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Drunk in Love

Part 1)
Sean had always fancied a Blue maserati granturismo convertible and he promised himself one as soon he could afford the car of his dreams. Sean was a Workaholic, but not once did he falter for he was so determined to go higher places. He worked from 6am to 7pm as an errand boy for the Washington Post. Then in the evening right up to 12:30am serving behind the bar. Even though Sean could talk to anyone and made friends easy, he hardly ever went out with any of his mates to socialise, he was so engrossed in his work. He was tired, but he knew that eventually his dreams would come true and he'd have his Maserati one day.

""Please quieten it down chaps," Sean yawned, quite fed up with all the noise and chattering. "Some of us are trying to work here you know."

"Aww, c'mon Sean," nagged Paul, coming over to him. "Come and have a drink with us. You will feel better for it and you never know, you might meet the girl of your dreams."

"Sorry fellas," he sighed, feeling exhausted. "Got too much work to do."

"Blah blah blah," Peter grumbled, under his breath. "He's turning into a right old wet blanket."

"Yeah!" Interrupted Jon. "You have to let your hair down sometime bud. You can't stay in here working forever."

"Huh!" complained David, talking at the same time as John. "He never wants to come out with us anymore,"

David, Peter and Jon all stared at Sean. Suddenly, you could here a pin drop, "ok you win!" as he threw his hands up in despair and took a deep breath. "Give us fifteen minutes to clear up."

"You know it will do you good," Paul rejoiced, clapping him on the shoulder. "See ya down the Dragon in fifteen." Then turning to the others, "Ok, you lot!" he shouted as he sprinted out of the door. "Last one down the pub pays."

As the guys were racing to the pub, Mandy arrived at nos.7 and knocks the door. Ange's dad answers and seeing it's Mandy, let's her in. "Hello Mandy, she's upstairs. Go straight on up."

"Thanks Mr Franti," going upstairs. "Are you ready yet Ange?" Mandy asked, peering through the bedroom door. "The guys will be waiting."

"I don't feel too good, think an early nigh...!"

"You're always making excuses," Mandy rolled her eyes dramatically, interrupting her. "No! You are coming. Anyway, I want to show you my fella, Paul. Remember the bloke I met last week?"

"Ok!" Ange sighed, as she started pinning her hair back. "I suppose, only for a short time tho."

"I will wait downstairs," Mandy said, closing the door behind her. "Don't be long."

Half hour later, both Mandy and Ange walked into the Dragon and noticing the boys, went straight over to where they were sitting. "Oh, there you are. Thought you weren't coming," Paul whispered, giving Mandy a peck on the cheek. "Is this Ange? Nice to meet you at long last," he said smiling, holding out his hand.

"Hi. Yes, I'm Ange. It's nice to meet you Paul," as she shook his hand, giving him a weak smile and then turning to Mandy. "Look, honestly I don't feel to..."

"Ange, you are as white as a ghost," Mandy urgently said, as Paul quickly grabbed a chair for her. "Just sit there and I will call your father to come and collect you."

"Please can you get me a glass of water, then I will walk back," Ange quietly said as she sat down." Don't worry my papa, the fresh air will do me some good."

"Where's Sean?" Jon asked, coming over with a glass of water and handing it to Ange.

Paul immediately pulls out his mobile and dials Sean's number. Within a couple of minutes he hears his sleepy voice, "Yeah!"

"Hey you, you are missing all the fun."

"Sorry, I must of fallen to sleep," Sean says exhausted. "Look, I am just going to go straight home."

"See you tomorrow," Ange said to Mandy, waving to Paul.

"Night Ange," Paul gestured holding the phone away from his ear. "Hope you feel better soon." Then talking back into the cell, "The boys aren't gonna be happy Sean, but ok. See ya tomorrow."

"Night Paul," Sean said quietly, feeling really and truly fed up. He did want to have a drink with his pals, but was just too worn out. Maybe an early night will do me some good, he thought to himself.

