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Rated: GC · Chapter · Adult · #2035717
fantasy romance
It was freezing outside. I was leaving the bar late, not sure where to go. My wife and I conversed earlier at home about soon getting a divorce and being mortified, I walked out on the conversation and have been drinking ever since. I strolled down the road toward nowhere and someone reached for me in the darkness. Take me. I don't care anymore. Tossing my cigarette, I went into the dark. not knowing the actions I was about to encounter.

Walking with my hands in my pockets, I was suddenly thrown into the trees and landing on the ground. It's been awhile since I've seen the ground at this angle. And then I see them. A blonde. I can't quite see the face, but it doesn't seem recognizable. Their on top of me. Shrugging off their shirt, I reach to feel the curves of the body. A woman. I finally get to see her face when she leans down toward me. She's beautiful. Her lips meet mine with a passion similar to someone not seeing you for a thousand years. I kiss back just as hard. Desire. Passion. Before I can open my eyes from this inseparable bond we've connected, I'm inside of her. It's hot, wet, and ready for a long night of the aggression that I've been holding onto. I can't think about my next move. She is controlling my whole body. "You're going to love this" she repeats numerous times into my ear. How could I not? I'm loving every minute of this already. She slowly moves up and down while my groin begs for more. As I move up to meet her rhythm, she starts moving faster. I'm five seconds away from bursting inside when she suddenly stops. She moves herself off and begins running. I get up quickly and run after her, zipping my pants up the best I can.

I'm running; faster than I have ever ran before. I run until my breathing can no longer be controlled. Crouching down to lean on my knees and catch my breath, I realize she is gone. Gone into the darkness and I'm stranded. Who the hell what that? What was that? That was the best sex I've ever had and it ended too quickly. Before I lose my mind and continue running after someone so far in the distance, I turn around and begin walking the way I ran in. Walking through the wind and contemplating my thoughts, this has to be the best night of my life. I walk past the spot that the interaction occurred and can't help but smile. I lay back in the spot that I can corrupted in and feel around the ground in the darkness. I run my hand through the grass and feel something unusual. It feels like an animal print of some sort. I lean up to fell it to a further extent and without question that's exactly what it is. An animal print. It feels to have been scratching at the same spot over and over again. Am I sure this was the spot? Why the hell would there be an animal print in the same place I had sex not even five minutes ago? I get up rapidly and continue to the car wondering if something is after me. Feeling scared, I jump into the car and try to figure out where the hell I'm sleeping tonight while the car is warming up. Moms? Brads? Should I just go home? Oh hell no, not after the night I just had. Well, I'll just start driving until I find a place that seems comfortable.
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