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Logan is hell bent on putting a stop to the domestics
AUTHORS NOTE - This is the first instalment of "Rendezvous with drama" and still very much a work in progress so feel free to rip it apart and appraise it as you wish) I have sacrificed setting details for story flow and action so hopefully it will still read okay. More detail will emerge as the story progresses, on a need to know basis so to speak.  

Caution - contains occasional coarse language and violence


“What the hell’s your fecking problem! Think you’re too good for the likes of my mates or something...huh?”

“He’s gonna kill her!” fretted Anthony, clutching a pillow close to his chest.

“Hush, Tones, he’ll settle down in a minute,” offered Logan in a calming tone, but his moist eyes betrayed his feigned indifference to the raging argument down stairs. “He promised never to hurt her again…remember.”

“He never keeps his promises; you know that…’specially when he’s been drinking.”

“He’ll keep the one about not hurting Mum if he knows what’s good for him.”

“All hail Queen Kelly the stuck up bitch! Is it because they work with their hands you think them inferior to you? Just because they did not go to some fancy university or sit on their fat asses in office blocks you think they should be treated as second class scum!”

“I never said that, Daniel! I’ve always welcomed your friends, it’s just we’d planned a quiet night home and…”

“We? Ah…the fecking Royal “we”! “You” planned the night! Just the sort you like best, the one that doesn’t involve even pretending to be hospitable my scum mates. A night of being a rude stuck up bitch!”

“He’s gunna hit her, Logan!” cried Anthony, discarding the pillow and scrambling from of the tangled sheets. He ran to Logan’s bed, snatched his older brother's arm tight and started shaking him “He’s gunna hit her! Do something! Do something!”

"Quit it!” scolded Logan pushing him away.

Anthony stumbled backwards, tripped over his own feet and landed on the carpet with a heavy thump. He stared at Logan with a deeply hurt expression and was just about to start bawling when a distant smacking sound chilled both of the boys' hearts. It was sharp and sickening to the ears of ones that detested it most. Seconds later there was a crash followed by yelling, screaming and more smacking.

“Stay here Tones, I’m putting a stop to this once and for all!”

The air was thick with hostility when Logan entered the living room, without having considered what consequences his intervention may evoke. In fact he had not even bothered with any real rescue plan per sae. All he wanted was to stop this megalomaniac from injuring his beloved stepmother. Her safety seemed infinitely paramount to his. He believed that knocks and scrapes and bruises were just part of a growing boy’s life, not that of a sweet kindly lady that had devoted almost as much love and care as his own mother had.

In the middle of the dishevelled living room lay an overturned coffee table with a crumpled white dolly and shattered crystal vase lying to the left of it. Cushions had been flung from one side of the room to the other and he could just make out, on the far left corner of the room beneath an array of beer cans the colouring in book he had been working on for the past two weeks swimming in frothy alcohol (ruined and well-passed any hope of revival), and in the midst of the chaos stood Kelly and Daniel screaming blue murder at one other.       
“What the feck are you doing here boy?” snarled Daniel, suddenly noticing the boy’s intrusion.

“L-leave her a-alone” retorted Logan, trying hard to be brave but notably shaken by such violence. Tears welled in his eyes as he saw the scarlet welts on Kelly’s saturated cheeks. “Get away from her you bully!”

“No I will not L-leave her a-alone...I’m head of this household and I don’t take orders from scrawny little runts like you! Get back to bed and mind your own business or I’ll take my belt off and give you something to cry about!”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell when I let the likes of you rule this household!” retorted Kelly punching Daniel’s cheek hard.

Daniel gaped awestruck; as if she had broken some sacred unwritten rule. Such retaliatory actions had not been factored into his temper. He was the Dominate Alpha male and who the hell did she think she was challenging his authority for the sake of some lower order primate.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s go!” she urged, taking advantage of the confusion to snatch the frightened boy’s hand and hurry him from danger "I’ve told you before about antagonising him. You must not get in the way when Daniel and I are fighting or you’ll get hurt.”

“I don’t care!” argued Logan fighting to free his hand as she hauled him up the staircase "I won let him hurt us anymore. He can’t. He won’t. I won’t let him….I won’t let him!”

“Behave Logan!”

He turned round awkwardly and stared daggers at his cruel stepfather, who had started following at a distance but chose to remain at the bottom of the stairs. Kelly’s blow had obviously rattled him. 

“You promised you wouldn't hurt her anymore” ranted Logan.

"Yeah and she promised not to be a stuck up bitch!" replied Daniel coldly. 

"Better than being an asshole like you!"
"Language!" interrupted Kelly, tugging his arm.   

"Sorry," offered Logan, stumbling but somehow managing to retain his balance. He then returned his attention to Daniel "You're not to hit her anymore!"     

"So whose gonna stop me?" scoffed Daniel.

"I will…an army of one, taking out the trash."

“Settle down!” grouched Kelly as they approached the top of the stairs. She turned Logan back round, marched him to his room, locking the door behind them. In the days of Kelly’s former husband the need for locks and keys had seemed unnecessary, now they were essential.

"You can see for yourself how much that asshole’s temper scares little Anthony," affirmed Logan, pointing at his younger sibling;  lying in a foetal position on the ground, trembling and sucking his thumb in want of vague security. The boy's eyes were raw from crying and Thomas the Tank Engine pyjamas saturated with urine and sweet.

"If you swear one more time Logan, I'm going to smack your bottom good and hard" she warned wagging her index finger at his nose. "Now, get to bed, and I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about you taking on Daniel!"

Logan's eyes brimmed with tears, but Kelly offered him neither pity or regret. Finally he submitted to her authority and climbed back under the covers.

The pitter-patter of raindrops sounded on the window pane as Logan reflected on what he had witnessed. It was getting late and he was tiring of debating a losing argument with Kelly. He drew another sigh and watched on silently whilst Kelly dressed Anthony in fresh pyjamas and then tucked him into bed. Memories of his biological mother doing the same to him seemed a lifetime ago.

“Good night sweetie,” said Kelly turning to Logan and kissing his forehead.

"Goodnight mummy,” he replied then added “I’m sorry I swore.” 

"That's okay, just don’t make a habit of it."

"I won't." 

"Good boy, I Love you heaps. Try and get some sleep and let me work things out with Daniel.”

“Stay here for a while. Don’t go back out to him…please.”

“He’s had a bit of time to calm down. I’ll be fine honey…honest.”

“Tell me a bedtime story before you go.”

“It’s very late.”

“Oh please mummy,”

“Oh please mummy!” added Anthony from the other side of the room. “Pretty please with a cherry on top”

“Oh, alright…out of the gate and out for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy….”

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