Shuffling the chair back, he started to get up, when the cell phone sounded again. Picking it up, and before he could say anything, "get your backside down here now!" they bellowed.

"I'm exhausted," he said with a morose expression, taking a long, deep breath. "Gonna have an early night. I'll come out with you chaps tomorrow. But for now, all I want is to go home and sleep. So I will say g'nite to you."

"You dunno what you're missing," they hollered, as Sean held the cell away from his ear, the phone was then slammed down. Turning off the lights, he left the office.

********** ********** ********** **********
I saw an angel

As he began trundling through the wet sands home from the Washington Post, he saw an angel. Sean couldn't take his eyes of her, she took his breath away, and without realising what he was doing, followed her all the way home.

Ange could hear footsteps behind her, so she started walking faster and faster. She heard a noise and glancing swiftly around, saw someone being attacked. Ange screamed, and then realising it was only her pa, ran over to stop him. "Stop Pa," she yelled.

"Take that!" her pa snarled, as he whacked him over the head. "Leave my lass alone, you son of a bi...!" Sean tried to turn, but then he was kicked quite brutally in the stomach, before passing out.

"What did you do that for!?!" She chided, as she dialled 911, glowering at him suspiciously.

"Umm!!" he snorted. "He was following you Ange," his searching gaze ran over her face.

"Hello, what's your emergency?"

"We need an ambulance immediately. Someone has passed out," talking urgently into the cell phone. "No! I don't know who he is, never met him before."

After she gave them the address, the operator said, "Please stay calm, a crew is on their way."

"Thanks," putting the phone back into her bag, whilst glancing sternly at her father. "You don't need to look so smug Pa."

Five minutes later, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics came rushing out. Seeing the state of Sean, gently lifted him straight onto the stretcher and turning round to Ange. "You will have to follow us to St. John's Hospital. They might need to ask you some questions."

"The cars over here Ange," her Pa quietly mumbled, seizing her hand.

When they arrived at the Hospital, she quickly got out of the car and then sprinted straight into the reception. "The ambulance has just brought a guy in that was unconscious." She quickly asked, breathlessly, "could you please tell me where they've taken him?"

"Are you the next of kin?" enquired the receptionist.

Leaning on the desk, "no! I just was with him when he collapsed," Ange quietly mentioned.

Glancing at the computer screen, the receptionist said, "A man was brought in about 10 minutes ago." Looking back up at her, he then added, "if you would care to take a seat, I will find someone that may be able to help you."

"Thanks," and then no sooner did she sit down, her father appeared. He was just about to sit down, when Ange looked up at him, "you might as well go home Pa," she whispered. "I want to stay until he wakes up."

Her father nodded. "Ok! If you are sure, ring me straight away if you need anything."

"Just go pa, I will be alright." Ange sighed, sitting back in the chair, closed her eyes, when she suddenly heard Mandy's voice.

"Oh my god Ange! Are you all alright? Your Pa's told me what happened."

Ange looked up at Mandy, and noticing she was with Paul and Jon, when the doctor came into the waiting room. "Are any of you related to the patient?" he enquired.

Speaking both at the same time, Paul and Jon said, "We are his brothers,"

"He was beaten up quite bad, so will be in here for a few days." Then turning to Ange, asked "did you see who done this?"

"Not really, it was dark," she said hesitantly.

"Well, the two brothers can go in if they would like?" looking at Paul and Jon. "It might be sometime before he recovers consciousness."

"Thanks doc," Paul said as they both went into Sean's room, whilst Mandy sat down and put her arm around Ange.

"Oh Mandy," Ange sobbed into her shoulder. "It was so scary. I didn't know what had happened at first, but then I saw Pa and he told me it was because he was following me. But I had no way of stopping him, and I didn't know who the man was either."

Opening her eyes wider, Mandy demanded, "So are you saying, it was Pa?"

