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by Smee
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Introduce your character. Be sure they make a lasting impression!
Prompt One: Introductions and Impression - Word count 556

"It's how much! That's the second rise in a month." Sej scowled at the butcher, pulled out his money pouch, and began counting out coins.

"This cut be hard to get at this time of year, Sir. I be having to go through three other vendors."

Sej knew it to be true, but begrudged the extra cost all the same. It wasn't his fault the normal cuts were too strong in flavour and made him gag. He handed over the last coin and winced at the remaining weight in the pouch. He still had a lot of shopping to do. Perhaps he should start making some cutbacks.

"Do be enjoying, Sir and have a nice day." The smile on the butcher's face suggested his profit, despite the extra effort, was well worth it.

Back outside, the rain was still coming down. Sej's thick brown hair was already a damp mess, but thankfully his fine leather coat kept the rest of him dry. The streets were busy, despite the weather. Horse-drawn carts splashed through puddles in the cobbled street. Sej's next stop should have been the grocers, but passing by the Three Kings Inn proved too much. In he went.

"Whiskey please, Mike."

"Bit early ain't it, Sebastian?"

"I've told you about calling me that. And why are you even open then, if you're just going to accuse customers of it being too early?"

The barkeep started pouring, but Sej noticed the furrowing of his eyebrows. The kindly man was worrying about him. Maybe he had been a little harsh.

"I'm sorry Mike - bad morning. Veal costs twice as much, and I'm still nowhere with the book."

The eyebrows softened. The apology was accepted. "You still seeing your lady-friend?"

"Victoria? Nah. She said something about pretty blue eyes, only seen twice a week, weren't enough to build a relationship on, or some such. Like I could drop everything and spend all my time with her. My book ain't going to write itself."

"Shame that. She were a pretty 'un."

"No time for courting; women are just too much trouble." Sej knocked back the drink and let the glass clunk down on the bar. The place was empty, and it really was too early. Why had Mike opened up? Perhaps he was feeling similar money pressure. Extra hours might mean a few extra coins.

As the drink warmed his insides, Sej let his imagination wander. Some kind of money-devouring beast, causing everything to get more expensive. Was that a potential book in the making? No, it was stupid. Sej mentally kicked the blurry image that represented his muse. It had been blurry for weeks now. Only when it was in focus did the ideas come. 'Come back to me' Sej called; a futile inner plea.

"At my age perhaps, but you're still young. Far too young to be givin' up on the ladies." Mike was like a dog with a bone on this one. He always was. Sej had started dating Victoria mainly to shut him up.

"Tells you what, I've got a niece about your age. What are you, 25, 26?"

Sej waved agreement halfheartedly, and nodded towards his glass. He was twenty four but the distinction didn't seem worth making.

"She's 22. Red hair, green eyes. Pretty as a picture. How about I set the two of you up?"

He knew it had been a bad idea to come in here.
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