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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2036735
What is jungle law ?
        "What did you say to me?" Bob looked at Constance fearfully.
        Constance smiled back. She had explained in detail her trip to Iran
        with her master Dal. Bob had agreed to have Constance over to his
        house in Montana and now deeply regretted it.
        His three wives quickly ushered their twenty children out of the living room.
        "Constance your admitting to cannibalism. That's murder." Bob took a swallow
        of lemonade.

        Constance replied, "When a cat plays with a mouse is that murder?"
        Bob took a deep breath inward through his nostrils.
        "You are not a cat and those Iranian girls weren't mice. Jesus!
        I'm calling the Sheriff..." Bob picked up the phone, but felt faint and
        sat down on his sofa. "Oh. I can't allow that." Constance winked and
        put the phone back on its receiver.
        "It's true I am not a cat. But, neither am I human." Constance transformed
        into a large anaconda. Bob poured some more lemonade and swallowed
        the whole glass.

        "Look.. I believe the power of God's Son Jesus Christ brought you to me.
        If you except the Church of Mormon of latter day Saints, you will know peace
        and love." Bob was face to face with Constance as she curled her snake body
        around him .. "I came here because I lust after you." she hissed.
        Her eyes were slit like a snake. "I have three wives and twenty children."
        Bob gasped as Constance constricted her serpentine body about his torso.
        "They sound yummy." Constance snickered and opened her mouth wide.
        There was a thump behind her head as Ester struck Constance with an axe.
        Constance fell limp to the floor. Ester continued to chop up the anaconda ..
        Bob scrambled loose, "Quickly throw the pieces into the fire!" Bob coughed.

        Ester and Rachael and Sarah quickly did as their husband commanded.
        The fire exploded in sparks of Hell fire. Constance had vanished in the smoke.
        "Let us pray." Bob prayed to Jesus and God the creator of Heaven and Hell.
        Ester, the eldest wife, bade the children all pray too.
        Constance reappeared outside the house naked in human form. She was a
        White Witch and nearly immortal. She would not enter that house again.
        They did not fear her magic.+

        "We will meet elsewhere." Constance said softly as she gazed at Bob through
        the window .. The Mormon family was too deep in prayer to notice her outside
        in the twilight of the evening. Constance spread her arms out and grew into a
        slender white winged dragon and flew back to her lover and master Dal.
        They had rented a log cabin near the town of Blaze.

        Reflections: What is our obligation to society?


                                                    Chapter 2
                                      People can believe anything.

        "There's no blood on the axe or floor." Sheriff Sopal sifted through the ash of
        the fire pit in the center of the living room. "I chopped her up with an axe." Ester
        insisted. Rachael and Sarah stated that they had thrown the pieces of the snake
        into the fire pit. Sopal shook his head, "I can't proceed without any evidence.
        What your saying is insane. It would serve you better to just forget it."
        "Are you Comanche?" Liv, Rachael's daughter, asked.
        Sopal laughed, "I'm Cambodian."
        "Native American's believe in shape shifters that can move through walls."
        Liv looked seriously into the sheriff's eyes, "Do you believe in the Devil?"
        Sopal gently caressed the left side of the girl's face with his right hand.
        "I can only investigate human affairs." The sheriff tipped his hat to the family
        and stepped outside with Bob. He pointed to the barefoot imprints outside
        the window. "Someone was watching you last night. There was a shower and
        the clay was moist. Keep your doors and windows locked. Do you have a gun?"
        The sheriff offered one of his cards, "You call me night or day."
        Bob held the card with an desperate expression, "This is the Devil's foot."
        "Keep it under control" Sopal replied from his jeep and drove off.