Ange eyes stung with tears, so she just nodded and buried her face deeper into Mandy's shoulder. "Oh! My poor poor love," kissing her on her head, holding her tighter.

Few hours later, she heard Paul chatting on his cell, so Mandy quietly said, "I will be straight back. I have to let Paul know what's happened."

Going over to Paul, she whispered into his ear telling him everything that Ange mentioned. "Don't worry Ange," Paul gently reassured her, coming over and sitting down beside her. She looked up at him, her face sodden with tears.

Twenty minutes later, Sean finally awoke, realised he was in hospital and then noticed Jon.

"About time you woke up Sean, you had us all worried there for a moment," coming over to his brother and handing him a glass of water.

Sitting up, Sean mentioned that his head was hurting, when he glanced at the window and noticed the angel again. "Who is that girl, sitting with Paul?"

"That's Ange, she was the one who called 911."

Hypnotised by her, Sean asked Jon to send her in.

"Sure! Anything for my baby brother," he motioned.

She was still crying into Mandy's shoulder, when Jon came over, "He's just woken up." Looking at Ange,"he wants to have a word Ange, go straight in." Realising that she was nervous, added as he winked at her, "its ok, he won't bite!"

Her whole body was trembling, as Sean watched her walk slowly into the room. So speaking very softly, he said "hello!"

She looked up and, smiling shyly said in a broken whisper, "sorry! Papa is just over protective of me."

"Hey! Don't worry too much about that," whilst gazing at her intently. "It's over and done with Ange and I'm ok now."

They both talked for a number of hours and, after visiting time was over, she promised that she would call in to visit him again soon. Ange kept to her promise, but she actually called in every day that he was in hospital and, because Sean never pressed any charges against her Pa, they saw each other even after he came home.
Time is so Precious


Sean surprised Ange with an engagement ring, on her 20th birthday, and then six months later they got married. They honeymooned in Venice, the most romantic and intriguing place in the world. How they loved going on the Gondolas, it was just like a fairytale come true. The scene was so breathtaking, in fact all of Italy was and staying at Al Ponte Antico Hotel was beautiful also, so romantic, soon became their favourite place to visit.

"Oh Sean!" she sighed under an exasperated breath, as they both were enjoying a trip across Saint Mark’s Basin. "This is such a glorious place and just look at that view. I never want to leave, it's so pretty and peaceful."

"Magnifico," he said, as they snuggled up closer to each other.

Glancing round at him, she said, "you are trying to speak Italian. Oh Sean, you are so funny."

"Trying to angelo," as he pulled her closer into an intimate embrace, forcing his lips down on hers hungrily, his kiss becoming urgent. She was so intoxicating, she was his drug, knowing how much she hypnotised him. He was blind in love. He wanted, needed, to devour this woman completely.

As she snuggled up closer to Sean, she sighed "Venice is so magical Sean darling. This was such a lovely idea coming during evening, it's so romantic. Thank you."

Holding her tighter in his arms, he kissed the top of her head, leant back and closed his eyes. He'd never been so content.

Later on that evening, whilst they were eating lunch at Osteria Bancogiro. he handed Ange a small ring box and when she opened it, she was shocked to see a key inside. She just sat staring at the box that was in her delicate hand, when Sean came over to her and kneeling down, took hold of her hand and said, whilst looking straight into her eyes thinking how gorgeous she was. "Ange this key is for our new home" and with that Ange burst into tears.

Three weeks later, they moved into their new home. Whilst carrying her over the threshold, she started crying. "What's the matter angel?" he enquired, looking concerned.

"Oh! I'm sorry Sean," Ange sighed briefly. "Please tell me it's not a dream and I'm going to wake up any minute".

"It's ok, angel," as he held her tighter, whispered. "Even though I, myself feel like I'm dreaming, it's not. This is my fantasy come true and it's real. You are real, I'm real and this is our home. Just the two of us."
"I have got another surprise for you in the morning. Come on babe," he said, as he put her gently down "I'm starving," and holding hands, led her into the evening room.

