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A leprechaun looks for his lost pot of gold with the help of a friend.
         It was a wicked night with thunder rolling and lighting flashing in the sky. I was sitting in my overstuffed chair by the fire hoping I wouldn't have to put the pail under any leaks in the kitchen. I live in a little cottage with a thatched roof and sometimes it would leak. I usually fixed the leaks as soon as they happened. I have a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room that has a wonderful fireplace.I was minding my own business, and reading a book when I realized the little leprechaun, who had taken up residence in my home, was no where around. Now, I asked myself what could that sneaky little devil be up to now? He couldn't be into my spirits as he drank them all last weekend, and I had not been into town to buy more. That in itself was enough to put me in a bad mood, as I like a wee bit of whiskey in my tea when the weather is bad. And as far as food went, he didn't eat a lot, just drank. I continued to read my book when my curiosity got the best of me. So I decided to look around for him. The first place I looked was in the mousehole next to the bedroom. He said this was his home and I was not to bother it at tall. When I peeked in, everything was very neat and well tended to, but no leprechaun. Next I went to the dogs bed. Spud didn't mind when he slept with him. I never understood why he did because he constantly fussed and said the dog smelled like a dead fish. Next I went into the kitchen and looked into the wash pail which had the mop in it. This is where he usually landed when he had had a few too many spirits. He was so small he couldn't climb up the pail and to lazy to climb up the broom. And he never could make it out of the my wee small pantry, because by then he would pass out on the floor. Here he had to be careful because the cat would think he was a mouse and, oh my, I hate to think what would happen then.

I thought about going outside into the rain to look for him, but I said to myself, no, you're not going outside to look for that foolish Leprechaun. Who knows what he is up to now. I went back to my chair and sat back down to read some more, but I couldn't get him out of my mind. I slammed my book down on the small table next to the chair and put my raincoat on then went and opened the front door. The wind and rain pounded into the house so I decided to shut the door and quit worrying about him. As I was closing the door I thought I heard someone crying. It was a tiny little cry with a bit of a gruff to it. I flung the door open wide and stepped out onto the porch. The rain beat on my face and it stung. The rain coat wasn't much help and I found myself getting wet. I looked around and there he sat on the bottom of the step. What a sight to be seen. The little fellow was completely drenched and crying like death was upon him.
I asked, "What are you doing sitting out on the porch this messy night and why the devil are you crying?"

"My gold, I 've lost me pot-of-gold." He said.

"You, you lost your pot of gold?" I stuttered. I couldn't believe my ears. No upstanding Leprechaun would do such a thing!

"How in heaven almighty did you lose it?" I asked. Not waiting for an answer I said, "For goodness sake come in out of the weather and tell me what happen."

We went inside and gathered by the fire. He sat down on a little pillow that was on the floor near the fire and began to warm his hands.

"Well, go on with it," I said."Tell me..."

"Do you think I could have some whiskey? I've been in the rain for quite a while." he asked, interrupting me.

"No, you drank it all last weekend and I have not been to town to buy more."

"Oh, but there is," he said excitedly. "Look under the dogs bed. I put the rest of it there."

"You did what?" About this time my Irish blood was beginning to boil.

"Oh, only to make sure Ms. Leary wouldn't drink it when she came to tidy up a bit."

"I've never known Ms. Leary to be a drinking woman," I replied, as I lifted the dogs bed and retrieved the small whiskey bottle that held a smidgen of drink in it.

"Oh, but she does," he said.

"Enough, tell me what happen to your gold."

"It was completely harmless," he said. "I knew there was a big storm coming so I dug it up from under the tree by the spring and set it down to decide where to put it in a safe place. When I turned back, it was gone! Oh, woe is me, I can't believe I've lost me gold. No self-respecting Leprechaun will ever look my way again. What am I to do?" He cried as he blew his bulbous nose into my handkerchief.

"Settle down, I'll help you look for it in the morning after the storm has past."

"You mean it Grady? You would help me, even after drinking all your whiskey?"

"I will, but on one condition, you leave my whiskey alone from now on," I said.

"Ah, may the Irish eyes smile on you always." he said.

