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its just my point of view
Today I was just sitting and thinking.i donât know what I was up to.sometimes I guess we spend some alone time to realize our presence in this world.during this time I was wondering about an old friend of mine.his name was mike.first let me throw some light on mike.

Mike was my school friend.he was very average in studies.though he was very intelligent.one can understand that you donât have to be good in studies for being intelligent.i mean our education system was not like that.if you have good memory you will be good in studies.so coming back to mike.i mean I can talk about education system afterwards.what I am up to is something really fascinating.

So mike was bad in studies.after school we all went to different colleges.i lost contact with mike.you can understand in college life there is not enough time to be in contact with someone until you are very close to them.

I had no idea what mike was doing all these years.nobody ever expected anything from him.he was always criticized by others.he was not good at anything.well he was intelligent but as I said there was no proof.you can only know when you see some results.

Recently I got an opportunity to see mike.well I donât have words to describe what I saw.i mean you just can not believe such a transformation.he seemed perfect.the way he talked and presented himself was unbelievable.for the first time in my life I saw such a transformation.he was working in a multinational company.by just looking at him I can say that he was successful.

We talked for sometime and then I asked him about his transformation.he said that-âI always thought that I can do anything.but I was in tremendous pressure in school.i lost all my confidence.i mean you believe in yourself but you can not prove it.i tried very hard but there was no result.i was frustrated.when we left school I donât know what happened to me.i guess everyone has some trigger point.beyond which you will have to do something.i did not plan anything.it all came naturally.i was also surprised how everything fall in to its place.finally I regained my confidence.

After hearing his answer,it got me thinking.what was it actually that triggered mike.we always criticize people around us because of their failures.we always give them advice that they should do something.but at that point we donât know what is going on with them.from our point of view we think that they should do something.but what if they are unable to do anything.if they were able they would have already done it.

To get more understanding on this I thought of an hypothetical scenario.suppose I somehow take mikeâs genes and transfer them to you when you are born.now I take you and put you in mikeâs house.you will look like mike so that his parents would not know.now imagine your life.what according to you should happen??

Well I think that your life would be exactly similar to mikeâs because you think like him and you got the same conditions of living as he did.then what is the difference.you will face the same criticism as mike did.and you will get transformed at the same time as mike did.

The whole idea behind this hypothesis is that whatever you are in your life is not in your hands.you will be facing failures.but you have to be patient.if you criticize someone then it makes no sense because you would also do the same things as he did if put in his place.nothing in life is changeable.we have to witness both good and bad.we have no choice.one day we are a failure and the next day we are successful.

Well this is just a thought.or you can say my point of view.

Thank you.

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