"S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E!!" they all applauded as Sean opened the doors. Looking all round, she noticed all their friends and family were there.

"Oh Sean!" she cried, when all of a sudden she was grabbed onto the dance floor. Turning swiftly round, she realised it was her Pa and he starting swirling her around and around in time to the music.

They all danced right in to the early hours, and when the clock struck Two, Sean realised everyone had disappeared. "Let's go to bed" he whispered into her ear and, holding her hand, led the way.

Next morning, Ange awoke to the gentle sound of birds singing and the wind rustling against the breeze. She sat up, glanced all round the room, still found it hard to realise this wasn't a dream, when she heard footsteps and Sean came in carrying a breakfast tray.

"Good morning angel, thought you'd have an appetite," he said as he lay the tray down onto the dresser. Then he dived back into bed, just as Ange was just about to start eating, Sean said "that can wait, but this can't". He then pulled her on top of him and made love to her again. "I can't get enough of you, I want to devour you forever babe."

They must of drifted off to sleep again, wrapped in each other's arms, breakfast was ruined but they didn't care, so long as they had each other. The world stopped, for Sean and Ange they were in their own little Paradise. No worries, no cares, no one to bother them. There was just here and now, just the two of them. Every day was like a honeymoon, a dream come true. Ange just couldn't get over all the love that they had for each other. She adored and loved this man so much that it hurt her insides. Every day, her feelings were getting stronger and stronger. She sensed when he was ill, when he was sad. The emotions got to be so powerful, she didn't even need to be that close to him, to know how he was feeling. She knew that she'd do anything for him, and him for her. She'd even go to hell and back for him.


They'd been married now for three whole years, and what a blissful one it was too. Ange thought that nothing could ever come between them, but how wrong she was!!

"ooOOooAwwooOOoo!!!" Ange howled in agony, as she bent over double, whilst hugging her stomach. "Mom!! I I th-think I'm g-go-gonna be s-si-sic-sick!! Please tell me w-wh-what's wrong with me!! H-hel-'elp me Ma!"

"Come on. Let's get you down to the doctors and see. I'm sure it's nothing to stress yourself about darling," Joyce said soothingly, as she was helping Ange put her coat on. They then both scrambled into the taxi, and got down to the hospital in record time, as there was hardly any traffic thankfully.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Ange sat down as she went straight up to the receptionist and signed her daughter in. Sitting down herself, picked up a couple of magazines. "Here you are Ange, try and take your mind of things. The doc is seeing one more patient and then it will be your turn. I have also got you a drink of water to try make you feel better." She said, passing the glass to her, as she wiped a strand of hair out of Ange's eyes.

Swigging the fluid back quickly, said with a big sigh, "Aww!! That's slightly better. Thanks Ma," and putting the cup down, opened the magazine. She was just about to start reading, when the nurse called her name. Struggling to get up, he immediately came over and helped her into the wheelchair and then showed Ange into the examination room.

"Ange do not be alarmed, we are here to find out what the problem is. The doctor will be into see you in a little while, please put the gown on and lie on the bed," he said as he pulled the curtain closed.

After what seemed like hours, the curtain was suddenly moved back. "Evening Ange," the doctor smiled at her. "Let's take a look at your results shall we, before taking you for further tests."

Don't leave me Alone
"Please don't go I beg of you," Jon cried, as Ann packed her suitcase, tears welled down his face.

"I'm sorry Jon." She says, almost in a whisper that he could hardly hear her. "I do love you, but I can't manage this any longer."

"Why leave then?" He grabs hold of her, spinning her around roughly, getting her to face him. "Why are you doing this to us?"

"There's no us, remember. You're still married. You remind me daily that you're never going to leave her. So what do expect of me, what do you want Jon?"

