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Some people just get so much less than they really deserve...
You thought that you would know them and that they were alright
But then you found your spirit downed, because those people lied
They spoke no truth, they were a fib, not what you did expect
Truth not prevailed and they just failed to treat you with respect

The respect that you deserve, yes, it was kept from you
And I do fear, I'll say it here, that you'll never get it, too
'cause now, you shy away from all, and though you say you're glad
I have to say that that just may be a lie, and you're still sad

I like you and I want you to know that you are loved
What you deserve here on this earth, is someone not as daft
Who is it you deserve? I'm not gonna say me
But to be frank, I'd like to think that I just may be
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