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funny side of playing cricket for the first time.
So I got my call letter from an IT company after the complete recruitment process, and I joined there, as yet another guy who dreams of going abroad and earning loads of money. :P, after training period we have to wait for our turn to get deployed into the projects, and the period that comes after training and before deployment is called as BENCH.
So, I was on bench for nearly 2 months, and to be true I was enjoying my days on bed, no worries no tension full salary nobody to answer for.
But my god didnât wanted me to be happy or seeing the bright side, he wanted me to use my TALENT in the office. ï (ps :- sleeping on office chair after being tagged to a project sounds better than sleeping in your room on your bed with the bed sheet on).
We had a whatsapp group named after our horizontal or vertical (I am still confused, these are the terms used in IT industries), we have all kinds of dude and chicas there, they talk and talk and talk (honestly I did put that group on mute with checked on âno notificationsâ that too for one year; wish we can mute it for âforeverâ), so I never really cared about getting a project because I got all the time on earth to start my work with the booming company known as âMYCOMPANYâ, I can wait.
But one fine morning I checked whatsapp and after seeing my name in the chat I opened the groupâs chat and woww I was surprised, I got âprojectâ yeayy⦠ï
Ok, so as we are here for work we gotta do it, okay so me with a friend of mine went to the âlocationâ where we were supposed to meet our manager, oh yeah that âlocationâ was like light years away from my room.
And we talked to the manager, we got project, things were going happily, until they (my colleagues) asked âdo you guys play cricket ?, we are going to have a tournament !â, and somehow my childhood sachin flashed in front of my eyes, yeahh every kid in India in his childhood, dreamed of being a cricketer, so do I, and in reply to that question I said, âyes, I do play, in fact I am an all rounder, i am a right arm pacer, and a run machine.â And I donât know why they believed me, may be because I said it so confidently, even my friend said the same thing. No worries we were in the team, we got our name on the list.
One morning a mail popped up, giving the whereabouts of our practice session. I was really excited to start my practice session, I bought a pair of sport shoes, trying to learn some stuffs from sports channels, and in fact I resumed my morning walk, aah that period was good.
So that day landed, we reached the location in our daily pyjamas and t shirt with ânew shoesâ, and it was a big ground with green grasses, a foot long at some places, except the pitch; thank god the pitch was clean, rest of the ground was covered in mud, even the street dogs were running behind the ball and somehow they were doing better than the fielders standing there, but being on positive side thank god the cows were not there, practice nets installed at the corner, and a shed provided in the middle with a boy sitting over there noting down all the scores, some match was going on there and I saw players wearing all possible shades of white that included yellow also, it was not a difficult task to recognize our people from far, they were wearing all the colours available to us on earth, and they were in there practice session on the nets.
So we joined them, I thought that I am really lucky to get a chance to play with them on field, they are like pro players (it was my assumption), when they bowl, they blow the stumps off, when they bat they only hit the boundaries, when the protect the field not a single bowl pasts their hands, ohh god I was so nervous to play with these guys, what they gonna say when they see me bowling, batting.
But the scene I had there, filled my heart with joy, they were throwing the ball everywhere except at the wicket, they were batting just to touch the ball with the bat, and fielding was not in the option, I felt more like a pro among them (I spoke too soon).
I felt that way till I did my first ball, wow awesome it went somewhere, but thanks to nets we didnât lost it. And my arm, it showed me, that throwing a complete over is not my cup of tea.

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