"Come on, let's go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow." I said

         Morning dawned with a rainbow and freshly watered lawns and flowers. It was glorious. I rose and put my clothes on, and then went to the kitchen for some hot tea. As I was sipping my tea and enjoying the scenery, I watched the beavers outside of my little window. Then I heard the most awful commotion coming from the pantry. I got up to see what was going on. There was the leprechaun trying to get out of the pail. When I looked over into it he was attempting to pull himself up the mop handle, but he was wrapped in its threads. His language was full of many colored sayings.

"Come here and I will give you a hand out my fellow."

"Oh, thank you, thank you. I have been stuck here all night.'" he said.

"I thought you were going to bed, I said. Then I sat back down to fininsh my tea.

"Where should we start looking Grady?' He said to to me.

"I haven't a clue," I said.

"But you promised me you would help me look for it'" he whined.

"I did and I am." I replied as I put my cup down on the table.

"Let's go," I said. And out the front door we went.

"We'll start by the spring because that is where it disappeared."

"You're a good man Grady, that's why I picked your house to live in."

"Is that so," I said to him as I raised my eyebrows.

"Where exactly did you put the gold after digging it up," I asked.

"Right here," he said pointing to the edge of the spring.

"Well, it's best we start looking around here." I said.

We looked for several hours and only found one gold crown.

Once again he started blubbering, "My gold, my precious gold, what am I to do."

It was getting late and time for supper. We had missed lunch because of his crying and me taking pity on him.

"It's time to go," I said. "Your gold is gone and you can't bring it back."

"No, no. I must get it back. I will be shunned by my community and lose my magic. You just don't understand," he said.

"I'm sorry, but I need something in my belly to think right. We can continue this tomorrow."

         Now I've seen a few Leprechauns in my life, but never one who look so downtrodden as he. Back in the little cottage, I made some porridge and sat at the table by the window.The light of the day was beginning to fade when I noticed the beavers in the spring. They seemed very happy and were swimming around and around. I also noticed one of them had something in his mouth and it sparkled in the setting sun.

I hurriedly finished my porridge, jumped up from my chair and ran out the door down to the spring where the beavers were.

"Hey there," I said in my most friendly manner. "Have you seen a brown sack with some gold coins in it?" I asked

The largest of the beavers came right up to me.

"We have." he said.

"Could you tell me where that sack is now?" I asked.

"I can, but why are you so interested?" he asked me.

"Because my little friend lost it last night during the storm and really needs it back."

"We didn't mean to take anyones possessions, but our dam was coming loose from the rushing water during the storm and we needed it to stuff the hole with. Let me go and get it for you as we have enough cut tree branches now to keep it tight. Besides, the bag was getting too stretchy and not holding well after being in the water."

"I will be forever grateful to you," I said.

         I took the wet bag of gold from him and quietly snuck back into the house. I found a good hiding place between my mattress and placed it there.
Later, I heard the Leprechaun crying again, this time it was coming from the mouse hole. I waited for him to come out.

When he came out he was dragging his little body and he looked like he was on the brink of death. I watched as he placed himself next to the Spud.

"What if I knew where your pot of gold was?" I said.

He looked at me with his green eyes. "Grady, if you had known where it was you would not have bothered to look for it." He said.

"This is true my friend, but what if I found it while you napped?"

This time he looked at me with a puzzled look and came running over to my chair.

"Do you have it Grady? do you really? Can I see it, can I have it now?" he anxiously asked.

"Only if you grant me the three wishes I am due," I said.

"Ah Grady, I never thought you to be that type of an Irishman. After all, we have liveed together for a long time." He said.

"Indeed, but everyone knows if you get a Leprechauns gold, he has to grant you three wishes before you give it back to him."

"Oh Grady, you really hurt my feelings. Okay I will grant you three wishes after you show me my gold."

"No, you can't fool an old coger like me. Give me my three wishes and I will give you your gold."

And so it was, the Leprechaun obliged Grady by giving him his three wishes and Grady gave him his gold.

Now I guess you are wondering why he would give him his gold and if Grady and the little fellow got on so well and they lived together, why he would Grady so stubborn and want the three wishes. Well you can fool a Leprechaun sometimes, but an Irishman, never.

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