer at the end of the halls in the Slytherin common room and dorms." He tells me pointing to each of the paintings. I nod understanding, and he continues "As you know, every painting that leads to an area has a password of the month, you need to know two passwords yours which is Fae for this month and mine which is Newts eye. Lots of them will be themed, mine are potion themed because that's what I teach, yours are probably themed about you." I nod again and open up my door seeing all of my supplies in here. I open a door and see a joint living room. And Severus laughs, "Or you can go through that door and get to my study." He turns back to me, "Never ever let anyone in your chambers besides a staff member. If a Slytherin wants to meet up then go to the common room with them if someone in another house wants to meet up meet at the black lake or in the great hall. Understand?" He asks, I nod it seems simple enough. "Should we get to know each other then?" He smiles at me in agreement. "Can we play 20 questions?" I ask and so we do.

         "What is your favorite color?"
                   "Yellow." "Green."
         "Favorite food?"
                   "Salmon" "Turkey."
         "Favorite Class?"
                   "Potions." "Potions."
         We stop and smile after we say that. And then I think again. "I'm actually going to start working on getting ahead for classes." I smile at him before grabbing my potions supplies. I set everything up as Severus watched, I wouldn't forget what happened earlier when I said Lily. I began with the first chapter in the book. After brewing the first ten potions in the book I turned to Severus, he was asleep in the chair. I smiled and transformed we had an hour until dinner and I was tired. I leapt up onto his lap curled up in a ball.

         I wake swaying in someone's arms I look up and see Severus carrying me to the great hall. I purr contently and snuggle into his arms looking up at him. He looks down and smiles at me and I attempt to smile back but fail as I am a cat. He stops to let me get down to transform back to normal but instead I jump up to his shoulder and point forwards with my paw. He laughs bouncing me around with the movement. We walk to the great hall and there is a chair next to Severus's that I assume is for me. I rub against his neck before jumping down and transforming. Severus and I both sit down and Dumbledore claps filling the plates with food. I smile and eat. Severus talks with Dumbledore about classes and I strike up a conversation with Professor McGonagal, who is also a cat animagus.

We talk about different places that we can go since we are cats and all sorts of things. I finally get around to asking about school itself, "What are we doing in class this year?" I ask curiously, she laughs "Transfiguring larger objects and animate objects of course but you probably can do everything since you can become a cat at such a young age." I shake my head, "I've never tried anything besides what you taught." She looks shocked, "Well if you ever want help just come and ask me." She told me where her classroom was since she was almost always there. "What house are you in, again?" I smile and tell her once again she seems confused, "I got put there after the hat said that I was the most perfect match for all of the houses it had ever seen, but I had an extra reason to join Slytherin." Minnie looks amazed now, "What were the reasons? If you don't mind me asking." She says, I look over at Dumbledore and he gestures for me to answer, I take a deep breath. "Well the reason why I'm staying at Hogwarts permanently is because I was abused constantly as well as starved, bullied and scarred, so that's one reason." I took another breath feeling Severus's hand on my shoulder. "I just found this out today but I'm also half Fae so I have a soul mate and I found my soul mate because my wand has a unique core that is a Fae's tears over not finding her other half and then she gave the tears to Ollivander at the same time as her soul mate gave his tears to Ollivander and then they met. And they prophesied that the ones to get the wands with their tears would be soul mates. And the person that has the other wand is Severus." I said everything as calmly as possible and by the end everyone was listening. I felt someone hug me and from the sparks I knew it was Severus. I felt everyone's eyes on me before feeling myself shrinking. "She just transformed without doing anything!" Minnie shrieked, I try to cover my ears before I leap into Severus's lap and covered my ears. He explained that I had become an animagus accidentally because of the abuse and that I couldn't control the changes completely. I could chose to change but I also would change when anxious, nervous or angry. Dinner was over by this point so Severus cradled me in his arms and brought me back to my room, he tried to set me down so he could leave but I'd just jump back into his arms. Finally he gave up and laid down on my bed and I curled up next to him. And we both fell asleep.

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