"I'm sorry," he says in a low voice. She shrugs him off, then grabbing the two suitcases full of her clothes, quickly runs out off the house and flings them into the backseat of the Jeep. "Well go then!" Jon screams slamming the door shut, he then sinks down and collapses onto the floor. "How can I cope without you?" He mutters to himself, chest heaving heavily. "You are my life."

Outside, Ann had her head bowed down on the steering wheel, she just burst until she could cry no longer.

Still sobbing 10 minutes later, she heard someone tapping lightly on the glass. Wiping her eyes, she glanced up and saw it was Ange. Ann then unwound the drivers window, and tried to put on a brave smile.

"I was concerned, Ann," she said as she opened the door. "Move over, I will drive you home. You are in no state to be by yourself."

"Look, I know it's something you don't want to hear at the moment Ann." As she started to reverse out of the drive. "But maybe this is for the best, you couldn't carry on like this. It's best that it's happened now rather than later. Ok, I..."

"Please Ange!" she whispered, breathing soul shattering sobs. "Can we leave this lecture. I have just left Jon. If you love me like you say you do, you wouldn't do this now."

"Ok, I'm sorry. I will leave it for now," Ange said softly, glancing over towards her in the passenger seat. "You talk when you're good and ready."

"I can hardly stay awake, I'm so tired," she yawned, shutting her eyes. "I'm gonna have some shut eye for a bit."

"Ok, I will wake you as soon as we get home," she said, as the Jeep joined the M4 motorway. It started raining, and as it was beginning to get dark, Ange tuned the radio into 92.5FM, Release FM was such an magical station, to keep her company.

Two and half hours later, in Wiltshire, she pulled up at a service station to fill up. Ange turned to look at Ann, who looked so petite and lost. Her face was soaked, due to the wet tears. Patting her arm gently, she said, "do you need a drink or anything Ann? We have still got a few hours left before we are home."

"Thanks," she whispered, as they both started getting out of the car. "I could do with a coffee, and I'm kinda hungry."

Locking the Jeep, they went into the Leigh Delamere Services. "Back in a mo, just gotta go to the ladies so I can freshen up a bit," Ann said, walking quickly away. "Just get me few sandwiches and a latte, please if you don't mind."

After buying the food and coffee, Ange had just sat down when Ann suddenly appeared, looking a little more peakier. "Thanks Ange" she said, as they both started tucking into the food. "I didn't realise how hungry I was."

"Do you want to stay at the Lodge?" As Ange passed Ann her latte, "it's getting late and, I heard on the news earlier that we're due for a big thunderstorm. I don't really want to drive in this if they have a room for us."

Looking up at Ange, she said, "I think that would be a good idea and then we will head back home in the morning."

"Back in a sec," she said, scraping the chair away as she stood and ran across to the lodge.

Ange wasn't even gone five minutes, when Ann came over. Turning around she said, "here's the key. I'm just going to get the suitcases, luckily I brought some underwear for emergency," she winked and Ann laughed. "You can laugh, Ann, but you never know who you're gonna meet."

"You will never change, Ange. Wish I could be a wildcat like you, not a care in the world."

"Oh I met Mr Right, trouble is, he's married isn't he and there's no way I'm gonna come between a marriage and have an affair. Anyway, I'm still officially married unfortunately."

"Did he ask you then,"Ann inquired, as they began to walk up the stairs. "To have an affair, I mean?"

"Well, he did at first. But then as soon as I declared my feelings towards him, Robert changed his mind. Oh, he denies ever saying things like that to me, but I have the photos and messages that he sent me."

"Also, Ange. How could you ever say or think that if he hadn't said those things to you first."

"Exactly!" Realising they were on the third floor, "c'mon our room is just up here. I'm ready for a snooze, bet you are as well Ange," she then unlocked the door and went inside. "Thank goodness there's a teas-maid, can you make a cup please. I'm gonna have a quick wash."

