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In death God will answer all of our questions, in life, not so much. But I'll ask.

-Why Exactly-
by Keaton Foster
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This one’s done
Where to now
How come
Why not
Can I go
Can I come
Am I invited
Remotely desired
If so
How come
If not
Why exactly
Are these questions
Will be the answers
I’m certain
Without question
That I don’t know
For all of my days
I’ve resided between
And now I’m sure
That this one is done
There will be no other
One trick is this pony
One ride is this reality
Thus refined
Must be made clearer
What I’m saying
What I’m asking
Boiled down
Put into context
From one laymen
To another
Why exactly
Is what I’m asking
Taking you to task
Pompas is this ass
Requiring you reply
When historically
Is what you’ve done
Least of all
Some call you God
Not I
Some call you father
No way
Some call you their savior
I prefer to call you
The one
With all the answers
To the questions
That I’m not interested in
None except
For this one of course
This question
Is paramount
A monument to myself
And everyone else
That has not the stomach
To outright ask it
Why exactly
The balls some might say
The courage
Others might fake
But not I
I refuse
This is a real as it seems
As surreal as it gets
I’ll keep at it
Until you break down
Crack your silence
Until you reply
Clear and wide
For all to hear
I fear nothing
Of the end
I am concerned less
About you
All that interest me
All that intrigues me
In the pit of my gut
At the core of my heart
In the deepest corners
Of my fluid mind
Is how a being like you
Will untimely reply
Why exactly
I’ll keep asking
And for now
No doubt waiting…

Why Exactly
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2015.

© Copyright 2015 Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! (keatonfoster at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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