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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2035967
Some treasure is too shiny to sleep on

At night time comes the Glimmer man
Dancing onto stage
With words and letters prancing
Glancing off the page
With each nocturnal sentence
Building on the last
Condemned within black paragraphs
The text of things long past
Things no longer malleable
Objects set in stone
Fossils captured valuable
Stored for me alone
And on those nights he finds me
This is all I do
The coins spin slowly in his eyes
Through me, they see right through
Spinning under heavy lids
Hooded ‘neath his brow
On those nights, sleep it slips
And memories, I plough
Under that hypnotic gaze
My curse, my thrall, my muse
I’d take the sandman any day
Sometimes… you just don’t choose
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