        In a log cabin outside the town of Blaze, two demons schemed.
        "Stay away from them. They could have killed you." Dal implored and poured
        to glasses of gin. Constance sipped her glass slowly, "Lesson learned.
        There are plenty of fish in the sea. But, Christians are so yummy."
        Dal looked over the schematics of the auditorium. "Lucifer wants this debate
        to end with a bang. Laurence has his temps in place. All you have to do is
        flip the switch." Dal spoke while smoking a long pipe.
        "It all seems too easy." Constance ran her index finger over the blue prints
        on the small dining room table. "Only an Anunnaki can shape shift through
        walls." Dal smiled as smoke can out his nostrils.
        "How many wars does Lucifer want?" Constance whispered in Dal's ear.
        "Never ending." Dal replied and kissed her.


                                                    Chapter 3
                                                Humpty Dumpty

        "Have some Devil eggs." C.I.A Chief Handcum pointed to a bowl.
        Laurence had asked for a meeting and the C.I.A could not refuse a gentleman
        with so many compromising photos of Senators and Congressmen.
        "I believe the Secret Service has been compromised.
        The Russians have hacked into Hillary's Black Berry and have all your passwords."
        Handcum nibbled on a Devil egg. "Do you know how many state department
        secrets are passed by twitter? We can't keep track of it.
        And then there are the Wiener selfies. That's your department." Handcum offered
        another egg. Laurence waved it away.

        "Thanks to Home Land Defense; we have to follow U.N. directives ...
        I'm taking orders from the Russians and Saudis and any number of other U.N.
        ape shit country on the Inter Pol Security Council. Do you have any proof of
        an imminent national security threat?" the C.I.A. Chief sipped some lemonade.
        Laurence rubbed his forehead with the tips of his fingers.
        "Ever since the Iranian take over of the U.S. embassy certain government buildings
        have been wired with explosives to prevent the loss of military secrets.
        The United Nations is one of these buildings. A client of mine has told me
        that the Russians have the detonating codes." Laurence popped a Devil egg and
        ate it whole. Handcum sat back in his swivel padded Martha Steward lawn chair.
        "That would really heat things up." he replied, "This might work out to our advantage.
        I wont have the United Nations to worry about."

        Laurence laughed loudly and sipped some lemonade.
        "Gin?" he queried.
        "Nope. Vodka ..." Handcum made a cell call to the President.


                                                      Chapter 4

        "My dad was a decoder in WW II. His troop decoded the tiger tank locations
        in Verdun .. Why can't the military locate ISIS cell phone communications?
        They should be using a common server." Pat Paulson smacked his podium ..
        He was running for President of the United States again.
        "Mr. Paulson is this a serious campaign ?" a reporter smirked.
        "I am a very serious man." Mr. Paulson answered firmly.
        He was making his announcement at a Wal Mart in Delaware.
        Lucifer raised her hand. She was disguised as a Fox News reporter.
        "How many signatures have to received?" she queried.
        Pat looked over to his manager, who gave him one of the clip boards
        being used for signatures.
        He looked sadly at the total, "236." Lucifer laughed and the other reporters
        burst into laughter as well.
        "Oh? The spirit is willing, but the well is dry." Lucifer smirked and walked away.
        Her steleto heels clicked as her hips swayed in a serpentine way.

        Laurence was prepping his candidate at a Home Depot in Vermont.
        "I don't want you to say anything controversial .. yet. Just hit the popular
        topics; less taxes more schooling and a strong defense .. and the right
        to private gun ownership." Laurence brushed of Jed's dandruff .
        A squeaky voice perked up : "Shawn Hannity. Do you believe in the right
        of private business to choose not to do business with certain customers ?"
        Jed looked confused, "Well, we have civil rights laws for minorities."
        Hannity interrupted, "As a Republican President would you force a privately
        owned bakery to bake a wedding cake for Iranians?"
        Jed looked over to Laurence and leaned over to the microphone ,
        "Did you mean to say homosexuals?"
        Hannity smirked , "No."
        "Ehm... Well, a privately owned business can choose not to provided services
        to a client .. Is that what your driving at?" Jed retorted.
        Hannity smiled and walked away as he passed out of view he transformed into
        Lucifer .. Her heels clicked off sparks on the pavement.