As Ange made the tea, it suddenly dawned onto her about all the deceit and lies that she'd encountered over the years with Sean. It's no wonder she started having feelings for another. "Are you ok?" Ann asked as she stepped back into the room, making Ange jump. Ann then noticed that she was crying again, so she pulled her into an embrace and said, "there there. It will be easier but it all takes time."

"I know," she said, in a weak voice. "I just can't believe why he'd do that to me. I thought Robert would be around forever, we'd always be friends."

"Look Ange, you have to be strong. He always said he couldn't leave his wife. I know he's unhappy in the marriage, but at the end of the day, it's not your fault. You haven't done anything wrong, it's not like you had an affair, just because Sean did. So what if you both flirted with one another, didn't hurt as far as I could see. There's a lot of woman out there that would have tried to wreck the marriage, but you aren't like that, you aren't a home wrecker and most certainly not an adulterer.

"I love him though, Ann. I thought I could hide my feelings, keep a control on my emotions, but it hurts. I have realised I have never experienced being in love this much before. I want him so much it's killing me."

"Look, you are tired. Sleep on it, everything will feel better in the morning. I'm sure he still wants to be your friend, especially after everything you've been through. I know it's painful at the moment, but we never know what's around the corner. He will be back, you just mark my words. It all takes time, but one thing though and most important thing I had to learn regarding Robert. Never chase them, play hard to get. Ok, you declared your feelings to him, but it's up to him now. He knows where you are and if he wants you, he will have to leave his wife. But I don't think he will ever leave."

"I know that Ann, I have always told him I can't manage another relationship, and especially not an affair, my life's too different as it is. I just want to be his friend, one he can confide in and ask advice and stuff. I'm not sorry that I have told him, it just breaks my heart that he's gone away."

"Look, it can't be helped." Ann said, drinking her tea. "Robert must have given the impression to his wife that he wanted you, but forgot to mention that you're married so it was no wonder she was slightly jealous. Anyway, didn't you say he popped around one time?"

"He did, but I was so worn out after being up all night with Marie being ill again, that I couldn't focus. I just wanted to reach out and touch him, but I didn't listen to my instincts telling me and then when I asked him later he denied that it was him. He said it must of been somebody else, but I know now that it was definitely him. But now I have lost him completely, he doesn't like me anymore."

"Well that's his problem then, but maybe it was for the best. Leave him alone and you never know, he might try to contact you again."

"I doubt it Ann, but you may be right tho. Anyway I am going to turn in."

"We're a right pair, who needs men?" She yawned, turning off the light. "Night Ange, sleep well and stop worrying.".


Something in the Air Tonight



As Sean swings his Blue maserati granturismo convertible into the close, he notices a familiar red Ferrari Dino 206 GT parked in his driveway. Knowing that they weren't expecting any visitors, he pulls up onto the sidewalk and puts the car into park. He turns the engine off and, as he removes the car keys, nausea suddenly overtakes him. Feeling very faint, Sean struggles to climb out of the car, forgetting to lock the door.

Fumbling to find his house keys, he goes indoors. Its very dark and quiet inside which is very unusual, because it is normally full of life with the toddlers running riot. 'Where is everyone?' he wonders. He's hungry, but he's just too tired to cook himself anything to eat, so he goes upstairs, and all of a sudden encounters another attack of nausea.

Somehow, Sean managed to make it upstairs and then rushes into the bathroom to be sick. Minutes afterwards, he grabs a cold damp flannel and pours himself some water. Swigging the fluid back makes him feel slightly better, he goes into the master bedroom. He doesn't notice at first all of the clothes sprawled about all over the floor, but what he does notice is the man and woman both fast asleep in his bed.

Sean cannot remember going downstairs searching for something, but what? a knife! A nice sharp knife, plus the gun! 'Its got to be here somewhere' he says quietly to himself, as he starts pulling all the contents out of drawers. Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him, and turning swiftly around Sean sees Ange, his wife in her see threw negligee pouring wine into two flute glasses. He feels even more sick knowing what she's been doing upstairs with Dave, his supposedly best mate.

