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Everyone has a story to tell, an experience to share now Emily finally gets her answer...
         Sabrina moistened her lips and took another swallow of wine. As an icebreaker the sweet Moscatto was an excellent choice. Emily had shown up unannounced and uninvited, wine in hand as a peace offering of sorts. Sabrina recognized it for the tool it was meant to be but had accepted all the same. Now, as the crisp flavor lingered on her tongue, she smiled across her small living room at Emily, wondering which of them was the cat and which the mouse. Did it even matter? When the cat didn't eat the mouse, the game they'd played was still it's own reward. Sabrina considered Emily and the audacity it had taken for her to come here. Being the other woman was a cliché she never thought she'd be yet here they were, hashing out one lust-filled afternoon and the man that connected and divided them. “Are you sure you want to hear this?”

         “Yes,” Emily nodded.

         Sighing, Sabrina retreated to the plush embrace of her loveseat and reclined, extending her legs until her bare feet rested on the chair's raised arm. “Remember, this was your idea.”


         “You called me a bitch.”


         “And a whore. Right there in front of my gym partners, my entire yoga class heard that.”

         “Look, I was--”

         “It was my ass.”

         “Wait, what?”

         “My ass,” Sabrina repeated. “That was his obsession, what he came after.”

         Sabrina's candor stunned Emily. A handful of emotions and a hundred questions played across her features leaving her almost too inarticulate to voice them. “How,” she finally managed. “How did he--”

         “He'd seen me before, working out, and I had definitely seen him. That day, on my way to the locker room he just came up to me and started talking. Usually a guy will try manipulating an innocent situation, soften you up with casual friendliness or outright deception but--”

         “Not him.”

         “No, not even a little. He was a shark in the water...so direct, so assured. Amazingly, it never even crossed my mind to ignore him or better yet tell him to fuck off.”

         “That would have been too easy...”

         Sabrina ignored the rub and took a final drink of the wine before setting aside her glass.

         “When?” Emily asked.

         “It was Thursday--”

         “No, it wasn't.”


         “Your yoga classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. This was a Friday, your hot yoga day.”

         “Stalk much?”

         “I didn't stalk you, Mr. Honesty told me. He knew your schedule, he'd made a point to be there at those times on those days. On the hot yoga day he said your body would be slick with sweat...glistening. He loved the way your yoga pants clung to you...like a second skin, he said.”

         “If he said all that why are--”

         “The details are important,” Emily said. “The class you had on Friday was part of the reason you seemed so arousing.” Emily finally sampled the wine. Sabrina watched as a sip became a drink. It seemed to help. “It's funny, when he canceled our lunch that Friday I remember being relieved I wasn't going to be seeing him...”

         “Listen, Emily, we--”

         “Your ass,” Emily began again. “You said it was your ass he came after.”

         “I was accustomed to the looks, I don't spend five out of seven days in the gym to not get looked at but he...”


         "He was so forward, so into me he made what we were going to do a reality I didn't question."

         "Oh God, really? Who talks like that...? A reality you didn't question? The reality that a stranger approached you and said he was going to take you somewhere, strip you naked and worship your ass with his tongue?"

         "With his mouth, you said details mattered."

         “You know, your ass isn't even that great.”

         “If you say so.”

         Emily leaned back, arms folded. “He always wanted that. Always, but I never...”

         “Neither had I.”


         “He was my first time. Before that I was like you, 'exit only'.”

         “But I thought, I mean he--”

         “Riiight, just because I was his fantasy I had to be a freak? Of course I was, what good whore wasn't...?”

         Emily could say nothing, she'd thought all those things and worse.

         “I mean who really thinks about doing it there...?” Sabrina continued. “But when we were in the room, when he pushed me onto the bed, pressed my shoulders down and drew my hips back and up I just felt so...submissive, so in his control.” Sabrina felt her cheeks tingeing but it wasn't the wine. “He was so aware of my body and he made me aware of it. He bit and kissed and licked his way from the soles of my feet up along the backs of my thighs and then... God...he ate me like a starving man. You...you're never really ready for it, for that. You expect it to be gross, disgusting, but then it happens and...it isn't.”

         Emily watched Sabrina tremble with the strength of the memory.

         “You climax so deeply all other sex just seems like bullshit and you can't imagine having anything else.”

         Emily just stared at Sabrina. “First time's a charm...”

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