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Stan decides he will tell Julia how he feels

Word Count: 1,200

Dark Red Rose

The dark red rose is profound, not just in appearance but in impact. It is uncompromising in every way. It speaks without pausing and is the undeniably the most eloquent truth of passion. The loudest message you can speak without saying a word. The gift of a dark red rose is one of the most intimate ways of expression to the one you love. Not knowing what Stan would discover today when he went over to visit his soul mate, Julia. He has finally, gotten past his fear of telling his love how he feels. That is why he holds a dark red rose today, on Lei Day which is a holiday very popular in Hawaii. He is standing outside her door ringing the doorbell, alone wondering why his love does not come to the door.

Gathering courage, he walks around to the back of the house so he can look through the window. This is a creepy idea, he knows except there is a feeling inside that something is not right. He gets to the back of the house and cupping his hands around his face, he was not prepared for what he sees next.

He screams, "Nnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." As he bangs the glass of the sliding door he uselessly bangs with his fist over and over again, screaming, "Juuulliaaaaaa. Juuuulliaaaaa." Stan sees Julia lying face first on the floor, with her dark brown hair fallen all around her. Standing back from the window; an idea forms. "The shed has tools and I can break the glass," he mutters to himself. Rushing to the back of the property Stan stops when he gets to the door and a curse word escapes his mouth, "Damn. There is a padlock."

Stan's mind is racing. His blood is pumping. Franticly, searching for something, anything to smash his way into Julia's house; eyeing an axe sticking out of a fresh cut log. Running like this axe is his life line, he plucks it off of the log, like he is a professional athlete competing for the grand prize except, the prize is the love of his life; in one fell swoop he continues to race back to the window. All he can think about is getting to Julia. With all the strength he can muster, holding the axe in both hands raised above his head and makes contact with the glass. Nothing happened. Again with all his strength he raises the axe and has contact with the glass and it cracks. One more time he hit the glass and all that could heard is shattering so loud, it deafened Stan's ears. The entire sliding glas door shattered only leaving the part that were not glass standing.

Putting the axe down Stan runs out of breathe from the adrenaline rush and went through the brand new entrance he made. "Julia, I am coming!"

"Who is there and what is that ruckus going on? Stan is that you?" Curious about what was going on downstairs Julia comes down the stairs wearing a pink towel on her head and her fluffy white terry cloth bath robe. What she sees leaves her speechless with her mouth agape and turns to the left and sees Stan. In a shaky voice she belts out, "What the hell happened here? This has your name written all over it." She walks up to him and looks him right in the eye and says, "Now explain yourself."

Seeing Julia coming down from the stairs confused Stan because he could have sworn that she was on the floor. Looking down at the figure face down on the floor then back at Julia, he says, "Who is this on your floor?"

Julia looks like she is going to pop, her face is beet red and eyes are bugging out of her face. Answering, Stan she says, "That is all you have to say for yourself? You break the back half of my house and all you are worried about is this dummy lying on the floor. What was, seriously going through your head when you were smashing my window?"

"Julia, I thought the dummy in the floor was you." Stan says in a small voice barely audible. "I thought you were dead."

Julia walks over to the twin dummy, lying on floor and picks her up by the dark brown hair and shows Stan how real she is. "This is my stunt double for the movie I am working on. She is playing me when they tape the car accident. Looks just like me. Now you can see I am not dead, right...I do not know what I want to do. Seriously, what were you really thinking? What brought you to my backyard and peeping in my windows anyway?"

Looking ashamed about the mess Stan has caused, he looks at Julia and says, "I came here with a dark red rose and wanted to tell you I love you and I thought I was making it special by telling you on Lei Day. When I rang the doorbell you didn't answer. I thought I would see if you were in the backyard. You were not, so I looked in your living room and I thought it was you lying face first on the floor. You did not respond or move when I tapped on your window so I assumed something was wrong. I am so sorry Julia I will replace the window. One question, why did you not answer the door when I rang the bell earlier?"

Instead of answering Julia walked towards Stan and started kissing him. He responded back to her by kissing back and sliding off her bathrobe. As he walked her toward the couch, Julia felt electric bolts running through her body in anticipation as he layed her down undressing himself. Julia says in a breathless voice, "What holiday did you say today was again?"

Stan walks toward Julia with all of his clothes off and replies, "Lei Day, my dear."

With a smile she replies, "How ironic."

Stan starts kissing from top of Julia's head all the way down her body while his tongue doscovers her sentive lips. He licks her and drinks in her exploding fluid in his mouth like it is a fountain of youth. He takes his finger and carresses her sensitive thighs till she is about to explode then he plows hiself into the depths of herself as deep as he can go.

Julia is raking her finger nails on Stan's back and two of them cannot get close enough to each other. Every stroke in and out brings more and more pleasure of tingles on the body. They both reach the climax together and Julia feels the release of Stans fluids rush into herself with a sense of euphoria.

They collaps together on the couch snuggling with each other and enjoying the bliss moment of having great sex. Julia looks up into Stan's sky-blue eyes and asks, "So, where is my dark red rose?"

Note: Lei Day is a Hawaiian holiday which is celebrated on the first of May.


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