After finding the gun, he rushes towards her screaming "you bloody filthy tramp." But the gun never did have a chance to go off. Sean suddenly collapses onto the floor.

"Don't worry," Dave laughs. "You are safe now, he can't hurt you no more."

Ange begins to cry, it's suddenly dawned onto her just what she has done, "I-I'm sorry Sean, n-never meant to h-have h-hurt you, and now y-you are d-dead because of my s-stupidity." Ange faints due to shock, with blood pouring out of her.

"It won't be long, you will be out of pain soon," Rob hisses quietly, whilst yanking her hair.

Moments later, as David was outside digging the two graves, Sean managed to get up and, as soon as he noticed Ange, he immediately ran over to her. There was a pool of blood surrounding her where she'd been stabbed severely. He had a strange sensation of guilt, if he hadn't got so angry then none of this would have happened. Ensuring he had stopped the blood draining away from her, he grabbed the gun from where he'd dropped it on the floor and, rushing outside, he shot Dave who died immediately. Falling straight into the grave that was meant for both of them.

Going sadly back indoors, he decided to phone the police to let them know what had happened, but he never mentioned anything about Dave. He said that he had accidentally stabbed Ange whilst they were arguing over something stupid, luckily she was still alive but in a lot of pain

Confident that she was going to be ok after being in hospital for a few months and luckily he was only cautioned, because they never did find Dave after all this time, in fact there was never even a search for him. Visiting his wife every single day until she came home, Sean decided to tell Ange what had happened to him, thinking that if he confessed to her everything would be ok once more. But Ange had wanted out of their marriage, ok she felt sad when she originally thought Sean had died, but it was Dave that suffered in the end. After they kissed each other goodbye, Sean went home, but he was sad leaving her because she started crying.

Soon as Sean drove into the close, he noticed that there was an armed police van. There were loads of Police cars everywhere, all with their blue lights flashing. He immediately knew what had happened, so he tried to put the car into Reverse, but there was a police car already pulled up close behind him, he couldn't move. They had been following him all the way from the hospital, and when they grabbed him out of the Maserati, he realised it was pointless struggling. They had already found the gun and, managing to trace it back to Sean, had even found David's grave where he was buried.

================ ====================
After Sean was arrested for killing David, he was driven to the police station and there he was put into a cell. It was cold and damp inside and the smell was dreadful. Sean was beginning to feel sorry for himself and, done something that he never dreamt possible, he cried. He cried himself asleep and, because of the nightmares that were haunting him, kept waking up.

The following morning, Sean was rudely awoken by someone shouting, and when he looked up, he couldn't remember where he was at first, he Wa confused. After a short while, he started remembering about the events of yesterday, what with the police arresting him for the murder of Dave. The guard then opened the door of his cell to pass him some food and water, saying that the probation officer will be visiting him in a little while.

There was nothing else for Sean to do, and he was so bored, so he just laid back on the steel bed and soon drifted off to sleep. He just wanted out, oh to have some fresh air and a nice hot shower. He missed his angel so much, he just couldn't wait to hold her again, if he could ever get out of this place and if she'd have him back.

Later that afternoon, Sean was taken into a back room of the police station and was made to sit at the table. The room consisted of a table with four chairs, there wasn't even a window. Two security officers stood standing by the door, both having stern looks on their faces. The police took Sean's handcuffs off him and then the patrol officer came in. The patrol officer introduced himself to them as Mr RickField and, laying a dictaphone onto the table, started the interview.

The interview lasted a good three hours and, after having his hand cuffs back on, the guards took Sean back to the cell. He had to sit and wait in that cell all weekend, before appearing to the Supreme Court to see what sentence he was going to encounter.

On the Monday, 8am on the dot, he was shown into a court room down town. There was quite a large crowd already waiting to see just what sentence their poor Sean was going to receive. There was a lot of crying in the court room, as it was so hard for everyone to believe that Sean could ever commit such a malicious crime as murder.

