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by Simone
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NOT FINISHED!!! I need your feedback if i want to make more! Apocalyptic Story!

"I was only young, but not young enough to forget my mothers face as she stroked my dark, long black hair. She would say my eyes were as green as a cat's. My dad was a handyman who owned a store named after me, "Sasha & Will's Hardware." He was a hard worker, but just barely had food on the table. But it was comfortable, until the war started, death and rubble everywhere, people mourning over their lost treasures, the ashes of the deceased, not long later my father got sick, my mother didn't enough things to nurse him in time, later the police came raiding the houses since the government fell into Russian hands, they started executing innocent people, the killed my family as my mother hid me away, but not long after, that they burned all the houses, i was lucky to make it out alive, and with the skill from my mother and father, i just kept running and running until i couldn't see the fire, later i seen a angry mob of civilians rioting against the "new" government. They were everywhere in every direction, so the only path was this old war tank, there was a dead Soldier with a gun that had a wooden handle and shiny tip, long and bulk. I took the gun and opened the tank hatch and locked myself in there with only a gun and a oil lamp." "So, what's your story, Isaac?" I said out of breath, with a tip of fear and shock in my eyes. He looked at me like I went through hell, "Wait, do you hear that?" His eyes widen. "It sounds like footsteps." "Shh" I put my finger gently to my lips "Quick, dim the light" he says like he just seen a ghost. "Don't be daft, we're in a tank", "you just got to be quiet." "But what is it?!?","That my dear, Is the real monsters."
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