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this is a story I created for a contest about animals.
Words: 683

Mischief Maker
By Lisa Ann Noe

Mischief was a gray beautiful Russian Blue cat that enjoyed chasing butterflies out doors.One day he was chasing a pretty yellow butterfly and he wasn’t watching where he was going and he went “plop” down in the creek which was filled with muddy water.
Mischief was surprised but not as surprised as the snake which slithered around in the Creek.  Mischief’s eyes got huge and he latched on to the snake with his sharp teeth.
The snake was a large black snake about the size of a mop handle.  The snake began Wrapping it’s self around the body of Mischief, he didn’t mind however because he Was going to be the victor, or so he thought.  Mischief’s owner saw what was happening and screamed for Mischief to stop and put down that snake.  Mischief let loose his grip and the snake went slithering quickly away and Mischief came running toward his owner to receive what he thought would be a reward.  The owner petted his head and told him she loved him and Mischief liked being adored.  The owner went back inside of the house while mischief lay on the deck sunning himself.  As he lay there he saw a ground squirrel run by.  Mischief got in a stance at once, arching is back, then stretching his front paws and hunkering down, ready to attack the poor helpless ground squirrel.  He ran quickly and caught the ground squirrel and threw it in the air and when it hit the ground he grabbed it again taunting and tormenting the poor thing.  His owner happened to look out her front door and saw what was going on  so she picked up a large ripe tomato that was laying on the deck to get sun, and she threw it at Mischief as hard as she could and screamed to let down that squirrel.  The tomato hit him directly between his eyes, the look on his face was one of pure shock, meanwhile the ground squirrel got away and ran in to a cornfield to hide from the cat.  He stood there for a second and then shook his head left to right to rid him self of the tomato off his face.  He then ran after the ground squirrel but he had no luck in
finding it a second time.  So he decided he had enough of this out door business and he went and scratched at the door to go inside.  When his owner saw him she told him he was a mess with tomato all over himself you will have to have a bath she said.  And she ran the water and when she got him and put him in the water it scared the daylights out of him and he jumped stiff legged and he started meowing and screeching all of his claws came out. The owner had thick rubber gloves on so as not to get clawed.  Mischief was terribly upset and down right mad at his owner. He looked like a little wet rat when he was wet.  The owner laughed at him. Then she took him out of the tub and wrapped him in a blanket and dried him off as best she could. I will use the hair dryer she thought.  But Mischief had another idea, he was not going to be blown dry. The noise got on his nerves and he ran and hid under the bed for an hour or two until the owner no longer tried to get him out.  At supper-time he finally showed himself and ate and then went and rubbed up against the legs of his owner.  She picked him up, kissed his forehead and said how much she loved him and she mused to herself, now I remember why I called you Mischief.

The End
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