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A group of ants are taken to strange place where one is made into a living delicacy.
The army ants stormed in a line, devouring every unaware insect as their prey was being mutilated by the fearsome procession. A blissful katydid ignored them until it was blanketed in a painful attack of the small predators. Then general ant, Nix, mustered his forces as his troops progressed through the leafy forest floor.

“That’s it soldiers, show no mercy! All creatures will fear us!” said General Nix.”

They climbed up a tree into an owl hole.

“Even the behemoths will fall by our bite! Tackle the great flyer,” ordered Nix as his troops permeated the owl’s feathers and attacked its flesh.

It ruffled itself and franticly tried to bite off the ants. Then it flew off while the remainder of the ferocious insects latched onto to its skin. Minutes later, it gave in to the excruciating pain and plummeted, rolling about as it hit the ground with approaching ants on their way to help subdue the unfortunate bird. Within minutes it was dead.

“Well done warriors. This bounty will be a good dinner,” said the General.

As the pillagers ate, some felt the sand slipped beneath them then they were scooped up into a large, clear enclosure and were lifted into the air. With a thumping sound they were carried into a place with lights above.

“What’s happening? Where are we?” said an ant named Norrie to one of his friends named Adam.

“I don’t know,” Adam answered. It looks like we’re under stars. ”

Suddenly they were turned up-side-down and put into a small expanse of sand.

“It loos like we’re on a plateau.” said Norrie.

Norrie scuffled to the edge of the sand and slammed into something invisible.

“There is nothing there, but I cannot climb down from here,” Norrie spoke.

All the rest of the ants were confused too as they bashed into the smooth clear barrier.

“We have to get out of here,” said another ant.

“I feel danger too,” said one more.

Then, something like a branch overshadowed them. At the end of it was what appeared to be shiny white straight claws. All the ants fled from it but Adam was caught in between the two straight prongs and lifted out. Struggling was useless. Then he was submerged into thick brown goo and was put in a separate enclosure.

The goo that was forced into his mandibles was very delicious. Soon the goo had hardened, and Adam moved slightly immobilized. Then he was pinched between the two hard tips from above and put back into the invisible confines where the other ants were.

“What’s that brown stuff you’re covered in? It smells delicious,” said a hungry ant.

All the ants began to look at him

“Why are you looking at me like that?” said Adam.

“I would love taste whatever that is,” said a second ant.

“You look like you are ready to eat him,” said Norrie.

The ants gathered around him with appetite in their eyes.

“You guys are scaring me? Get away!”

The ants closed in on him. But as soon as they were about to gobble him up, Adam was scooped up by something fleshy. He was placed on a surface and was doused in a clear liquid and the brown goo was washed off and was scooped into another clear enclosure. He and the other ants were once again free in the wonderful sun. The enclosure was set on its side and they all filled out.

They were not far from the ant hole and when they arrived, the general addressed them.

“I feared the worst. What happened?”

Norrie was the first to speak. “After we had been scooped up, we found ourselves in an invisible cage. Then Adam, was covered in this brown goo and everyone but me was about to eat him. Then like before, we got scooped up and were let onto the ground.”

“Well you’re safe,” said General Nix.

Then he scolded the ants who were accused of cannibalism. “As for you several, you will miss the next two meals that we take.”

Adam was happy to be home but he wished he could have had just a little more of that brown goo.

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