        A great beam of light came down from Heaven, stopping her from entering her
        limo. "Do not harm my children." a voice from the light spoke.
        Lucifer flipped on her Gucci sun glasses and sat in her limo ~


        Lotte sat beside her. She was a minor demon. "What is He up to?" Lotte asked.
        Lucifer stroked Lotte's smooth reptile skin. "It is so refreshing to see you in your
        true skin. .. The Origin is insane. Wouldn't you be, if you sprang out of nothingness?
        Imagine drifting in a void with nothing , but your dreams. What would you dream of?
        There was nothing and then God spoke. Poof! Let's go to Vegas and eat somebody."
        Lucifer chuckled, "Isn't that what Jesus wanted his Apostles to do?
                                    The world is a yummy place with humans on the menu."


                                                        Chapter 5
                                                    Sea Monkeys

        Taylor Swift was a masochist. She often dreamed of making love to Jesus as he
        hung from the cross. Her choice in male lovers reflected her need to be dominated.
        And she was addicted to Sea Monkeys; at an early age her cousin Eddy had introduced
        her to snorting sea monkeys... He had purchased them from an add in the back of
        a Howard the Duck comic. Taylor had millions of sea monkeys swimming in her head.

        "Monkey girl." Asmodeus whispered to her.
        He was Arch Angel amongst Jinns... .

        She stumbled in the mud of her stallion's stable. "Who?" she mumbled.
        Taylor was a Pony Girl and enjoyed many lustful hours with her horse.

        "I am in your monkey head. Go into the house and make love." Asmodeus whispered.
        Taylor ran ragged from the stable with only her pink t-shirt on and kicked open the
        bottom of the kitchen door. A group of Entertainment reporters awaited her.
        She lept, like a horse onto Maddie Ziegler. Maddie would be dancing backup for Taylor
        on her new music video. "I am not a Pony!" Maddie screamed and wiggled free off the floor.
        The petite ballet dancer ran to her mother.

        Taylor was ashent , "I'm so sorry.. It's been a long night."
        She quickly wiped some pink goo coming out of her nose.

        Asmodeus snickered silently, "Monkey see, Monkey do."


                                                    Chapter 6
                                          Something from Nothing

        Julie Cox was an unabashed hedonist and popular singer.
        She had access to the media mogul Ted Turner and many
        film productions. Julie liked to believe she was a prophet. She
        had a large body guard that held a leopard on a silver chain leash.
        Her confidence came from a Satanic love for Rock&Roll.
        Why not? Sex sells and the entertainment industry is erotic...

        "I think I'm forgetting something.
          If I only knew what I was thinking."
          Julie said to her best friend Lucifer.

          They were watching an old movie with Bill Bixby . He was playing a
          teacher who couldn't remember which stop to get off on a subway ..
          "Click-a-dee-click." Julie liked the sound of the subway train.
          Lucifer yawned and stretched out her arms. Julie rested her head under
          Lucifer's left arm.

          "I think I had a bad high." Julie had been using molly.
          "Your dead." Lucifer said blankly and ate some pop corn.
          Julie sat up and looked at the demonic smile leering back at her.
          "I'm not dead. I can feel, talk and move." Julie was confused.
          "It's magic. Sweetness. " Lucifer whispered into her ear.
          Julie felt her body slipping away as her spirit remained in Lucifer's
          embrace. "Oh." she mumbled and vanished.

          Lucifer's cell phone rang ~
          "Yes? That's good. Just make sure Jed is safe.
          He's my boy."
          Lucifer had made a personal appearance for Julie, because she had
          done so much for her. Julie would remain in Hell in the fields of passion.
          That was a place for Sirens. Perhaps, she could be useful as an incubus.
          "I must speak with Apollo." Lucifer hung up and continued watching the
          movie. Bill Bixby was discovering he was a ghost.+

          Reflections: If physicist came accept that something can come from nothing
                              and at the same time there are infinite dimensions;
                              why can't they accept the existence of a God?


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