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go read number 4...4 has 1 2 and 3 in it.
After a dinner of fish, we put Kevin to bed. Then my parents toke me in to the living room and sit me down and give me a talking too. "Listen Victoria we need too take before you leave tomorrow." Said my mother. "What about?" I asked. "First of all you need to pack your bags and your backpack for on the way there, I have a list of stuff your want to take with you. Next we are going to give you $500 ever 3 month for any thing you need. Lest of all we want you to know that we all love you so much and we all will miss you ever day like crazy." Said my dad. And then they handed me a letter full with money, and then they give me a list of stuff the pack. "Nite love you so so much." said my parents. I walk off to my bed room, my pillow and bending still on the floor, I look at the list it reads:

1. Clothing. 2. Picture of my family and friend's. 3. The gift's that I got today. 4. My favorite 3 book's. 5. One of your stuff animals. P.S. We all love you and are missing you even before you leave. ~ Mom,Dad,And Kevin.

Now that I'm alone I start to cry. I pack up my back pack and other bag's, But leave my favorite stuff monkey out to hold when I'm in bed. But sleep doesn't come, I just lay down in bed worrying about tomorrow. But by now I can see I sun coming in from the window I sit up and put Mr. Banana head ( That's my monkey.) Into one of my bags. I next thing I do is take a bath wash my hair, and put on a really nice outfit that I hate, it's hard not to get messy in nice outfit's like this one. The next thing I know is that Kevin walk's in without knocking on the door. "I hate that you not knocking you know this." I said maybe a bit to hardly. "Sorry I just though that you would still be asleep." He said. "How could I sleep know what's going to happen today?" I sap at he. "You too? I don't get any sleep ether. Can you tell me why you HAVE to go aging?" He said sadly. "Sure, come sit down." We both sit down onto my bed and I hold onto he's hand. "It's like this. The F.B.I. have been taking 10 year old's boy's and girl's away from there family and friend's, in till they are the age of your 18th birthday. And no one one's why...Or that's what the audits say, But I think they do know why and won't talk any one or else." I expended to hem. "Oh kid's time for befits." Call my dad. We ate with out talking much. After we all got done we are sit down and play a bored game called build it. "Mom!! You can't steel dad's window's." Said Kevin. "But Kevin sweet, I like those  one better." She said. But just when I was easy-down the door knock. " It's them." Said my dad, my mother and brother holding me so close that I can smell they hair of apple and bubble gum. And my dad open the door. "Please will you 3 come in?" He said slowly.
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