Whilst Sean looked around the room, he suddenly saw his beautiful angel sitting in the court room. She looked like a scared white rabbit. He just wanted to run over to her and cuddle her, just hold her and this was like death as it really did hurt being away from her. They had never been separated for this length of time in the entire 10 years of their marriage and, even though they advised Ange not to attend Sean's sentence, she just had to. The pain she was in was excruciating, even after months of being in hospital, having physio every day. But having just lost David and now possibly Sean was too much to bare, she had to see him again.

The court case took well over an hour to conclude and, eventually the Judge gave Sean the maximum determinate of a life sentence, with a 25 year parole ineligibility period. Everyone was very upset with this and poor Ange she just burst into tears, it was all happening far too quick, it felt like a nightmare. Ange felt so guilty, if only she hadn't messed around with Dave behind Sean's back, he'd still be alive today and Sean wouldn't be serving a maximum sentence.

The look on Sean's face, as he stared at his beloved angel, was full of love pure. He knew just how hurt she was in all this, and he understood when she made a sign to say "please forgive me! I'm so sorry." This really hurt Sean, because it suddenly dawned onto him, that she was blaming herself for all of this. It was actually all came down to his stupid jealousy. He knew their marriage had been on the rocks for ages, but he just simply refused to listen and just carried on as normal.

A few months after Sean's court sentence, Ange was allowed home. All the love that she received from her family, friends and work colleagues was so overwhelming for her. Her family took it in turns to stay with her, rather than getting a stranger in to help her.

She had to be strong and, through that determination, learnt to walk again. Realising that she had one of two options, either sit at home and brood for her losses, or try to get her life back once and for all. She started to do an on-line computer course. She also decided to learn Criminology and Law, knowing that these were extremely tough assignments, but she was so determined to learn.

Closing her eyes, leaning back into the chair. She started reminiscing about all the good times that they shared together. From the first moment their eyes interlocked, she was captivated under his spell. She was powerless against him, for into this man she just melts, and she yearned to feel his warm embrace. He became her rock, her protector. it hurt her insides. Her eyes burnt, heart so torn and how it aches from her damaged heart, knowing that she'd never recover. She was broken

"I still love him," she croaked weakly, looking up at her mother through tear streaked eyes.

Leaning over, Joyce pulled her daughter into an embrace, saying, "go to him my darling. Tell him that you still need him, see what he wants to do. Remember you are his strength. I know it's hard for the two of you, but I'm here to help."

"Thanks Ma," she sobbed, whilst putting her jacket on. Ange grabbed her car keys, ran out to the Skoda, rammed the gearstick into reverse and drove quickly out of the drive. Hoping and praying that Sean would forgive her, she didn't realise how fast the car was traveling. All Ange could think about was Sean and how much she still loved and needed him.

Down at the prison Sean was busy scrubbing the floors, trying to work out how he was going to survive in this hell hole with no hope of having his beautiful Ange back. Feeling sorry for himself, he felt numb. How quickly his future had dissolved, life without her was meaningless. "How can I carry on?" he mumbled quietly to himself through wet tears.

Fifteen minutes later, the guard came over to him saying he's got a visitor, and that he's got to come immediately. When Sean went into the visitors room, he was very surprised to see his beloved Ange sitting at the table. He sat down, and she told him how much she still loved and needed him, if he would still have her after everything that had happened. Sean then started laughing, he took hold of her and they started kissing. "Oh angel, I can't believe having you in my arms again. I thought I'd lost you."

They started to get quite intimate as they forgot where they were for a second, until, "No Touching!" the guards voice boomed as he immediately started coming over to them. They both quickly then sat back down and talked about their future for when he was released.

After the 10 minutes were up, Sean went back to his cell, wearing a big smirk, knowing that he could survive. So long as he still had his angel, he could cope with anything life wanted to throw at him.
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