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The F.B.I. Is taking 10 year old's away from there familys, for about 8 years or more.
I was running faster and faster for my freedom, but I was getting tired. My legs started to lose feeling in them. I look behind me to see that they had taken my mom, dad and little brother who I loved the most out of my family. They were now being tied up to a poll and then they put a gun to my dad and shot him in the head. But I know that's not my real family are safe at home, or would they be safe now I'm thinking that was my dad being shot in the head and I feel like I'm going to be sick. I can hear my brother Kevin yelling at me but I can't make out what he's saying to me and then I fall down onto the floor of my bedroom I was soaking in sweat. I was so mad at Kevin that I glared at him. I wanted to hit him for making me fall on the floor. But Kevin just looked at me. He sat down next to me and held me tight thinking about how this hug would be one of the last hugs for about 3 years. That made me feel so bad that I wanted to cry but, I had to hold it together for his sake and for our parents, too they had just walked into my bedroom, got down on their knees and held us both. I wished it would never end but we heard a knock on the door. My mother Cassie had to get up to get the door. I wondered who it was. It couldn't be one of my friends since I had already said my good byes to all of them. I followed her to the door and to my surprise all of my friends are there. I asked them what are you all doing here?

They just smiled and came inside. I gave my mom a confused look but she, too, was smiling and stared to follow them.

I too stared to follow them but, was stop by my dad, Edgar. I ask him what he wanted? But all he would say was. "Put this on." And handed me a blindfold, But why I asked? "Just do it honey." So I put it on and he led me somewhere. "Are you ready?" He asked me. "Yes" I said wondering where I now was and still wondering what all my friend's are doing here. He took out the blindfold and I saw all of my friend's, and my mom, and little brother holding a big white box for a cake and, all of the others was holding gift's. But it's not my birthday yet it's tomorrow. I said. "We know that silly but, they are coming tomorrow and so we wanted to give you a birthday/going away party." Said my dad "Why don't we start the party we start the party my sweet Victoria?" "Oh ok." I replayed.

At the party I was having the best time ever, there was balloons, gift's to be opened, games, and a cake. We all played the game first. The first game is musical chair. My friend named Olive Wood had won both times, Next we played pin the face on the Mr. Potato head, and after that we played piƱata. "OH OK TIME FOR CAKE AND THEN GIFTS!" Yelled my mother. And then I saw the cake, This time I had a good look at it. "It's so so pretty." I said. The cake was homemade with a picture of me and all my family and friends. After that I opened 5 gift's. The first was really small, I opened it up, it a pen and a notebook, The next one was a stuffed bear, The next one was a drawing kit, the last was a camera. After that I thank them for the gifts and for the party. Then me, my parents and my brother went into the house. After a dinner of fish, we put Kevin to bed. Then my parents took me into the living room and sat me down and give me a talking to. "Listen Victoria we need to talk before you leave tomorrow." Said my mother. "What about?" I asked. "First of all you need to pack your bags and your backpack for on the way there. I have a list of stuff you'll want to take with you. Next we are going to give $500 every 3 month for anything you need. Last of all we all love you so much and we will all miss you ever day like crazy." Said my dad. And then they handed me a letter full of money, and then they give me a list of stuff to pack. "Night, love you so so much." Said my parents.

I walked off to my bed room, my pillow and bedding still on the floor, I look at the list; it reads:

1. Clothing.

2. Picture of your family and friends.

3. The gift's that you got today.

4. Your favorite three book's.

5. One of your stuffed animals.

P.S. We all love you and are missing you even before you've left. ~ Mom, Dad, And Kevin.

Now that I'm alone I start to cry. I pack up my backpack and other bags, but leave my favorite stuffed monkey out to hold when I'm in bed. But by now I just lay down in bed worrying about tomorrow. But by now I can see the sun coming in from the window. I sit up and put Mr. Banana head ( That's my monkey ) into one of my bags. I next thing I do is take a bath, wash my hair, and put on a really nice outfit that I hate, it's hard not to get messy in nice outfit's like this one. The next thing I know Kevin walk's in without knocking on the door. "I hate when you don't knock, you know this." I said maybe a bit to harshly. "Sorry I just thought that you would still be sleep." He said. "How could I sleep know what's going to happen today?" I snap at him. "You too? I didn't get any sleep either. Can you tell me why you HAVE to go aging?" He asked sadly. "Sure, come sit down." We both sit down on my bed and I hold onto he's hand. "It's like this. The F.B.I. have been taking 10 year old's boy's and girl's away from their family and friends, until they are the age of 18. And no one knows why...Or that's what the adults say, but I think they do know why and won't tell any of us." I explained to him. "Oh, kids, time for breakfast." Called my dad. We ate with out talking much. After we were all done we sit down and played a board game called Build It. "Mom!! You can't steel dad's windows." Exclaimed Kevin. "But Kevin sweet, I like those ones better." She said. But just when I was easy-down someone knocked at the door. "It's them." Said my dad, my mother and brother holding me so close that I can smell their apple and bubble gum shampoo. And then my dad open the door. "Please, would you three come in?" He said slowly.
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