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Natalia meets her soul mate

Word Count: 648

Mysterious Stranger

Natalia walks through the busy downtown core feeling more alone than at anytime she has felt in her life. Stopping at a street corner she looks up at the beautiful sun taking in the heat of the afternoon, wishing she knew who her soul mate is. With a sigh she brushes her midnight black hair from her face just in time to see someone fall on top of her.

"Excuse, me Miss. Are you all right? I'm sorr..."

Their eyes met and Natalia just knew by the look this mysterious man gave her there is something here. Natalia responded, "It is alright. I am fine."

The mysterious man with the smoldering chocolate brown eyes says, "This may be out of line and you can say if it is. Would you like to come to my place for a cup of coffee?"

Natalia approaches this man and stands on her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, "I want more than just coffee. My place is across the street come with me."

Natalia's breath sent chills through the man's body with his response, "Yes. Lead the way."

Natalia takes his hand and leads him across the street to her apartment. Once inside both of them start kissing with such passion for each other like they have always know each other. The couple made their way through the apartment together as one until they reached the bedroom. He gently put Natalia on the bed and looked into her eyes, "You are beautiful."

He slowly started to remove her clothing one piece at a time looking at her tanned body from her breasts down to her most sensative area. Overcome with emotions which have started to consume him, he starts to tear off his clothes. Natalia watches him strip and then says, "Wait, you got to look at me. Now I want to look at you."

With a smile of satisfaction of having this woman not only want him, she also wants to take her time. Natalia took his hand bringing him to the bed with her so they could be closer. With her finger, she explores his body starting at the top of his head. As she got lower to his thigh area he squirms in pleasure and surprised at how good her touch feels. Realizing that this sensitive area needs more attention Natalia stoked him more which amazed her that she made his cock grow with each stroke.

When he could not stand her attention any more he needed to be inside her, he climbed on top and ploughed himself into her through the waters of her intimate pleasure spot. Natalia was shocked at how quick he was with this move he made on her and felt pleasure from it. At first he moved slow enjoying his shaft inside her and he heard her said, "Deeper. Go in as far as you can." So he did and she started moving with him. They both lost control of each other and came together as one with an explosion of pleasure beyond anything, either of them have felt.

Breathless, tangled together in the bed the mysterious man says to Natalia, "I have a confession to make to you. My name is Ian Hansworth. I dreamed about you last night and every other night for as long as I can remember and I never thought I would ever find you. Bumping into you today has been the best thing that has happened to me. Do you believe in soul mates?"

Natalia looks up at Ian and replies, "Right before you showed up I was thinking about if I would ever meet my soul mate. I also have a confession. This was my first time with a man because I have been saving myself for my soul mate."

The couple held on to each other in bliss, falling asleep together.

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