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My feelings of the event of the death of my friend and the death of my boss
         Tiny drops of rain cascade down from the heavens like the tears of the loved ones we have lost as they watch us boil inside ourselves with the anguish and absurdity of our lives now filed with grief. The void in our hearts floods with melancholy smiles as we struggle to adjust to the new normal of their now eternal absence. Each day they are gone rips a new hole in the surface of our tender soul with the knife of death twisting every which way as it digs deeper and deeper into our lives.

The flowers fade and wilt as the clouds overhead gather menacingly and release their fury upon the earth. Blocking the sunlight with their gory and power as they surround us in a cold and dismal cage of poisoned mist. We stumble and fall, giving in to the darkness. With the rays of the moon as our blanket and the dew drops our pillows, we fall into a restless slumber, hoping never to return.

         We awake, clothed in leaves and petals, hoarse voiced and cramped. In our dreams we reached out for them, screaming their name. Begging for them to come back to us, to save us, to stop this endless rain. But they are gone, my dear, and they will not return.

Entwined in life's duet, we saunter through the forest, trampling over the decaying flowers of time's past. Making our way into a clearing of velvet green, surrounded by the bleak grey of neglect. We take a deep breath and leap into the clearing as the clouds depart and the sun caresses our faces once more. The voices of the ones we lost echo within the songs of the birds that flutter about above our heads. The sweet smell of honeysuckle and grass wafts towards our noses as we turn around to wave goodbye to the pains of the past. Life will never be the same without them, but it will go on. For time clicks, ticks, and tocks. It does not halt or pause. Not even for us.

There is thunder in your heart, my dear, but don't let it roar so loud that it is the only thing you will ever hear. Don't let the lightening blind your eyes that were meant to see the wonders of the world. Never let it take your vision of love, but when the rain comes after the terrible cacophony of thunder, it will wash away the worries of our losses and in the end it will clear away any nightmares your soul of fire may have. Life goes on.

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